16 points of hatred: Russia as the eternal enemy of the Anglo-Saxon world

Recently, against the backdrop of a probable summit meeting of the leaders of the United States and Russia, no, no, yes, and the voices of those who pin very high hopes on it have been heard. Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will look into each other's eyes, shake hands, and agree on everything that prevents our countries from coexisting normally. They will find mutual understanding, establish a consensus, make compromises - and it will come ... Well, even if not a complete "detente" with a "reset", but at least a certain relaxation of tension in the world, where news look more and more like frontline reports.

How wonderful it would be if it really happened! Alas, objectively assessing the current position of the “collective West” regarding our country, we have to admit that such a “happy ending” is hardly possible in principle. Between Russia and, generally speaking, the "Anglo-Saxon world" are not petty misunderstandings and disagreements that can be completely eliminated by the dialogue of the leaders. We are talking about systemic contradictions, fundamental rejection by those who today set the tone in the "world community" of things that constitute the very essence of the basic positions and principles of our country, and literally in all aspects - from economic to historical and ideological. And now this is already a truly global problem.

“Talk to Russia? It's useless!"

As an almost ideal example for a detailed examination of the above statements, the recently published report of the British Royal Institute of International Relations Chatham House is more than suitable. Perhaps the best title for this document could be phrases like "We have nothing to talk about!" or "No compromises with the Russians!" In its form, the report is a set of as many as 16 points, each of which is a "debunking" of one or another "myth" about our country or the relationship of the West with it. Reading, I will tell you, is the most enticing ...

Some of the points generally cause the most sincere surprise. I just want to ask: "Are you serious ?!" For example, the passage that the statement about “harm done to the Russian the economy reforms of the 90s ”is pure fake. In the opinion of the British gentlemen, the trouble is precisely that the "reforms" that almost threw our country into the stone age were not brought to an end due to "politically weak power" and "corruption"! And if they had been completed - and everything could have turned out in the most wonderful way - “as in Poland” ... Such a comparison is a gross speculation that has nothing to do with reality. The British simply sincerely regret that they failed to "finish off" our economy, and above all, the military-industrial complex. Another point says that no one ever gave any promise to the USSR about the non-proliferation of NATO to the East. It is Moscow that is inventing everything "to incite anti-Western sentiments." She herself, in 1997, “signed” under the “right of all European countries to choose the means of ensuring their security”. So the Alliance has every reason to expand further - and let the Russians not blather!

The point about the "fallibility" of statements about the historical community of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian people looks even brighter. Chatham House absolutely accurately established that this is a "myth invented by the Kremlin" in order to "spread its influence over Ukraine and Belarus." Well, and the "crown" of this (historical) block of the report we are considering can be considered the passage that the statement about the primordial belonging of Crimea to Russia is, again, "false." In fact, as the British say, the peninsula belonged to our country "for an extremely short historical period" - "just something" since 1783. And it's okay that Scotland has been under the control of London, perhaps a little longer - since 1707, and Ireland - and in general since 1801, and it was their annexation that gave rise to the proud name "Great Britain" ?!

However, God bless them, with the "historical discoveries" of gentlemen from Chatham House. A typical set of Russophobic stamps performed by the Anglo-Saxons. Much more interesting are those paragraphs of their report that most directly relate to the affairs of today. Here they boil down to one thing: there is no need to try to negotiate and establish normal coexistence with Russia, and, simply, it is impossible. The idea that our country and the West have at least some common interests and "points of contact", the British assure, "a dangerous delusion" - after all, "both the goals and ideas about interstate relations" professed by Russia are "completely unacceptable for the world community. ". The need to improve relations with our country in order to jointly search for solutions to world crises and respond to global challenges is also a "myth"! It turns out that it is precisely the “anti-liberal position of the Russians in all matters” that prevents the people of the planet from living normally and cooperating. So that…

