Stern: Putin brings Russia back to 1848

The Kremlin is tightening the screws more and more and returning to the methods of the past as in the internal policyand in actions in the international arena. According to the German publication Stern, Putin's Russia illustrates the transformation of hybrid totalitarianism into absolute.

Stern experts believe that freedom of speech is almost completely absent in Russia, and anyone can be prosecuted for trying to express a point of view other than the pro-Kremlin one. This is reflected in the persecution of supporters of Alexei Navalny for expressing support for the disgraced politician in the form of likes and reposts. Fear of arrest brings back the ghosts of the past - in particular, the 37th year

Although Vladimir Putin says that “now is not the 37th year,” such parallels are beneficial for the authorities. Such excursions into the history of the Stalinist USSR give reason to assume that, under appropriate conditions, totalitarianism and repression may return.

However, there are too many differences between those times and the present. In particular, under Stalin, the country somehow moved forward, building a new society. German journalists believe that Putin is striving to preserve the old. In addition, the law enforcement agencies of modern Russia are not yet ready for the realities of Stalin's times.

Stern sees more historical parallels in comparing Putin's RF with the last seven years of the reign of Nicholas I - from 1848 to 1855. Frightened by the European revolutions, the emperor resorts to suppressing free thought, perceiving as a threat any desire for independence. Nikolai helps Austria suppress the revolution in Hungary (a parallel with Putin and Belarus), and also fights in 1853 for the Crimea, after which all of Europe begins to conflict with Russia. As a result, the country lost its former geopolitical influence.

What do Nicholas I and Putin have in common? An attempt to suppress everything in the country. Fear that Russia might share the fate of neighboring states ... Putin fears a sprawling revolution

- thinks the historian Ivan Kurilla, whose opinion was reflected in the material of the German edition.
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  1. You might think they have freedom of speech there, ha ha! There, vyakni current - instantly kicked out of work!
  2. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
    Alexndr p (Alexander) 19 May 2021 13: 44
    Ivan Kurilla smoked too much

    You might think they have freedom there

    these clowns are still in lockdown for a year already - and this clown is talking about freedom, sitting under curfew
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 19 May 2021 14: 52
    According to the German publication Stern, Putin's Russia illustrates the transformation of hybrid totalitarianism into absolute.

    So far, we see how modern Germany, the locomotive of the EU, secretly supports the SS marches in its own EU and Ukraine in every possible way. And he also publishes the book "Mein Kampf" by his former Fuhrer - an international criminal. After that, there is no need to talk about totalitarianism in other countries.
  4. andrew42 Offline andrew42
    andrew42 (Andrei) 19 May 2021 15: 08
    ... Putin is afraid of the spread of the revolution

    Kurilla smoked. Yes, Putin is afraid of the revolution, the Socialist revolution. But he is absolutely not afraid of the growth of the gay and tolerant revolution.
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 19 May 2021 17: 29
    Only in Russia, in the government and in the deputies, are there citizens with other citizenship. On television, the same thing - citizens of other states. Although it seems that we have adopted a law prohibiting such a betrayal of national interests. Another advertisement of Putin, such as "dear father" for Russia. No work, no salary, no pensions, so they pay so that food riots do not start.

    What do Nicholas I and Putin have in common?

    Poor people, in the richest country. Moreover, corruption in the highest echelons of power. !!!
    1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
      Kofesan (Valery) 19 May 2021 22: 14
      How does Putin look like Nikolai? Crimea? ...
      Crimea was conquered or occupied successively by the Goths (250 AD), Huns (376), Bulgars (IV-VIII centuries), Khazars (VIII century). ... Golden horde, Ottoman Turks. In the interval, from the middle of the 1346th century, the eastern part of Crimea was conquered by Prince Svyatoslav and became part of the Tmutarakan principality of Kievan Rus. Before the conquest by the Mongols. In XNUMX, the bodies of the Mongol soldiers of the Golden Horde, who died of the plague, were thrown behind the walls of the besieged city of Kaffa (now Feodosia). Feodosia at that time was captured by the Genoese Republic. There were suggestions that it was for this reason that the plague came to Europe.

      Conclusion - I would have rolled my lip in place of Europe and would have run even in conversations about Crimea, in a similar tone, as from the plague ... It will end for Geyropa, ... as always, unexpectedly! very bad!
  6. Rinat Offline Rinat
    Rinat (Rinat) 20 May 2021 09: 05
    A funny opinion of a chadovek with a funny surname kurilla. The given historical parallels are ridiculous, they are more like historical perpendiculars. Our enemies have dried up their brains, so they cannot give logical and truthful arguments in an attempt to accuse Russia of her allegedly "criminal" actions.
  7. zz810 Offline zz810
    zz810 (zz810) 20 May 2021 11: 49
    and why not immediately to the Golden Horde ...? repeat
  8. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 20 May 2021 12: 46
    Is it necessary to relay the opinion of all stoned dolbaks about our country?
  9. semen Offline semen
    semen (semen) 20 May 2021 22: 59
    historian Ivan Kurilla wants what would be like in 404?
    The West would not have pushed its agents into the internal affairs of Russia, there would be no repression, which, by the way, is not enough ...
    The West, especially the United States, so wants to help Russia with democracy, they can't even eat ... since the days of the knights, Napoleon, the Entente and Hitler ...
  10. LozmanPozman Offline LozmanPozman
    LozmanPozman (Lozman Pozman) 23 May 2021 09: 18
    What a rare nonsense. Zeleboba on the ruin covered the mouths of all competitors, they consider this to be a democracy ...