It will be difficult to penetrate into the Russian A2 / AD zones even for American "seals"

In May, the US Special Operations Command in Europe conducted several exercises in a row - Trojan Footprint-2021 and Black Swan-2021. They were attended by units from NATO countries and allies that are not part of the bloc, writes the American portal Business Insider.

The maneuvers have become relevant amid continuing tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The training scenario assumed the presence of a full-scale military conflict with Moscow from Scandinavia and the Baltic States to Eastern Europe and the Black Sea.

Colleagues from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, Spain, Ukraine and Great Britain joined the American special forces from the Navy and Air Force. The exercises themselves took place in Romania and a number of Eastern European countries. Interoperability was tested in close combat, with air support, during search, disembarkation and capture.

The Russians have turned Crimea into a gigantic and seemingly impregnable fortress, significantly increasing their presence in the region. The peninsula now guards Russia from the southwestern flank; powerful radar stations are deployed there, capable of "looking" at hundreds of kilometers around. Moscow has made Crimea a vivid embodiment of the concept of restricting and denying access and maneuver (zone A2 / AD). Its goal is to deprive the United States of dominance at sea and in the sky by creating a real threat to ships and aircraft through weapons systems, because of which they will not be able to approach the target within the range of destruction.

In the event of a conflict, Crimea will become the site of SEAL operations. Spetsnaz groups will have to land, set up ambushes, carry out all-round reconnaissance, participate in underwater special operations (place tracking sensors and magnetic mines on enemy ships). At the same time, Russian military facilities will be targets for sabotage.

The personnel will be delivered to the coast by combat boats. In the United States, there are three types of special forces combat boat teams: two specializing in operations on the high seas or ocean, and one on rivers. Therefore, you need to learn to fight now in order to avoid difficulties in the future, summed up the media.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 18 May 2021 16: 56
    The personnel will be delivered to the coast by combat boats. In the United States, there are three types of special forces combat boat teams: two specialize in operations on the high seas or ocean, and one on rivers.

    And what rivers in the Crimea will they land on, on the Alma? So now is not 1854. And these fur seals are probably already waiting for trained cat-dog foxes. And still sea sharks and killer whales do not doze, very eager for the fur seal of these eared seals ...
  2. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 18 May 2021 17: 26
    I think that when entering the territory of the Russian Crimea, these seals will be hunted not only by our military personnel and special services, but also by ordinary Russian hunters with personal firearms, I will certainly take part in such a hunt !!!
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 18 May 2021 21: 22
      I support a colleague, only I will borrow something more serious than a personal pump-action shotgun for such a hunt. I think the SVD-K will be quite capable.
  3. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 18 May 2021 17: 36
    assumed the presence of a full-scale military conflict with Moscow from Scandinavia and the Baltic States to Eastern Europe and the Black Sea

    Well, there will be no more June 22, 1941, is it really incomprehensible ...
  4. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 18 May 2021 21: 20
    Well, God knows we didn't want war, but if the Yankees want it, then we'll fight ... Apparently it's time for Russia to hint to the United States how wrong they are by sticking their nose into the affairs of the Russian Federation and to begin with helping several ships of the US reserve fleet to sink ...
  5. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 18 May 2021 22: 00
    The special forces have extremely narrow operations. The first deviation will lead to the destruction of all American bases along the perimeter of our borders. Further worse, the entire military infrastructure of enemy countries will be destroyed. If the Americans retaliate ... This is a nuclear war! So all these demonstrative preparations are more similar, for impressionable people and the press (which needs to write something!)
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 18 May 2021 22: 09
      My friend, everything is relative. To destroy all NATO military bases along the perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation in the Kremlin, a man with titanium eggs is needed ... Will Putin decide on this !? Personally, I am not sure of this, it seems that the United States does not believe in this either, and that is why it is becoming impudent ... In addition, history knows a lot of cases when the death of ships went unpunished, or unsubstantiated and doubtful. The list can be written long and not only from the Russian fleet, I will name only a few: the explosion on the battleship Empress Maria, the explosion on the battleship Novorossiysk, the death of the S-117 submarine, the death of the K-129 submarine and, of course, the murky story with the death of the K-141 nuclear submarine.
      1. Dust Offline Dust
        Dust (Sergei) 19 May 2021 00: 47
        The fact that Putin is an indecisive person agrees with you. His cowardly actions in the Donbass lasting seven years, we all clearly see!
  6. we will catch and cast off the seals, they will become kitties!
  7. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 19 May 2021 04: 28
    The actions of small special forces groups on enemy territory against fortified army facilities and bases are doomed to failure from the outset. As the military games on this topic and the experience of local wars show, sabotage is effective only against civilian infrastructure. It's only in action movies that everything is beautiful with them, in reality everything is different.
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 19 May 2021 10: 07
      Actions against a number of civilian infrastructure can be extremely effective if overslept. At one time, Islamic terrorists tried to poison drinking water in Sevastopol with chemical warfare agents. Then the intelligence and special forces of the Russian Federation worked as it should, although the task did not go like clockwork even then, experienced mercenaries were caught, miraculously, there were no losses on our side and among civilians, the gang was completely destroyed ..... They can try again. ..and all this was most likely financed by a great friend of the United States and the main sponsor of Islamic terrorism - Qatar.
  8. The comment was deleted.