What lies behind Washington's refusal of sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Recently it became known that the United States decided refuse from new sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas transmission project. Igor Yushkov, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Fund, an expert at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, told the newspaper "Sight"behind the actions of Washington.

According to the specialist, the United States can no longer introduce new restrictions, as they will harm directly the European Union, local regulators and companies. He clarified that in 2019, the Americans imposed a ban on the financing and construction of the said gas pipeline. However, Russia has already overcome these difficulties and no major damage has been done to the project.

Yushkov added that "some different signals" are now coming from Washington at the same time. Some American officials say they have no desire to introduce new restrictions, while others argue that the White House intends to use all available tools to prevent the implementation of this energy project.

But in any case, they cannot be interpreted as a kind of relaxation, as a revision of the position on Nord Stream 2. Nobody is canceling the previous sanctions, although many managed to mistakenly state this.

- he considers.

The specialist recalled that Gazprom's European partners allocated money for the construction of the gas pipeline even before the appearance of American sanctions. The implementation of the project was only delayed for a year due to the replacement of pipe-laying vessels. Now the Americans only have to start harming the Europeans directly.

Yushkov noted that there is no point in hoping for the lifting of American sanctions. For example, the 1974 Jackson-Vanik Amendment directed against the USSR (for preventing Jews from leaving) was in effect for many years after the end of the Soviet Union. In our time, this document has been replaced by the "Magnitsky Act". Therefore, he does not believe that the US has surrendered.

This does not mean that at the next stages they will not oppose the flow already at the stage of operation. It is likely that the United States will act through its partners in Europe, in particular through Poland. The first task is to prevent Gazprom from obtaining permission to fully load the pipe.

- he considers.

The specialist explained that Poland and a number of other openly pro-American countries harm Nord Stream 2 by establishing anti-Russian legislative norms within the EU and organizing all kinds of litigation. In addition, the United States strongly encourages Ukraine's attempts to harm the project.

Washington encourages this behavior: criticism of Nord Stream 2, a reminder that it will hit the Ukrainian the economy, what is it political a project to kill Ukraine, deprive it of money. Ukraine allegedly directs money from transit to maintain its defense capability

He pointed out.

Yushkov stressed that Kiev plays only the role of an information mouthpiece that "exposes" the European supporters of the project. But all decisions are made by the Russian Federation, the EU and the United States, and Ukraine cannot influence this.
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  1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 21 May 2021 18: 50
    Joe Baida and company, Merkel and other "Europeans", Gazprom and "Nord Stream" - all together and each individually for me personally are subjects equidistant and located approximately in the same place as the nebula under the tail in the constellation Canis Major.
  2. Voldemar5 Offline Voldemar5
    Voldemar5 (Vladimir) 22 May 2021 09: 32
    People have been trading for thousands of years, and during this time the rules of trade have been formed. The United States introduces unilateral rules. So far, this does not affect US revenues. But in the long run, cautious countries will trade more cautiously with the US.