Russia as an eternal enemy

The idea of ​​not just “otherness”, but complete antagonism of our country to the entire “civilized world”, to which, undoubtedly, the authors of the report classify only representatives of the “Anglo-Saxon civilization” and their satellites, runs through the document prepared by them not just as a notorious “red thread” - it is its main essence. "Should the pan-European security system be built with the participation of Moscow?" - delusion! How can the “white Sahibs” have something in common with the state, which “does not accept criticism for the fact that it conducts its internal policies contrary to generally accepted principles of democracy, ”that is, for some time now, does not allow interference in its own internal affairs? Yes, Moscow in general only dreams of "limiting the sovereignty of neighboring countries" and receiving "privileges and powers", which, of course, it does not deserve. "Russia is the same as the West and also has reasons to defend its own geopolitical priorities and declare certain regions as its own spheres of influence" ?! Yes, you, sir, overeat henbane, if you are trying to equate some Russians with the white and fluffy "Western community"! Russia's right to have spheres of vital interests, at least on its own borders - in Eastern Europe or Central Asia? Myth, nonsense, nonsense! The Russians should not have any interests a priori, since their recognition is "incompatible with Euro-Atlantic values" and "destructive for the world order operating on their basis."

By the way, there are a couple of points in the report devoted to a very delicate moment - is it worth trying to embroil Moscow and Beijing in order to prevent their "joint actions to the detriment of the interests of the West"? Here the “smart people” from Chatham House are forced to admit that anyone who tries to drive a wedge into Russian-Chinese relations either “does not understand their nature at all”, or, rather, “greatly overestimates the possibility of exerting external influence on these countries”.

Be that as it may, the authors of the report come to the conclusion that "solving the problems" created by the Celestial Empire, the West should first of all "focus" on counteracting Russia. She is the main enemy. And not just the main one, but eternal, unchanging and irreconcilable. "The natural state of Moscow at all times has been and remains opposition to the West" - this is, practically, a literal quote from the report. And if this is so, then the problem for the “world community” controlled by the Anglo-Saxon “elite” is not this or that actions of our country, but its very existence, as such. The moment is not directly proclaimed, but it is read between the lines of the report so clearly that only a blind man can not notice it.

We must pay tribute to the “researchers” from Chatham House - they honestly admit that they do not believe in the “postulates” that are being replicated in the West like: “only Putin is to blame for everything” or “after the current government leaves, Moscow will be able to become an acceptable member of the“ world community ”, because any next leader will be better for him than the current one. " Gentlemen openly declare: “constructive relations” with the Western world are “hindered” and “hindered” not by a specific head of the Russian state or his entourage, but by “the entire political culture” of our country. With inexpressible sadness, they state that a repetition of the 90s, when the Russian people humbly and even happily put their neck under the yoke of the West in the current conditions is practically impossible. “There is almost no chance of building a democratic system in Russia, similar to the one that was formed after the fall of the USSR,” - that's how they put it. Well, what should be done with an enemy who does not give up is common knowledge. It is very likely that with their report British analysts, whose opinion, let us be objective, are very much listening on both sides of the Atlantic, are calling on the leaders of the West to precisely this decision.

Let's not forget - in 1946, the "Cold War" to the Soviet Union in the American Fulton was declared a British. At the same time, Sir Winston Churchill was no longer prime minister. It was believed that from active politics he went into science and literary creation ... This, however, did not prevent the one whom Stalin considered an ally and comrade-in-arms to sow the seeds of hatred and enmity between the West and the East for many decades. Let's be objective - the war, albeit called "cold", was waged for destruction. And it ended, alas, with our complete defeat. Yes, the USSR was not destroyed by nuclear missiles, bombs and aircraft carriers. But they destroyed it ... Today, calls for life-and-death confrontation are heard from London - how else can it be with those who, as the local gentlemen say, has and cannot have anything to do with the "civilized world" ever under no circumstances?

