Opening of a second front with Israel threatens the Middle East with a big war

Aggressive external policywhat is being carried out by Israel in relation to neighboring states may turn out to be a rather high price for itself. Unjustifiably harsh actions against the Arab population of Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem have already led to a sharp exacerbation of the long-standing conflict with Palestine. The sides have repeatedly exchanged mutual massive missile and missile-bomb strikes, which led to numerous casualties. Now a new international coalition of Muslim powers has actually begun to form against the Jewish state, which can include not only Arab countries, but also Turkey, to fight the "common Zionist enemy."

Speaking on this controversial topic, it is necessary to take into account the official position of the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding the reasons for the current exacerbation. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin stated in plain text the following:

We consider the attempts of Israel to change the geographical, demographic and historical character and status of the Holy City of Jerusalem illegal and invalid, and we advocate an immediate and complete cessation of all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories in accordance with numerous decisions of the General Assembly and the UN Security Council.

Of course, the Israelis have their own point of view on this issue, but it is not the only true and, moreover, the ultimate truth. The Islamic world views Tel Aviv's actions in Palestine and Israel's neighboring countries differently. However, the Jewish state prefers to defend its national interests without regard to others, while acting from a position of strength. But the laws of the universe are such that any action sooner or later meets opposition.

Little Israel has one of the most efficient, trained and motivated armies in the world. The formal number of the regular armed forces is 176,5 thousand people, but the mobilization reserve is 565 thousand people, and the total mobilization resource exceeds 3 million people. Everyone in this country receives military training - both men and women. Almost a quarter of the state budget is spent on military spending. Israel invests heavily in cutting-edge military Technology and equips its army with the latest weapons. Such militarism is caused by the peculiarities of the geopolitical position of this country and its relations with its neighbors. Of course, the Israeli army is a fairly serious regional force, and it would be very frivolous to underestimate its capabilities. She has several major victories over her shoulders over the Arabs, which the Jews are very proud of, especially those who emigrated from the USSR and the post-Soviet space and have nothing to do with these achievements.

However, everything flows and everything changes, and you cannot enter the same river twice. Tel Aviv's foreign policy objectively leads to the formation of a broad anti-Israeli coalition, each member of which would not individually get involved with this country, but together they can create big problems for it and turn it into an even more "besieged fortress."

Thus, it has become customary to treat the combat capabilities of Palestinian militants with disdain. Indeed, both quantitatively and qualitatively, they are very inferior to the regular and well-armed Israeli army. If necessary, the IDF can re-enter the Gaza Strip and conduct a "punitive raid" there. But there is one important nuance: the Israelis will have to pay a rather high price for such a sortie. The fact is that the battles will take place in dense urban areas, where, according to various sources, about 2 million people live. Highly mobile Palestinian militants operating in their previously prepared territory, armed with anti-tank grenade launchers, ATGMs, MANPADS, multiple rocket launchers, mortars and machine guns, can nullify the entire effect of the IDF's technological superiority and bleed the Israeli army. Remember how the Somalis in 1993 gave a bashing to the American "Rangers" in Mogadishu?

Can the Israelis crush Gaza if necessary? They can, but they will have to pay dearly for it. And now the opening of a "second front" is planned against them, which will force Tel Aviv to disperse its forces. The point is that Iran, the main and irreconcilable enemy of Israel in the region, has spoken out in favor of the people of Palestine. Tehran has promised "all-round support" to the Hamas movement in its struggle against Israel. By the way, the head of Iranian diplomacy refused to go to the Austrian capital, where negotiations on the "nuclear deal" were to take place, due to the fact that Israeli flags were raised on the government building in Vienna. The open entry of the Islamic Republic into the game takes it to a higher level.

At first, Iranian news agency Tasnim, known for its proximity to the IRGC, noted with satisfaction that the Iron Dome was not so "iron" against missile attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian groups:

This shows that the resistance groups have gradually increased the quality of their missiles, carefully studying the strengths and weaknesses of the air defense of the Zionist army, and especially its Iron Dome system ... If this continues, it will lead to the fact that the resistance groups will acquire much better weapons than today, and will deal heavier blows against the Zionist regime.

The allusion to the delivery of new missiles from Iran is more than transparent.

