We failed: the Pentagon refused to create an analogue of the Iskander

The Pentagon recently froze funding for a project called PrSM. The latter assumed the creation of an analogue of the Russian operational-tactical complex "Iskander-M".

The decision taken by the American military command suggests that they simply decided to abandon the project. According to the developers, they cannot create a missile better than our Iskander. However, the Pentagon was quick to declare that they no longer really need it.

What is the end result? Until the end of the decade, the Americans will have nothing better than the ATACMS complex in service. Its missile has a range of 270 km and flies along a stable ballistic trajectory, making it an easy target for modern air defense systems.

Our Iskander-M hits 500 km. But even this is not the main thing. The rocket can fly both in the atmosphere and beyond. In the first case, the ammunition actively maneuvers and becomes a real "headache" for any air defense system. However, flight in space does not make the enemy's task easier. At the same time, in the case of flight outside the atmosphere, our missile increases the range of destruction (the numbers are kept secret).

On the whole, it is obvious that the Russian OTRK is head and shoulders above the American one. So what is the Pentagon hoping for then?

The United States hopes that soon they will have a hypersonic missile superior to the Iskander-M. But the timing of this "miracle" is modestly silent. At the same time, the RF Ministry of Defense announced that in the next 5 years something more perfect will come to replace Iskander. Consequently, the Americans will have to catch up again.

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  1. Rum rum Offline Rum rum
    Rum rum (Rum rum) 27 May 2021 15: 31
    How is it? What about hi-tech? What is this? Where is it? belay
    But what about the half trillion budget? recourse
    What, not all technologies can be bought, but by ourselves?
    Does everyone have brains flowing to them?
    Or are the wrong brains flowing? request
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 28 May 2021 11: 09
      hi-tech they will now be blacks and the Ukrainian diaspora will provide ... cardboard tanks and other masterpieces ...
    2. Forrest Gump Offline Forrest Gump
      Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump) 13 December 2021 02: 58
      Don't underestimate them. Everything is fine there, both with money and with brains.