Daily Mail commentators ridiculed Russian base in Arctic

Readers of the British Daily Mail disdained about the new polar base of the Russian Armed Forces "Arctic Trefoil" on the island of Alexandra Land, a photo report from the visit which was published by the newspaper the day before. Earlier, the Russian authorities allowed a group of journalists from a number of foreign media outlets to enter the base.

Comments of site visitors (selectively):

A smart nation would keep the military nuances a secret. However, Vlad directly pounds himself on the chest, as he does in his athletic photo shoots.

- writes Jon E M.

And I would like [...] Putin to just continue to play with those inflatable weapons with which he recently threatened Ukraine []

- threw Ickerty.

Russia is not paradise. Nobody is going to invade their spaces. Accordingly, there is nothing to defend there. Making an imaginary enemy is an old gimmick designed for the inner policy

- pointed out Maaggy.

The only modern thing there is snow

- writes Jon derisively.

90% of the Russian military is made up of empty vodka bottles and a few rusty Ladas

- practicing his "wit" John returns.

A large amount of land, plus a small and dwindling population, shout: "We want conquest." Russia would better think about its children, otherwise they will cease to exist as a nation by the middle of the century

- American Intestate scoffs.

Who would say. [In the United States] 50 million Hispanics and 35 million blacks. In the event of a major war, you will disintegrate faster than Yugoslavia

- the British kantafig replied to the previous speaker.

Well, at least all this is close to Russia and there are no other countries in the neighborhood

- notes iLoveBacon.

Economy [Russia] is smaller than Belgium and mostly in ruins, and is Putin doing this kind of thing? Did you really think he would like to develop the economy and not start wars all year long?

- Anthony 63 asks.

If we accept that the Arctic is at the top of the world (and this is really so), then from this territory Russia can aim at any point in the Northern Hemisphere. So this is a very important strategic site.

- said David Ambler.

If you lay claim to some land, you just need to come and take it, and the West will look and do nothing! Russia and China have proved that the West is gripped by fear and incapable of anything. Soon one of these countries will seize something really valuable, and then it will be too late.

- says Slobba.

Russia has less GDP than Canada. Just check it out for yourself. Most of them equipment made in the eighties and constantly breaks down. Leftists are using Russia to distract Americans from an obvious and real danger - China

- called a certain ZeroYourHero.
  • Used photographs: Russian Armed Forces
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  1. it is they who come out of envy with anger, transgender girls!
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) 19 May 2021 11: 25
      castrated empire. bil is given in every post.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 19 May 2021 11: 52
    ridiculed the Russian base in the Arctic