SecondlyIran has the ability to increase pressure on Israel from the Lebanese Hezbollah. This Shiite group has forces of up to 30 thousand people who received extensive combat experience in Syria, where they fought on the side of President Bashar al-Assad. The combat capabilities of Hezbollah are incomparably higher than those of Hamas. The Lebanese have numerous MLRS, anti-tank missile systems, cannon artillery, anti-ship missiles and UAVs, as well as Iranian-made surface-to-surface missiles and the Zilsal-2 OTRK. The group has a wide network of fortified bunkers, warehouses and observation posts that will not be easy to destroy. The direct involvement of Hezbollah in hostilities against Israel in coordination with Hamas will force the IDF to disperse its forces on two fronts.

Thirdly, all this can serve as a cover operation for Iran, which at the same time will have the opportunity to try to transfer its new medium and shorter-range missiles to Syria with support from the air defense system. For Tehran, this will be a great military and political success, since it will create a lever of pressure on Israel. It is not difficult to predict the extremely tough reaction from Tel Aviv, which could lead to a real war in the Middle East.

Finally, Turkey, which has also expressed support for the people of Palestine, may turn out to be Iran's "fellow traveler" in this Islamic coalition. Ankara is unlikely to take part in hostilities against Israel, but Turkey will be able to identify a threat by sending its navy to the region. Such a move will also force the IDF to react and scatter its attention around the perimeter, and will help strengthen the position of the "Sultan" in the Eastern Mediterranean, where the oil and gas interests of many countries converge.
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  1. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 17 May 2021 14: 26
    And again about nothing!
    The question of the second front is only in such articles, the purpose of which is discussion and stirring up passions. Everything is moving towards the end of the conflict. Serious analysts dealing with BW do not write about the version about Hezbollah, which is eager to ruin Lebanon. Turkey, as an imperial power, will undoubtedly put pressure on Israel, but there can be no talk of military action, at most conflicts that will be localized and stopped by the world powers.
    Iran is not yet ready for conflict.
    We are used to such stuffing of the media - whether it is the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the elimination of a high-ranking terrorist, the attacks of Gaza, etc. - immediately write that it will blow up the BV, that the Islamic world as one ... Bullshit! So far, everything that is happening has led to a peace treaty with Jordan and Egypt, and now also with a number of Persian monarchies. Embassies in Jerusalem are slowly being transferred and more and more countries are gathering ...
    The Palestinians are no longer interested in the world and they have to create a news picture, or excite Muslims with the fate of the holy places (the fate of the Palestinians themselves is no longer exciting anyone).
  2. Binder Online Binder
    Binder (Miron) 17 May 2021 14: 26
    And what, Mr. Marzhetsky, are we already starting to be afraid, or can we wait a little longer? I think that we will cope with the curses of all Islamists together and each individually, we will continue to live on, raise children and grandchildren, and celebrate our holidays. Today is one of the most joyful Jewish holidays of Shavuot. Smoke of barbecues floats over Israel, we treat each other with all sorts of goodies, drink alcoholic and simply soft drinks and do not care about all the Muslims of the world because the Almighty is on our side. drinks
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 17 May 2021 16: 30
      Often, excessive self-confidence and underestimation of the enemy's capabilities played a cruel joke with those who did this, sooner or later a worthy opposition will end up on any force, because it is stupid to deny it !!!
      1. Danila46 Offline Danila46
        Danila46 (Daniel) 17 May 2021 17: 39
        but personally, you still can't wait to find out what the Israeli army is capable of today? Only you dream of doing it with someone else's hands. Isn't this cowardice ???
        Kalash in the teeth, and in the ranks of the Hez!
        You will be accepted. Do not worry. I will come to an agreement with Mahmoud.
      2. Binder Online Binder
        Binder (Miron) 17 May 2021 19: 55
        Underestimating enemy forces is not about the Israelis. Realities should be objectively assessed and acted upon. And you must also make every effort to always be at least one step ahead of the enemy. Until now, the Israelis have succeeded, therefore we are still alive.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Rosko-63 Offline Rosko-63
      Rosko-63 (Dmitriy) 17 May 2021 22: 31
      Runner, it's good to mow under the Orthodox, you're a chameleon, your holidays are
      1. Battle of Kruty (battle lost)
      2. Proclamation of the Hetmanate of Skoropadsky. (Hetman fled to the Germans).
      3. Adoption of the 4th Universal of the Central Rada. (UNR scattered).
      4. Liberation of the Crimea from the Bolsheviks. (Hello to the "leftists for Euromaidan").
      5. Proclamation of the West Ukrainian People's Republic and the uprising in Lviv. (ZUNR liquidated).
      6. Approval of the trident as the state symbol of Ukraine.
      7. Hike Sagaidachny to Moscow. (The siege ended with the defeat of the Poles and Sagaidachny, who served them).
      8. The beginning of the Holodomor. (The population was so dying out that it even increased as a result, but over 27 years of independence, the population decreased by several million).
      9. The beginning of the "Red Terror" and the repressive policy of the communist regime. (Hello to the Russian Bulkokhrusta, in Ukraine the Bandera people have realized their innermost desires).
      10. Birthday of Lesya Ukrainka.
      1. Binder Online Binder
        Binder (Miron) 18 May 2021 01: 49
        You're delusional, dear man. All this has nothing to do with me. hi
        1. Rosko-63 Offline Rosko-63
          Rosko-63 (Dmitriy) 18 May 2021 03: 48
          Oh Makar ... you are not a tracker .... pure "Jew" laughing laughing laughing laughing
  3. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 17 May 2021 17: 06
    Quote: sgrabik
    Often, excessive self-confidence and underestimation of the enemy's capabilities played a cruel joke with those who did this, sooner or later a worthy opposition will end up on any force, because it is stupid to deny it !!!