The recommendations listed at the end of the report are regarding the strengthening of sanctions pressure on our country, all-round support for any of its enemies and haters, no matter where they are in the world, the implementation of NATO expansion in the waters of the Baltic and, especially, the Black Seas, of particular interest, in fact , no longer represent. Gentlemen never voice their real intentions ... The main thing should be considered the principle that they propose to make fundamental in relations between the West and Russia: no concessions, no compromises, no talks “on equal terms”. Alas, it is very likely that the policy of the "collective West" will be built in this vein. At least - as long as following it does not lead to unacceptable harm for him.
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  1. Bulanov Online Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 19 May 2021 10: 03
    Moscow is the heir to the Great Rome, destroyed by the European barbarians - this is the Third Rome. And the barbarians always plundered foreign territories, whether they were barbarians who destroyed Rome in the 4th century, crusaders in the 13th century who plundered Constantinople or the European hordes of Napoleon and Hitler, who plundered the peoples of Russia and the USSR. The Russian and Soviet soldiers who captured the capitals of these ghouls did not offend the captured people, but fed them from their field kitchens. If anyone tried to rob, he immediately fell under the court-martial. And in the West, they only encouraged the plunder of the occupied territories by their soldiers. And who are the barbarians?
    1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 19 May 2021 21: 29
      Rome has always been Catholic, Moscow is Orthodox.
      The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 - this is already the XNUMXth century.
      The Crusaders were engaged in the initial accumulation of capital.
      The seizure of Novgorod by Ivan IV the Terrible in 1569-1670 is a vivid example of "humanism and philanthropy".
      When Suvorov occupied Ishmael, he gave it to the army for 3 days to plunder.
      The hordes of Napoleon and Hitler robbed, because they often had nothing to eat (the huge distances of Russia, the lack of roads, problems with logistics, provision and supply). In the case of Napoleon, Kutuzov forced him to return from Russia in the same way that the French went to Moscow = this area had already been plundered.
      In the case of Hitler - https://historygreatrussia.ru/2019/08/12/prikaz-0428-ot-17-nojabrja-1941-goda-chto-jeto-bylo/.
      The case of Marshal Zhukov, who was accused of looting in the post-war years.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 19 May 2021 10: 19
    16 points of hatred: Russia as the eternal enemy of the Anglo-Saxon world

    - No, well ... well ... well, the Anglo-Saxons hate Russia ... - so they (these Anglo-Saxons) hate Russia - "for the benefit of themselves"; namely, they harm Russia in every possible way and harm quite successfully; those. - they hate Russia and at the same time, using this hatred of theirs ... - they gain their own benefit and achieve their vile goals ... - by all kinds of methods ...
    - Russia, too, doesn't like the Anglo-Saxons ... - But what's the point of this "dislike" ... - This dislike is not expressed in anything ... - And from this dislike for the Anglo-Saxons ... - neither hot and not cold ... - You can get the ancient incunabula from the king of the peas; where Russia keeps complaining ... - how the "Englishwoman" constantly hurts (crap) it ... - So what ... - Well, we cried ... as always, "complained to the wind" about this "Englishwoman" and .. .and ... and. nothing ... - the next stage of waiting for the next nasty ... from this "Englishwoman" ... - That's all ...
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 19 May 2021 10: 26
    I have already said that Putin suits everyone in the West. And the economic policy of Russia suits them too. They are afraid that instead of Putin, a truly Russian patriot will come. And this article in the newspaper is aimed at the common man in Russia, first of all, as an advertisement for the Putin regime. Like Putin does not allow Russia to be destroyed.

    Mishustin told who withdraws the most money from Russia
    Russian companies transferred 4,3 trillion rubles in dividends, interest and royalties abroad


    There were 9 defense ministries in the USSR. Now - not a single one. What remained was the Military-Industrial Commission, headed by President Putin, at that time the military-industrial complex coordinated the work of the defense ministries, the Ministry of Defense, the State Planning Commission, the Academy of Sciences, and industry science. The defense department of the Central Committee did not replace government agencies, it was mainly engaged in the selection of personnel. As a result, we were the first in space, in a number of other military areas.
    - The logic of top managers, in whose hands the financing of defense programs, is approximately the following: you shouldn't give budget money for development, because they will spend it and say, excuse me, they were going in the wrong direction, they made a mistake with the development vector. They are right?

