Ukraine's refusal from Sputnik V makes it dangerous for Russia

The situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in Ukraine, despite the optimistic statements of representatives of its official authorities, continues to remain difficult and has serious tendencies for further deterioration. This is not least due to the fact that vaccination of the population is carried out in the country not only in completely insufficient, but rather in scanty volumes, and even at a "snail" pace. The huge problems with the availability of drugs for the vaccination campaign are recognized at all levels, right down to the head of state.

Nevertheless, statements from the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health continue to sound that the Sputnik V vaccine, like any other Russian-made drug, will not be used under any circumstances and under any circumstances. Moreover, absolutely wild claims and accusations are heard from his lips against our country. How does such a position bordering on insanity threaten the Ukrainians and why does it matter for Russia? Let's try to figure it out.

From a sore head ...

In truth, the recent post of the Minister of Health of Ukraine Maksim Stepanov in the so-beloved by all top officials "non-profit" Facebook, which in its form, which in fact, looks much more like a hysteria than a balanced speech of a "statesman". Strongest of all, this "cry from the heart" resembles a banal attempt, as the people say, "shifting from a sick head to a healthy one." For some reason, the head of the medical department, for some reason, instead of a frank story about the great "successes" of his own subordinates in the fight against coronavirus, it is accepted to quote a "report of the European External Action Service (EEAS) on the campaign to discredit various vaccines." And he immediately clarifies: all this discrediting is the work of "malicious agents of the Kremlin", which "is not accustomed to brainwashing the broad masses." At the same time, Stepanov refers to a certain (obviously European) "EUvsDisinfo database", where since the beginning of this year "more than 100 cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation regarding vaccination have already been entered."

What kind of cases are these, in what their "pro-Kremlin" character is so clearly expressed, the Ukrainian official, naturally, is silent. Unless it allows itself the delusional statement that our country "poured mud on the drug AstraZeneca" (the most serious doubts about the safety of which were expressed by doctors in many countries of the world). However, he immediately makes the main conclusion: "Russia is pushing its own" Sputnik ", promoting lies about other vaccines." And he puts an end to the question: "There will never be any" Sputnik "in Ukraine and for no reason!" Because, you see, this is his, Stepanov's, "principled position." And such "will remain unchanged" in spite of any circumstances.

To the "circumstances" in front of which the head of the Ministry of Health "nezalezhnoy" firmly intends to show all the same "indestructible determination" are tens of thousands of deaths of his compatriots, whose lives were claimed by the coronavirus. And also the fact that these tens of thousands in a very, very soon may well turn into hundreds. However, maybe in Ukraine everything is really not as bad as it seems? Not at all. The President of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, upon his return from another "European voyage" (it was true, it was in Warsaw, but to whom and Poland - Europe), began to groan that Ukraine "did not receive the vaccines promised to her by Western partners", and after all right now she "needs it most." It is clear what is needed - the vaccination campaign was officially launched in the country on February 24, but in reality - much later. Be that as it may, during all this time, according to official data, slightly more than 750 thousand citizens have been vaccinated. This is with a population of 40 million, which Kiev is talking about. Vaccination is carried out mainly with the Indian drug CoviShield. In light of the current picture of a pandemic in India itself, it sounds about as "encouraging" as "Spanish flu cure" would have sounded a century ago.

By the way, according to absolutely accurate data, employees of the same Ukrainian police are not injected with this dubious serum - the Chinese CoronaVac is used to vaccinate them. Taking into account the Ukrainian realities, this speaks volumes. There is also talk about the presence in the country of a certain number of doses of South Korean AstraZeneca-SKBio (350-370 thousand or so) and even Comirnaty manufactured by Pfizer / BioNTech. But this is all already - from the field of rumors and assumptions. As a rule, less than a thousand people receive vaccinations per day, on some days they are not given at all, and the number of those who received both doses of the vaccine does not even reach one and a half hundred throughout the country!