    How wise our ancestors were. And it's good that these genders do not understand the significance of the Arctic. We must seize the moment and take as much territory as possible. We need to build more such bases in different places! And put the Russian flag everywhere!
  3. Sergey Serov Offline Sergey Serov
    Sergey Serov (Sergey Serov) 19 May 2021 16: 13
    Lord, what a bright demonstration of the ignorance of the British commentators. Everything is turned upside down, either from stupidity, or from hatred and anger. Has Russia ever invaded them? Not! And they themselves forgot about the British interventions in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, Sevastopol and Transcaucasia, Vladivostok and Kamchatka. And they always got it in the impudent face. And they always crawled away to lick their wounds hissing with annoyance. Do they have a memory like aquarium fish? Or are they used to demonstrating their inflated arrogance and their stunning stupidity in this way? If only they could see information on the state of the Russian icebreaker fleet on Wikipedia, or something. Yes, all of their notorious West together did not dream of this.
    1. Ivan Ivanov_24 Offline Ivan Ivanov_24
      Ivan Ivanov_24 (Ivan Ivanov) 21 May 2021 15: 05
      If ukroinu was reformatted in 30 years, then Europe has been formatted for several centuries ...
  4. evgenik102 Offline evgenik102
    evgenik102 (Eugene) 19 May 2021 18: 48
    graze on their stinking island, no fleet, no army, no colonies, but think of themselves as an empire
    1. aries2200 Offline aries2200
      aries2200 (aries) 19 May 2021 20: 43
      the old woman dies and that's it ... the empire will be forgotten
  5. aries2200 Offline aries2200
    aries2200 (aries) 19 May 2021 20: 41
    Angles build at least something like that in your warm country ...
  6. Artyom76 Offline Artyom76
    Artyom76 (Artyom Volkov) 20 May 2021 12: 55
    Strange, but when the "naglosaki" hiss, it does not cause anything but a grin ... to sulk at them, do not respect myself ..... they do not take offense at the sick ...
  7. 1536 Offline 1536
    1536 (Eugene) 20 May 2021 14: 49
    Well, if so, why were they so scared that the Russian army was deployed to the western borders this spring? They squealed to the whole world. The Americans even out of fear convened some kind of "Arctic" forum or summit in Iceland, whose capital is located almost 3 thousand kilometers from the North Pole. Maybe they were scared of a rubber bomb, or that inflatable tanks would explode, leak out and blow away, for example, some Czech kingdom? I just want to say: "Forget about us, withdraw, and stop constantly covetous with something Russian, gentlemen British!"
  8. andrew42 Offline andrew42
    andrew42 (Andrei) 20 May 2021 15: 09
    90% of "daily-mail" posts - stupidity, ignorance, and in some places, an attempt to mislead. We still need to uplift and uplift the Arctic. This is the future of the country. But one post is half true - a good jab to us in the mirror - about the shrinking population in the Russian open spaces. Here the Briton is right, even if he screwed it well. There is nothing to cover, except for Yedrosov's "patriotism", which should be shown by those who "hold on."
  9. asr55 Offline asr55
    asr55 (asr) 20 May 2021 15: 22
    What is surprising, for the Britons and who wash every day are also funny people.
  10. Lime Bayun_2 Offline Lime Bayun_2
    Lime Bayun_2 (Lime Bayun) 20 May 2021 18: 53
    The author of the Intrigan specially selected such a selection
  11. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 20 May 2021 19: 51
    Well, actually what? The comments are similar to the grumble of a neighbor's bitch grandmother from behind the fence - uuuu, the bastards have mowed the plot, they made beds, they are going to plant tomatoes, but I have everything with burdock and nettles - they must have thrown it over the fence ... there is not a single such base, so you have to go to shit because of the fence ...
  12. catch22 Offline catch22
    catch22 (Egor) 21 May 2021 10: 30
    Yes, it's time to plunge this island into the abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. This Englishwoman is screwed up, everything crap and crap! The British themselves have all projects in naval shipbuilding.
    All their frigates and destroyers when they go across the Atlantic, the noise from them is heard for many hundreds of miles, it is not for nothing that they are called buckets with rusty bolts. Well, about a new pair of aircraft carriers, out of five attempts, sail out to sea, one is successful and then only in the coastal zone.
  13. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 21 May 2021 10: 44
    It is very good that Western media readers believe that Russia has nothing. And they have everything, since the GDP is large. Only in its composition, each sausage is counted 2000 times, but the economy is not there, only speculation. Such a general opinion will help Russia and China to show their true place in the near future: they will run around as lackeys in front of migrants, who will soon begin to drive enlightened democrats and liberals equipped with the latest achievements of tolerance into the ghetto, where the ogis will work to feed the parasites of migrants.
  14. Heroes Heroes Offline Heroes Heroes
    Heroes Heroes (Sergei) 21 May 2021 15: 43
    Diley Mail readers .... who is this? Perverts of all stripes: lesbians, homosexuals and other filthy human filth! Those that are freezing already at +10. It's funny.
  15. Georgievic Offline Georgievic
    Georgievic (Georgievic) 21 May 2021 23: 10
    In general, the purpose of such publications is not clear. Do journalists get high from this?
  16. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 24 May 2021 12: 52
    God takes the mind of those he wants to punish. Let them laugh. The one who laughs last laughs well. And these assholes have no idea about Russia, just one shit in their heads that their elite puts there.
  17. Igor Borisov Offline Igor Borisov
    Igor Borisov (Igor Borisov) 5 June 2021 01: 08
    Until they get sick, they will not be cured!
  18. Nikola Lavigne Offline Nikola Lavigne
    Nikola Lavigne (Sergey Nikolaev) 13 June 2021 15: 41
    The Arctic shamrock is an important strategic object for Russia - bravo, Russia! And the comments of narrow-minded people who cannot see beyond their noses are a consequence of stupidity and envy ...