    -Of course, they are not right. For this, in our time, all the way - from idea to implementation into a specific weapon - there was control from the side of military missions. The military representatives made sure that during the development process the cost of research or development work did not increase. Military envoys tracked everything


    Investments in development institutions in Russia over the past 15 years have approached 1 trillion rubles

  4. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 19 May 2021 10: 26
    It is time for Russia to draw the right conclusions about this anti-Russian crowing from London and no longer try to mend relations with England, regard it as the eternal enemy of Russia and do nothing that could benefit the Naglo-Saxons.
  5. maiman61 Offline maiman61
    maiman61 (Yuri) 19 May 2021 10: 27
    It has long been necessary to understand that the Anglo-Saxons have anti-Russian genes! And they are born and die with these genes. They were, are and always will be enemies of Russia!
  6. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 19 May 2021 10: 40
    And then we wonder how one submarine takes 12 years to build.

    Max Kolgin
    As a simple Chinese woman, she illegally built a house in the center of Khabarovsk. So, near Khabarovsk, her company built a new brick factory. True, at first the construction was carried out quite civilized. The building permit has been obtained. But the Chinese also contrived here and illegally added another oven. They launched it and worked quietly for themselves.

    The friend was very indignant. How could our bodies be so negligent in their duties and miss the unauthorized construction of important facilities? And what is more, it is not only Cui Yanmei who made such a fuss.

    This I mean that we are building everything. Who owns it and where is the money? I deliberately selected information from various sources to make it clear that Putin only suits the West. And he will meet with Biden to settle matters with money. (Indemnity). I think so.
    1. Bulanov Online Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 19 May 2021 11: 31
      That is, they paid the Mongol-Tatars for 300 years, now pay the Anglo-Saxons for 300 years?
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 19 May 2021 11: 38
        The US lend-lease debt was finally paid and closed as part of the settlement with the Paris Club on August 21, 2006. It is reported by Rambler.

        From you, I did not expect such a stupid question. I hope you don’t need to explain what lend-lease is?
        1. Bulanov Online Bulanov
          Bulanov (Vladimir) 19 May 2021 15: 39
          And he will meet with Biden to settle matters with money. (Indemnity). I think so.

          What are your words, O steelmaker?
          What kind of indemnity are we talking about? If Biden pays, then wildly apologize and take off my hat!
          What does lend-lease have to do with it?
          1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
            steelmaker 19 May 2021 17: 09
            If Biden pays, then I apologize wildly and take off my hat!

