Kiev LGBT activists under US patronage will bring gay pride parade to Donbass

After the victory of the Maidan in Kiev in 2014, the new Ukrainian authorities promised to send "trains of friendship" with the Banderaites to Crimea, but somehow they quickly changed their minds. In 2021, the “new Europeans” represented by the Kiev LGBT activists decided to bring a gay pride parade to Donbass under the patronage of the United States to “build the potential” of local friends in orientation, “organizations and initiatives”. Residents of Artyomovsk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol, as well as servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, should be “delighted” with the upcoming large-scale action.

The KyivPride community has informed the public about the upcoming "show" on its Facebook account. LGBT activists, together with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), announced May as the month of KyivPride in Donbass. Within the framework of the announced initiative, trainings, seminars, "information sessions" and other events will be held.

KyivPride goes to the East of Ukraine. In May, the project “KyivPride: going east” was launched, aimed at mobilizing the LGBT + community in Donbass

- said in the announcement of KyivPride.

This propaganda action was noticed in Russia and in the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass (LPR and DPR). Rodion Miroshnik, adviser to the head of the LPR Foreign Ministry, commented on this initiative on the air of the program “60 minutes” of the TV channel “Russia 1”.

He sarcastically noted that the LPR and DPR were "very scared", stressing that only LGBT activists are currently lacking in Donbass.

Especially during the period of hostilities, when people are in, to put it mildly, intolerant mood towards fascists and neo-fascists, and guys with this orientation will also be added to them, well, there will be more desire to shoot in that direction. It will give nothing else. We cannot talk about any tolerance, about any nonsense that the Ukrainian side is pushing in our direction today.

- Miroshnik specified.

The adviser explained that over the past 200 hours, XNUMX “arrivals” were recorded, which was the highest rate of shelling from the Ukrainian side in the past six months. Therefore, in the LPR and DPR there is no tolerant attitude towards something like that. In Donbass, they pay attention to facts, not idle talk.
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  1. Don36 Offline Don36
    Don36 (Don36) 18 May 2021 11: 12
    Let these Bandera geeks take their gay parade to Canada, to the brothers in mind, Hitler's underdogs, who have been hanging around there since 1945, Bandera rear-wheel drive psychiatric patients are absolutely not needed on Russian soil.
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) 18 May 2021 11: 19
      in general, men in that territory now cannot be found with fire during the day
      although they have not been found since the days of the Crimea

      But there are plenty of slaves and lgbt activists there. Such a tribe ...
      1. Don36 Offline Don36
        Don36 (Don36) 18 May 2021 11: 23
        Well, Geyrop is ... the DUKROPs have always been sixes, now the Poles, now the Swedes, now the Turks, now the Germans, now the Austrians, now the Hungarians, now the blacks from Washington are six, so there are none of them men .. The UKROPI flag was also received from the Duchess of Austria, for a very heinous deed - the participation of UKROP bandit formations in suppressing the Czech uprising against Austria-Hungary, so in fact the UKROP men began to serve in the SS even before Hitler was born, they like to fight with unarmed women (to fight) and looting
        1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
          Tatyana 18 May 2021 18: 28
          The biological degeneration of the indigenous population in Ukraine and its self-destruction from the American-occupied Ukrainian territory is a dream come true and the goal of Washington's policy to physically cleanse the territory of Ukraine from the Ukrainians there.
          1. Bulanov Online Bulanov
            Bulanov (Vladimir) 19 May 2021 15: 45
            You have forgotten about the buying up of Ukrainian land by NATO. then to lease it to the remaining Ukrainians.
  2. zz810 Offline zz810
    zz810 (zz810) 18 May 2021 16: 06
    when they beat each other to smrti ?? !!