Russia warns Denmark about the inadmissibility of the appearance of the US army in Greenland

Danish Foreign Minister Pele Broberg proposed to reduce the presence of Danish military personnel on the island of Greenland, which is part of Denmark on the basis of broad autonomy. At the same time, the minister noted the need to apply the "Icelandic model" of defense, which implies the involvement of the US army in strategic directions.

Moscow, according to the newspaper Berlingske, reacted negatively to the possible presence of American soldiers in Greenland, warning about the inadmissibility of such a development of events. Russian Ambassador to Copenhagen Vladimir Barbin believes that the Danes in this case increase the degree of tension in the Arctic and evade their share of responsibility for security in this region.

There is no place for NATO and its weapons in the Arctic

- says the Russian ambassador, whose words are quoted by the Danish edition.

According to Barbin, the West accuses the Kremlin of militarizing the Arctic, building up arms and building new military facilities. However, Russia does this within its own state borders.

Former Rear Admiral of the Danish Armed Forces Torben Erting also spoke negatively about Broberg's proposal. He noted the "tactlessness and danger" of the idea of ​​the presence of Americans in Greenland - this could push Russians to "opportunistic actions."
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 21 May 2021 11: 15
    At the same time, two naval trawling groups are operating in the Barents Sea, consisting of the sea minesweeper Vladimir Gumanenko, base minesweepers Kolomna, Yelnya, Yadrin and Solovetsky Yunga, a naval strike group consisting of small missile ships Iceberg and Dawn ", a ship search and strike group consisting of small anti-submarine ships" Snezhnogorsk "," Brest "and" Yunga ", as well as submarines and the frigate" Admiral of the Fleet Kasatonov ", which is also involved in the performance of combat training tasks of the command post exercise in the western part of the Barents Sea
    And this is over 20 years of Putin's rule?

    The 47th exercise "Baltops" is attended by naval, air and ground forces, including about 50 ships and submarines and 40 aircraft. The exercises will last until June 21

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