            And you are even more stupid than I thought.
      2. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 19 May 2021 21: 34
        The figure "300 years" is taken from the ceiling.
  7. Jarilo Offline Jarilo
    Jarilo (Sergei) 19 May 2021 11: 42
    Rather, it would be global warming.
  8. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 19 May 2021 21: 00
    The state is the political organization of the ruling class, and the ruling class is not presidents, governments, political and public figures, but the owners of transnational corporations and banks who seek to increase their incomes intensively and extensively - scientific and technological progress, the seizure and subjugation of foreign territories and productive forces.
    The states of Western Europe were the first to build bourgeois states, which predetermined their colonial expansion and armed "fights" as a result of which Britain became the world leader, and through the leading role of British capital in the US economy - the world domination of the Anglo-Saxon world.
    The essence of all today's world politics boils down to the struggle of the Anglo-Saxon world, the leader of which is the United States, for the preservation of its world domination against the growth of the political and economic power of the PRC and the insubordination of the Russian Federation, under the cover of which the European protectorate is making timid attempts to get out of the complete control of the Anglo-Saxon world.
  9. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 19 May 2021 22: 21
    Alexander, you have stated everything correctly. Having lived among these people for the last 40 years, I can completely agree with you: that puritanical, false, self-righteous civilization of the Anglo-Saxons, which is now becoming the standard culture of Western Europe (and their mongrels, such as Sweden), is completely incompatible with the system of thinking of a culture that grew up on the basis of the orthodox Christian. Russia would have become Catholic in due time, like other Slavic peoples, there might not have been such a confrontation. But that is what it is. Some Orthodox peoples went into prostitution to them, Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldovans, and those who do not go, those will continue to be beaten. And Belarusians, and Serbs, and Russians, and Greeks at the same time. Watch their Puritan movies and pay attention to what kind of heroes they have. Bond. His own superiors betray him and leave him in trouble. This is a disgusting human trait. Anglo-American civilization is now becoming the successor to the ideas of German Nazism (without anti-Semitism, of course). There will be no mutual understanding here. They only respect calm and confident strength. We need a strong economy!
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 19 May 2021 23: 46
      Do you want friends, for the fun of life. We bought machines. We arrived for acceptance and training. Quambran, near Newport, simpotnaya industrial area. Next to our room there is a red emergency exit, a side parking lot of the factory. The girls from the secretariat came in, left their bathrobes, went to the mall. They came, knocked on the window, we walked, they opened this door for them ...
    2. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 20 May 2021 07: 26
      Did you live in a den for 40 years? Fresh food, but hard to believe.
      Puritan, you say? You will not name the three foundations of Puritan ethics.
      In spiritual Russia, such a standard of living that Swedish (Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic) "mongrels" live much warmer and more satisfying.
      And what kind of Slavic peoples became Catholic? Posner said correctly about Catholicism.
      Where Orthodoxy is, there is poverty on the verge of poverty.
      Moldovans went to "prostitution"? And when the President of Moldova Dodon was sitting next to President Putin on May 9, was he also "out of the gun"?
      Bond bosses left him in trouble! Ay-yay-yay, what shitheads! But we, the brave and the mighty, have a national hero - the enchanting Ivan - who lay all his life on the stove, and then married a frog that turned into a princess. That's where it is, the national idea!
      Do you need a strong economy? I can hardly even remember when it was strong in Russia.
      Oh well.
      1. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 30 May 2021 00: 34
        Slavic peoples in Catholicism: Poles, Czechs, Slovaks; partly Rusyns; Croats, Slovenia. You could have known yourself.
      2. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 30 May 2021 00: 38
        I answered about the Catholic Slavs, but there is nothing to answer the rest, just some kind of dregs, nonsense.
  10. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 20 May 2021 00: 11
    Author, what textbook did you use to study history? In the Brezhnev USSR, school textbooks claimed that the victory in Hitler's Germany was won by the Anti-Hitler coalition consisting of the USSR, the USA, Britain and several other countries.
  11. Sergey t. Offline Sergey t.
    Sergey t. 20 May 2021 11: 18
    The Anglo-Saxons will never calm down! They are the eternal and irreconcilable enemies of Russia. Fear of us is their incentive and driving force. And also - the desire to exploit everyone for their own good. And we, that's bad luck, are not given!
  12. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 20 May 2021 11: 20
    By what textbooks did they teach history, not Sshasov's?
    There was an anti-Hitler coalition, but as in Krylov's fable it represented the Swan Cancer and the Pike.
    I provide help, help free of charge, out of the kindness of my soul, and they were paid in gold when the people lived from hand to mouth and collected pennies for the construction of an extra tank and plane.
    Their "aid" to the USSR was 4% during the four years of the war, or 1% per year. despite the fact that 80% of the armed forces of the fascists fought with the USSR on the eastern front.
    Against this background, US assistance to its British metropolis cannot be compared.
    The United States fought in the Pacific Ocean, and in Europe there was a business project, like the war in Iraq, for example (at first they destroyed everything there, and then came up with the “oil for food” program and made good money), which turned out to be not only super profitable throughout history, but also politically beneficial.
    The second front was opened in 1944, when no one doubted the victory of the USSR.
    France was included among the victor countries at the insistence of the USSR, as opposed to the ardent British anti-Sovietism.
    Such was the coalition and "friendship"
    1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 20 May 2021 12: 37
      The Lend-Lease program was mutually beneficial for both the USSR (and other recipient countries) and the United States. The USSR gained the necessary time to relocate the military and other industries inland and closed the "bottlenecks" in the supply of the army and industry, vital for waging war at that time, for which the Soviet government itself determined the range of desired supplies under the Lend-Lease. The United States, although in the end received only about 7% of payment for deliveries under Lend-Lease from the USSR, and that was mainly decades later, but ensured the load of its production facilities, and also gained the necessary time to mobilize its own military-industrial complex and create an army

