"They scoff at us": Czechs about Russia's refusal to pay "compensation" for the explosions

Czech readers on the iDNES.cz portal vigorously commented on the official refusal of the Russian Federation to pay any compensation for the explosion of ammunition depots in Vrbetica in 2014. Previously, official Moscow categorically denied any involvement in those events.

Comments of Czechs:

We did the right thing in assessing the damage caused by Russia and demanded compensation from it extremely harshly. Another thing is that Putin's Russia will not compensate him. We never got anything good from Russia. The so-called "liberation" was just an expansion of the Russian Empire at the expense of a vassal state, simultaneously robbed

- writes Tomáš Holek.

Payment of compensation would mean an admission of guilt, and for this reason alone, no one will pay anything. Russia will never admit its guilt [...]

- writes Jakub Krejčí.

Does anyone really think that Russia is compensating for something when it has not even paid for the damage caused by their presence of troops and has not paid off its national debt to the Czech Republic?

- Rostislav Caha got angry.

We should be glad that Russia calls us a vassal of the United States. This means that she no longer considers us her vassal. Perhaps we will someday see a normal government in Russia and hear at least an apology

- writes Jiří Sochor.

Anyone expecting something different? If you cannot get along with the Russians [...], it is best to sever ties with them and let them go with the flow ... Nothing worthwhile has ever come from Russia

- pointed out by Petr Švejkar.

It could not be otherwise, since we are sending ambassadors to watch their militaristic threats, which they call "celebration." Russians are not civilized and any kindness is automatically perceived as weakness. Anyone who thinks he will receive compensation from the state, which is sending in murderers, is too naive. They will not pay, and they will also make fun of us. Besides, how much real estate and businesses in our country are owned by Russians? And where did they get so much money if they came from a poor and backward country?

- says Gustav Kříž.

Has anyone ever wondered why the West did not react at all? I offer several options. 1. He doesn't give a damn about us. 2. He wants to have good relations with Russia and do business with it. 3. He considers these accusations nonsense. 4. He makes fun of how we single-handedly attacked a great power. 5. Combination of all previous options

- David Jech sneers.

Any court will first want to get clear evidence of guilt and only then can compensation be claimed

- reminded Tomáš Vrána.
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  1. updidi Online updidi
    updidi (Alexander Kazakov) 14 May 2021 09: 49
    It is necessary to dig up evidence of sabotage at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant by Czech saboteurs.
    And the Czech Republic will not pay to Ukraine at all
  2. bobba94 Offline bobba94
    bobba94 (Vladimir) 14 May 2021 10: 23
    They make fun of their equals ..... In this case, they just laugh.
  3. Did you want the dough? Do you want an elephant machine?
  4. Kostyar Offline Kostyar
    Kostyar 14 May 2021 11: 37
    Here are the wretched ...
    No brains - handicapped heads!
  5. drinking companion (Valery Semendeev) 14 May 2021 13: 26
    Why do we need to blow up these junk warehouses? Because of the Ukrainians - they have a lot of their warehouses of this kind and they also explode (but even they do not attribute this to Russia). The picture is clear - petty crooks, covering their tracks, destroyed something, petty clerks working off the salaries of the State Department and the CIA figured out - "what is not a reason" ... here and these like theirs ... Sherkhan's accomplices arrived in time. And so it was))).
  6. Cherry Offline Cherry
    Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 14 May 2021 14: 53
    Any court will first want to get clear evidence of guilt and only then can compensation be claimed

    The only adequate comment. And then they started: "Pay, pay! ..." Why on earth? Was there a joint investigation? A trial? and he made a decision? Until then, shut up and move away!
  7. Aleksey2691 Offline Aleksey2691
    Aleksey2691 (Alexey) 14 May 2021 18: 01
    Did you want a freebie?
  8. Valery Vinokurov (valery vinokurov) 14 May 2021 18: 10
    Truly, it is impossible to say better:

    Ah Pug know she is strong if it barks at the Elephant

  9. Sergey Baran Offline Sergey Baran
    Sergey Baran (Sergey Baran) 14 May 2021 18: 34
    And the Czechs have not beguiled anything? They must pay Russia compensation for the stay of Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia, for the abandoned equipment, training grounds, residential buildings, etc. They have not yet answered for the monument to Konev they already want money for free. Looks like the hohlokaklov have learned.
    1. Joker62 Offline Joker62
      Joker62 (Ivan) 15 May 2021 10: 05
      Not only for this, plus for the intervention of the White Czechs in Russia, in particular in Siberia, and plus for the theft of Kolchak's gold. And naturally, with the interest that came up for the gold !!! If we will be paid for this, then we will consider the protest from the current Czechs for an imaginary explosion from Russia ... Their ears, from a dead donkey!
  10. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
    Astronaut (San Sanych) 14 May 2021 20: 55
    Let them take from the stolen gold reserves of the Russian Empire)
  11. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 15 May 2021 01: 01
    What are they consuming there? Pour / pour me the same. I want.
    1. Joker62 Offline Joker62
      Joker62 (Ivan) 15 May 2021 10: 07
      Harmful and dangerous for your health !!! I do not advise ... better vodka and barbecue in nature ... healthy and tasty ...
  12. Vanya Pupkin Offline Vanya Pupkin
    Vanya Pupkin (vanya pupkin) 15 May 2021 06: 19
    any warehouse that shipped weapons to Georgians in 2008 or to Ukrainians in 2014 is a legitimate military target
  13. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 15 May 2021 08: 00
    The Czechs will accept any government that will keep them able to drink beer and eat sausages. And we have a lot of money because we rob everyone in a row. Poor! The classic case: do not do good, you will not get evil.
  14. meandr51 Offline meandr51
    meandr51 (Andrei) 15 May 2021 09: 49
    It is high time to demand back with interest the gold reserves of RI stolen by the Czechs, as well as compensation for participation in Germany's aggression against the USSR.
  15. kartalovkolya Offline kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 15 May 2021 09: 49
    And this requires something from Russia, but these scoundrels have not yet returned the gold stolen from Russia! But for some reason, monuments to murderers and looters from the Czech-dog corps still desecrate our land !!! ???
  16. Vladimir Telnov Offline Vladimir Telnov
    Vladimir Telnov (Vladimir Telnov) 15 May 2021 11: 07
    For a whole year after 09.05.1945/XNUMX/XNUMX, my father stood with his "Katyusha" in Czechoslovakia near the border with Austria to finish off the fascist roving detachments that terrorized the local population. And for a long time, he then received letters of thanks both from public organizations and from local authorities, except for the award from the country. Yes, the memory of some peoples who were once grateful for the salvation from fascism turned out to be short. All this is sad!
  17. Dmitry Suslov Offline Dmitry Suslov
    Dmitry Suslov (Dmitry Suslov) 15 May 2021 13: 26
    If you pay everyone who wants to be paid, the payments will end, and the Wishlist will increase!
  18. Nicholas Tsar Offline Nicholas Tsar
    Nicholas Tsar (Nicholas Tsar) 15 May 2021 20: 30
    And what did WE get from the Chekhovs? 30% of fascist tanks and other weapons were built in Czech factories
  19. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 15 May 2021 21: 14
    Western agitprop is working very successfully. People carry heresy, discuss it .. Not a single "smart guy" asked where is the evidence?
  20. Mantrid Machina Offline Mantrid Machina
    Mantrid Machina (Mantrid Machina) 15 May 2021 23: 37
    here is the beer filth, it was necessary to leave at one time their Poland and Germany in '39 for complete tearing am
  21. PokerFace Offline PokerFace
    PokerFace (Kirill) 16 May 2021 09: 25
    But we didn’t let the Naglich people bomb Prague. Maybe in vain?
  22. elena o. Offline elena o.
    elena o. (elena osin) 17 May 2021 19: 02
    Why is the cooperation of the Czechs with the Nazis not actively discussed in the information space? Soviet soldiers were killed with ammunition and tanks made by hardworking Czechs for Deutschmarks! This is a crime against humanity that has no statute of limitations.
  23. Moscow Offline Moscow
    Moscow 18 May 2021 13: 04
    The Czechs, as aggressors, together with Hitler, rampaged in the USSR. There was nothing for them. They didn't even pay the indemnity.
  24. Alexey Kornoukhov (Alexey Kornoukhov) 2 June 2021 17: 50
    Nobody seems to believe this story, except for the Czechs themselves, which says that the Czechs are up to their ears in propaganda with their common sense turned off. It is not clear only why the "newbie" was not mentioned, what would be worse.
  25. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 3 June 2021 00: 17
    Can he still pay for the tanks that the Czechoslovakians donated to Hitler, and the USSR destroyed them? Maybe for the rest of the weapons for the Third Reich and the Wehrmacht? Maybe for the fact that the USSR did not allow the killing of Czech Jews in Auschwitz and sent them to the Czech Republic. How the Czechs were offended when the real owners of apartments and houses that were occupied by the Czechs came. Then the governor reported to the Reich that the housing issue in the Czech Republic had been resolved. There the Czechs got up and took offense at the Germans. They told the Jews, and we thought the Germans had dealt with you. After all, they themselves betrayed all the Jews. After the war in the USSR, they did not say this, but the Czechs themselves wrote about it in books for Czechs. And many were offended that it was not necessary to write about it. Of course, someone made a fortune and covered their tracks, and Russia is to blame for this. The Czechs began to resemble the Ukrainians - to set fire to the hut, so that the neighbor's shed would burn down.
  26. A. S Offline A. S
    A. S (A. C) 5 June 2021 09: 10
    interestingly, it was they who kept a warehouse with weapons prohibited in the EU on their territory and sent it to hot spots, and the Russian "killers". As they say in such cases, the hat is on fire, and the Czechs themselves blew up to hide the shortage, at the same time witnesses (that there were mines in the warehouse or something worse) were removed. And the fact that so many years have passed there is even quite an explanation for itself - they slowly took out the top layer of the earth so that it would not be possible to make an analysis and understand what exploded