US residents recalled "double standards" in relations with Russia

Visitors to the Fox News website commented on the latest announcement on preparations for a summit meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, which is scheduled for the coming summer. It is assumed that the leaders of the two powers will try to agree on measures to de-escalate the protracted bilateral conflict. However, not all Americans liked the format itself.

Fox News user comments:

The America First strategy frightened the entire world. Until January 20, we were the most powerful country on the planet, but now we are not. Our biggest enemy is our own elite

- suggests TheAncientAlien.

Biden wants to achieve "better understanding between our two countries." Ha, he means the authorities of each of the states. The nations are aloof from it all

- pointed out by someone jessespop95.

Oh no, Biden is in league with Putin! We must impeach him. Does it work like that or not?

- fire & brimstone asks ironically.

For the guy who criticized Trump for flirting with dictators, he wants too much to befriend Putin. Trump never did this

- writes az2mwest.

Let's see if I get it right ... Trump trying to mend a working relationship with Putin is very bad, but is Biden organizing a summit with Putin good? No, I don't understand these double standards

- dlise is interested.

We'll call this the "Russia Conspiracy Summit." Where Biden colludes with Vlad to give him whatever he wants!

- writes WhoisJohnGalt597.

I hope that the media will adequately and fully show this summit. Putin will treat Biden much worse than the Chinese, who humiliated [in Alaska] the American delegation. And it will pave the way for a true leader in 2024

- hopes SanchoPanza2.

Hopefully all of this will be shown on television. I can see Biden stumbling over simple questions. Putin will tear him to shreds, and the fools who forced Biden to take this post will only have to explain who really runs the United States. All of you who voted for this fool must share the humiliation that our country will endure.

- a certain KyYankeeFan predicted the results of the summit.

[…] Well, it was not in vain that Vlad rattled off with nuclear weapons and, thus, forced Biden to fall for an obvious trick. Russian economy based on oil, like a third world country [...] and on par with Saudi Arabia, except that Putin has old Soviet nuclear warheads to swing around and has done as well as North Korea's Kim. Well, all this gossip worked very well [...]

- user Jason1912 responded.
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  1. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 7 May 2021 21: 58
    Funny hamsters ... They are sincerely sure that Putin will come to the meeting naked on a bear with two fiery missiles in his hands. And the meeting itself will be in the wrestling ring, where the GDP will be kneading koloboks from a can ...
    I think so - Biden says something, Harris translates into pleasant English, translator into Russian, Putin listens, Lavrov says "stupid people ... b", Peskov translates into elegant Russian, translator into English ... Everyone is happy.
  2. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 8 May 2021 05: 40
    The Americans sincerely (thanks to the press, which is wholly owned by the "hawks") regard Russia as a "universal evil", and Putin as an incarnate enemy from the KGB, which (the KGB), as they were taught, has not gone anywhere and is now in power in Russia. Strange as it may seem, China is not considered such an "evil" in the United States, despite its "communism" - it is perceived only as an economic rival, and a useful one, which is quite sane and can be kept "within" the United States' needs. Moreover, in the US, the press cautiously but clearly approves of the Chinese system of personal control, finding it useful for any country. Apparently, the Chinese experience in this regard will be spread slowly throughout the world, since the Americans find it "useful". With Russia, everything is not so, it is perceived in the United States precisely as an enemy who could be finished off, but, unfortunately, they did not finish off in the wake of euphoria from the collapse of the USSR.
  3. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
    Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 9 May 2021 00: 37
    When in a dark and narrow alley you come across an armed blunt thug on a tractor, it is better to give him your wallet. What Gorbachev did in due time
  4. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 9 May 2021 01: 38
    The photo was inspired by a film where evil, cunning Koreans took over the White House. Everyone was offended, tortured, and the disgraced guard saved the president ...
  5. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 11 May 2021 22: 38
    Putin will treat Biden much worse than the Chinese who humiliated [in Alaska] the American delegation

    In fact, the Chinese have patiently listened to your rats for an hour, and when they began to answer them with their own coin, now you don't like it, well, nothing - soon get used to it, when the whole world begins to respond in the same way!

    The Russian economy is based on oil, like a third world country

    Ours is at least on oil and a lot more on what is, and yours on cut paper, which is not worth the cost of making it! It will not work endlessly to frighten the world with a degrading army - the missiles do not take off, the paratroopers break their legs during the exercises, the Hummers on the beach sunbathe in the sand, and in Germany they kill themselves without parachutes, so that they go straight to scrap metal from the exercises!