Instead of an effective vaccine - "Svidomo"

On April 30 alone, more than 8 new cases of coronavirus were detected in the country - and at the same time, only 2 vaccinations were made on May 177, over the entire Easter weekend - less than a thousand. In 10 regions of the country, not a single person was vaccinated at all. Fantastic carelessness, bordering on a crime. For all the time, according to official data, more than 2 million people have been ill with coronavirus in Ukraine, about 45 thousand Ukrainians have died from infection. However, these figures may correspond to the truth to a very small extent - the data of a survey conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology allow us to conclude that the real number of people infected (including those who carry the disease asymptomatically or who did not seek medical help) can be doubled, and then three times more. However, even the current situation may still seem quite favorable in comparison with what awaits Ukraine in the very near future. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, its citizens in a fairly large number rushed to the May holidays in Turkey, which is extremely unfavorable in terms of epidemiology, in contrast to the Russians, for whom this path was prudently closed. Secondly, problems with the most dangerous to date, "Indian" strain of coronavirus to the country are guaranteed, rather, not even by tourists, but by hundreds of thousands of "migrant workers" who are continuously plying between Eastern Europe (primarily Poland) and their native lands. The outbreaks of the "Indian" have already been officially recorded in at least two Polish cities - Warsaw and Katowice. Its mass appearance in the "nezalezhnoy" is only a matter of time. Confirmation of this is the official data of the State Border Service of Ukraine, according to which, in the first 3 months of this year alone, one and a half million Ukrainians crossed the Polish border in both directions. Now, with the start of agricultural work, this flow has increased significantly.

The "Indian" strain of the coronavirus, among other things, "bypasses" the antibodies acquired by those who had had the disease earlier. Indian CoviShield is not effective against him. And what are the Ukrainian authorities doing against the background of all this? Instead of a real solution to the problems of vaccination of their own citizens with normal drugs, they are trying to calm them down with "spiritually uplifting" and "patriotic" stories about the creation of "national drugs"! It was with such a statement that the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who is notorious for his, to put it mildly, controversial ideas (like the introduction of the "non-tax" as the state English language), came out the other day. According to him, "there are already three prototypes of anti-coronavirus vaccines developed by different groups of Ukrainian scientists." For complete success, there is not enough "mere trifle" - a laboratory with a protection class of at least BSL-3, in which it would be possible to begin and end clinical trials of these drugs.

You know, these talks about "prototypes" are very reminiscent of the case when at one of the international arms exhibitions the concern "Ukroboronprom" placed at its stand ... "a model of a hypersonic Ukrainian missile." Mahhhhhhhky, cardboard. But hypersonic! Not so long ago, the same Minister of Health Stepanov honestly admitted that today Ukraine is completely incapable of organizing the production of its own vaccine - at least due to the absence of all the same laboratories, but, most importantly, due to the fact that its entire pharmacological industry has long been located in private hands. According to him, “the government plans to allocate 100 million hryvnias to the budget for next year” (270 million rubles) for the creation of a “bio-cluster” - modernization of laboratories, training of scientific personnel, which will be a step towards the development and production of its own vaccines. So far only planning ...

For comparison - the development of only one "Sputnik V" (in the presence of laboratories and scientists of the highest class), according to the director of the Scientific Center. Gamaleya by Alexander Gintsburg cost one and a half billion (!) Rubles. Stepanov's words that "with luck" Ukraine will be able to start producing its own vaccines against coronavirus "in a year and a half or two" are nothing more than another "patriotic" chatter, irresponsible and immoral - against the background of his attacks on Russia and categorical rejection the drugs it produces. The number of countries that have officially registered and are massively using the Russian Sputnik V is growing almost every day. And if Kiev is not convinced by the example of the same India or the Philippines, then they could listen to the opinion of so adored Europe. In Hungary, for example, our drug was recognized as the most effective and safest - and this is precisely based on the results of mass vaccination with them. Nevertheless, official Kiev prefers to humbly beg for a life-saving medicine from “Western partners” who do not notice it, demonstrating its readiness to sacrifice any number of Ukrainian lives for the sake of its own Russophobia and following orders from across the ocean.