  13. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 20 May 2021 12: 13
    The great contradiction is the eternal enemies of Russia - the best friends of the ruling and business-thieves elite of Russia. Does this mean that the country is largely run by traitors?
  14. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 20 May 2021 20: 05
    England has always been a cowardly jackal towards us - someone remembered Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok - they tried to poke their heads with small forces, got in the teeth and a curious nose. Once they thrust themselves specifically - into the Crimean war, so there in one attack they put the whole flower of the nation and the heirs of the establishment - about which they still hiccup.
    And only about a thousand cavalry were killed when attacking our guns ...
    The English "valley of death" near Sevastopol ....
  15. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
    Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 20 May 2021 23: 20
    The answer to the instructor from the zone: If your foreign friends didn’t come to us during the war, we might not have robbed and we would have lived better. Second. Russia is not their enemy, but they are the enemies of Russia. The country has everything to make it self-sufficient. And your resources are not very good. So it turns out that there is no civilized West and the world community, but a bunch of progression, and hunters for someone else's
    1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 21 May 2021 20: 50
      if ... maybe ...

      You are not a historian. That's right - the country has everything, but 20 million of its people have little to eat. And it has always been and, I think, will be.
      In my opinion, it's better to be a rich rogue than a beggar beggar.
      And the Russian language is clearly beyond your power.
      1. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
        Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 21 May 2021 23: 25
        Maybe not. Do not attribute to me a science fiction
        1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 22 May 2021 07: 47
          The history of the subjunctive mood does not know.
          It was as it was. You "hack it" on your nose.
  16. Canich-dotoshnii 24 May 2021 07: 05
    The British are barbarians and bandits. Half the world was robbed. Wherever they went, countries became beggars. Southeast Asia, India, Australia and others. The English barbarians even took away children from the Australian aborigines. Now England has become a refuge for thieves and bandits from Russia.
    Therefore, there should be no common affairs with the Anglo-Saxons.
  17. Old man Offline Old man
    Old man (Old man) 24 May 2021 16: 19
    Unfortunately, one can only repeat with regret:
    Any conclusion will be completely or partially erroneous if you do not take into account the conclusions of the "Concept of the Core and Periphery" (https://www.proza.ru/2018/12/17/810), and it follows from it that, according to the Law of Motion, any process , and the development of mankind is a PROCESS, there is always a CORE and a PERIPHERAL. It is on the opposition of these two poles of the One Whole that Evolution is built. The periphery is freer and more reckless. Its role is to find, at any cost, everything new, without any regard for the consequences of such actions. The kernel is more conservative and judicious. Its role is to select, preserve and transmit to others the necessary (but safe) locations of the Periphery. At the moment, the West, led by the United States, is the leaders of the Periphery of this Process. And Russia is the NUCLEUS. This natural opposition of the Spiritual Core and the Intellectual Periphery of the human population, people (due to lack of real knowledge) perceive as hostility. That is why it is so difficult for the West to understand Russia. That is why, with all the desire of our democrats, Russia cannot be converted into the West. And, for this very reason, Russia not only can, but also SHOULD be big and strong. This will only make the whole world better. These are not the whims of the Russians, these are the requirements of the Unified Primordial Laws - the balance must be observed! How, not knowing or not recognizing these Laws and, as a consequence, their influence on our life, can we correctly formulate the same national idea, or name the real role and importance of Russia in the modern world?
  18. Canich-dotoshnii 6 June 2021 07: 12
    The British simply sincerely regret that they failed to “finish off” our economy, and above all, the military-industrial complex.

    We ought to find those who were destroying our economy and killing the military-industrial complex. The author, did the padlo-Saxons do it?
    This was done by the corrupt citizens of Russia, whose children, money and real estate are located over the hill and overseas.