    Of course it's stupid! Israel takes threats more than seriously. Our army is not a hired one, our children serve there and we are not at all inclined to be hazy. And we absolutely do not want to enter Gaza, realizing that there are tens if not hundreds of victims.
    If casualties can be avoided, they must be avoided. If problems can be resolved peacefully, they must be resolved peacefully. Unfortunately, the real world is cruel.
    1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
      Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 18 May 2021 05: 07
      We must stop playing Aryans
  4. Danila46 Offline Danila46
    Danila46 (Daniel) 17 May 2021 17: 33
    Marzhetsky! Have you been asked to write disaster-style scripts in Hollywood? Not? Sorry......
  5. Michael1950 Offline Michael1950
    Michael1950 (Michael) 18 May 2021 00: 01
    - Well, Marzhetsky, well, Sergei! Already organized a world war here! And the Turkish fleet sent to the shores of Israel! And Hezbollah launched rockets!
    1. Rosko-63 Offline Rosko-63
      Rosko-63 (Dmitriy) 18 May 2021 03: 56
      What then is such unrest on the part of the poor Jewish people here? laughing laughing laughing laughing
  6. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 18 May 2021 05: 06
    The Russians of the Mosaic Law will have to look for another homeland or return to Birobidzhan
    1. The comment was deleted.
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 18 May 2021 09: 06
    Al-Aqsa is standing in its place, strife in the Muslim world, the economy is colonial in nature, their armies are inferior to Israel's, Muslim diasporas in the US and EU have not gained the necessary political influence, etc., etc. The time of Israel's great fateful war for the whole world has not yet come.
  8. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 18 May 2021 12: 21
    Turkey and Iran need to send their continents to the neighboring countries of Israel to stop Jewish fascism !!! Which often turns
    th terrorism of the whole world !!
  9. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 18 May 2021 12: 26
    In Ukraine, for example, the Jews confused with Bandera and are pushing the Ukrainian people to war with fraternal Russia !!! What kind of genetic meanness must be possessed in order to act so insidiously against the people - the Liberator !!! ???
    1. Gosha Smirnov Offline Gosha Smirnov
      Gosha Smirnov (Smirnov) 19 May 2021 12: 03
      marciz, your brains are confused and you fantasized something too much and are carrying a blizzard. The All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, headed by politician Rabinovich and executive director Dolinsky, systematically advocate for peace in Ukraine. And, as I understand it, among the Jews Like other nationalities, the family is not without freaks and there are enough branches of their own, and they are as different as everyone else: some for peace, while others advocated a coup in Ukraine, etc.
  10. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 18 May 2021 13: 09
    And what was your name in childhood Ippolit Matveyevich, - asked Ostap. , - Kisa. Congenial! - cried Ostap. - I will call you Kitty.