It should be remembered that in accordance with the data of the Ukrainian State Border Service, which I quoted earlier, about 320 thousand citizens of the “non-railway” from January to March 2021 also crossed the Russian border - in both, again, directions. For the mass entry into our country of carriers of the most aggressive strains of coronavirus imported from Europe or the same Turkey, a much smaller amount is more than enough. Hope that Kiev will come to its senses, see the light and put the life and health of its citizens above petty political interests are not necessary. Consequently, the epidemiological situation in the country is likely to only worsen. With this in mind, the relevant Russian authorities and structures need to take appropriate measures today.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 6 May 2021 10: 30
    Ukrainians are not locusts, so that in the absence of processing, they multiply and fly over the border. will close the message for the duration of the quarantine.
  2. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 6 May 2021 11: 32
    1) Somehow strange here they got alarmed.
    Last year, during its warm season - from May to October, Russian citizens massively visited Crimea, which was annexed to Russia in 2014; there, in the Crimea, came the citizens of Ukraine, which considers the peninsula to be its own. There, these "international citizens" had all sorts of contacts, exchanging covid, and then they returned to their sovereign apartments, raising the incidence.
    And what did all the Russian Consumer and other inspections think? Popova, Golikova, aauuuuuu!

    2) In my humble opinion, all these measures such as vaccinations, not to mention muzzles and gloves, they give absolutely nothing to stop the epidemic. The herd should get sick (whatever, asymptomatic, in a mild-to-moderate form, etc.), the old and weak will die (may God soothe their souls!), The stronger ones will break through ... and after a while the covid will turn into an ordinary seasonal disease ...

    For comparison - the development of only one "Sputnik V" (in the presence of laboratories and scientists of the highest class), according to the director of the Scientific Center. Gamaleya by Alexander Gintsburg cost one and a half billion (!) Rubles.

    Yes Yes exactly. And I also heard that a certain private equity fund was involved in the development of the Sputnik B vaccine, in which a certain Katerina Tikhonova works. This can explain such a quick (by Russian standards) registration of Sputnik in the host of Russian inspection and control bodies.
    Finally, now, in early May, only Sputnik B is vaccinated in all Russian public and private clinics. The remaining two Russian-made vaccines are simply stuck and will not arrive in limited quantities very soon, when the overwhelming majority of those wishing to be vaccinated, as well as risk groups (doctors, people aged 60+), the army, the police, the Ministry of Emergencies, the National Guard and other UFSINs will already be vaccinated by Sputnik.

    4) "Dear Russians" have practically no choice of vaccines. You can only read about various modern pfizers and other zenecs on the Internet.

    5) One thing pleases: contrary to the thousand-year-old Russian tradition, you can not get vaccinated at all and calmly, haughtily, spit on this covid-demonic mess: ((.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 May 2021 11: 42
    Again, something is there in Ukraine ...
    Belarusia spat on the crown for a whole year, bonfires burn in India, and not statues ...
    Give Ukraine ...
    1. Miffer Offline Miffer
      Miffer (Sam Miffers) 6 May 2021 14: 02
      Citizen! It is necessary to take a differentiated and comprehensive approach to this topic!

      1) Quite recently, Mr. Peskov (the press secretary of a person too well-known to be called in vain) was completely bullied by rogue journalists: don't you think, Mr. Good, that the average salary in Russia is 51 thousand rubles (~ $ 700) too little for a normal life? After all, former Soviet friends and even 4 members of the Union (Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) have an average salary of $ 1200-1400! Mr. Peskov replied that this year Russia will work on the issue of increasing its average salary.
      And then he nodded meaningfully, which in many countries is even worse than in Russia. And I willingly believe him. Because I know that in Algeria the average salary is $ 273, so Russia "has room to grow."

      2) Belarus, Belarus ...

      This, of course, is the dog's son, but this is our dog's son.

      From 1933 to 1945, the 32nd president was in the United States - Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And some American memoirists point out that this is how he spoke about the dictator of Nicaragua, Anastasio Somoza Sr.

      3) India, India is a beautiful country ...
      And with the Indians it is necessary to be very careful - they sometimes buy Russian weapons; although I admit, they lease it by KGBE in installments, and Russia then quietly writes off these debts of billions of dollars to them. But India is like a friend of ours, like China. As in the USSR, Cuba was, but now they spit on Cuba. But India is against the accursed British colonialists and American thrice-cursed imperialists! Therefore, it is generally impossible to write about Indian coven fires, in any way. Finally, there are about one and a half billion of them. Just imagine: on Earth, every fifth is Indian, and every fourth is Chinese.
      But we have braces. But you can't even look askance at the Indians and the Chinese, then they will understand it wrong, Zakharova will make excuses for six months.

      This is the diplomatie subtile.
  4. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 6 May 2021 15: 07
    its citizens in a fairly large number rushed for the May holidays to Turkey, which is extremely unfavorable in terms of epidemiology, in contrast to the Russians, for whom this path was prudently closed.

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhaaaa .................................

    On August XNUMX of the last twentieth year, Russia opened air communication with as many as three countries: Britain, Turkey and Tanzania.

    V. Britain was chosen "at the request" of some Russian citizens, whom their poor fellow citizens call "money bags." The "bags" - in foggy Albion, their dear real estate, bought with "trifle" stolen from "dear Russians" over the past 30 years.

    What explains the choice of Tanzania, I find it difficult to explain. Probably the presence of such exotic diseases that are not treated in Russia. From the word "in general".

    And with Turkey, everything happened miraculously last year: with friend Recep, everything was rubbed, almost in a related way. And dozens of planes flew for the Turkish covid.
    But now "friend Recep" has completely deteriorated: he met with the clown clown Ze and said that Crimea would never be recognized by Russia, and Ukraine would be much safer if it joined NATO.
    This is its essence: he answered with a despicable one! And again - a knife in the back! There, on the back and below, there is already no living space left! And I can see how the Russian freshly nullified Chairman gives the command to punish the unreasonable Recep by the absence of Russian tourists.
    Only it seems to me that in the span will be primarily Russian travel agencies, raising a lot of money "in Turkey". And through Minsk, you can probably still fly to all corners of the world, to the same covid Turkey, and from Moscow to Minsk, as to St. Petersburg, plus or minus 700 km.
    But for rich people who exist in Russia, there are charters where you can download absolutely everything, up to dozens of escort girls. Again, personal business jets have set sail for a long time.
    Therefore, the "closure of Turkey" personally reminds me of a spit in the direction of a strong wind.
  5. Xuli (o) Tebenado 8 May 2021 13: 40
    development of only one "Sputnik V" (in the presence of laboratories and scientists of the highest class), according to the director of the Scientific Center. Gamalei by Alexander Gunzburg, cost one and a half billion (!) rubles.

    I read the biography of Academician Gunzburg - he was born in 1951, graduated from the Faculty of Biology and Soil (!!!), became a microbiologist, a world-renowned scientist, headed a scientific center that created a vaccine that saves lives.
    It would be a joke if Comrade Stalin, so ardently adored by the author of the opus Neukropny, under the guise of fighting rootless cosmopolitans and doctors-pests-poisoners, would soak everyone whose last names ended in -burg, -man and -stein. And the future academician Gunzburg, the future savior of the Russian people from the damned Covid-1951, would not have been born in 19.
    What then would Necropny write about with such a touch?

    PS In my humble opinion, all the articles here are concocted precisely according to this principle: "if only if only", and even hypothetically, and even in the future tense or in an imperfect verb form. And I suppose I can also write something in a similar style.