    What a great blizzard, Sergei. Where are "Blizzards" A.S. Pushkin! But most of all I liked this place in the publication.

    together they can create big problems for her

    I.E. Babel: "Drink guests and have a snack. And do not think about these nonsense!" So, where do we start exposing the "black magic" according to Bulgakov. Perhaps with "unjustifiably harsh actions against the citizens of Israel-occupied East Jerusalem." I tried to explain to you the fundamental difference between the definitions of "occupation" and "annexation". And more than once. But not the horse feed. By your logic, Crimea is also occupied. After all, the situation is mirror-like. You don't understand, and Gd is with him, let's go. But why cast a shadow over the fence about Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem? To the territory of which country and when did the allegedly occupied 0.1 km. East Jerusalem? And who occupied Bethlehem? And to the territory of which country did he belong? Not ashamed? No, this is unlikely. So the coalition. Anti-Israel. How interesting!!! So I see the Sunnis of the SA and the Shiites of Iran, who "kiss on the mouth near every bush!" This is a classic Oksimiron. With the total destruction of the entire ideological structure of these implacable enemies. This is confirmed by both the formidable silence of Iran and the eventual neutrality in favor of Israel of the Arab countries. Turkey? Well, they shout, puff, swear. As recently Kadyrov addressed Israel. Which Putin gently besieged, through the mouth of Peskov, and continues to trade with Israel. And Hezbollah, just erased his tongue and fingers, proving like Tobacco "And I have nothing to do with it!" Lebanon catches Palestinians trying to provoke a conflict. Even Israel's military expenditures are not defined correctly. Compares the percentage of GDP to the military budget. Actually. But who fought has the right, isn't that so, Sergei? What follows is the tale of an exchange of strikes between Israel and the Hamas terrorists. I just want to say: "Announce the entire list of pzh-st!" 3200 Iranian missiles of various ranges were launched into the south and center of Israel. 10 dead, several houses damaged. And that's it! Worse on the other side. Destroyed: 200 terrorists, 100 km. metro, almost all mines and launchers, banks through which terrorist financing was conducted, most of the Hamas elite, along with their real estate. Acquired by overwork
    This is not counting the terrorists who died in the subway, where they descended with weapons, preparing to meet Israel's ground operation. Which you, Sergei, so famously prophesied. Not quite, to put it mildly, true. And then that someone blathers in the world ...
    "We don't give a damn about that, Cadet Bigler. Captain Sagner said in a tone of great contempt." Like the RF, isn't it? hi
  11. Alexander Myasnikov (Alexander Myasnikov) 18 May 2021 23: 04
    Israel has an arsenal of 75 to 400 nuclear weapons, including more than a megaton of thermonuclear weapons, according to the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.
  12. al2145133 Offline al2145133
    al2145133 (Alexey Gribalev) 19 May 2021 08: 46
    Palestine has already announced its accession to Turkey. I think the Turks will soon also need the S-300, and our Su and Migi, and a lot of other things. Let the allies of the matrastan kill each other, it is very beneficial for us. As they say, the fight was equal, two shits fought.
  13. Gosha Smirnov Offline Gosha Smirnov
    Gosha Smirnov (Smirnov) 19 May 2021 11: 56
    I watch the Arabs with the Turks decided that getting a pumpkin in a crowd would not be so painful and fun. The fact that the Jews may not be sweet either is understandable. It's just that the taste of victory will be stronger and more pleasant for them.
  14. Avraam Avraam Offline Avraam Avraam
    Avraam Avraam (Avraam Avraam) 22 May 2021 10: 18
    Nothing, not long left, will finish badly
  15. Khazarin Reasonable (Boris) 26 May 2021 13: 44
    Each year there is another "prophet" with the promise that this year will be the last year of Israel. Only now the names of these "prophets" have been forgotten, and those who tried to back up their "predictions" with actions have disappeared and are responsible for their actions before Him. For He has the exclusive right to determine the fate of the people of Israel and He does not like competition.
  16. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 3 June 2021 20: 01
    One great fortune teller from the United States set aside Israel's life until 2022. Maybe it's going to this.