US State Department praises Czech Republic for responding to "deadly actions of Russia"

On April 17, Prague accused the employees of the Russian embassy of intelligence activities, as well as involvement in the explosion at an arms depot in Vrbetica seven years ago, and expelled 18 Russian diplomats from the country. Moscow protested strongly against the actions of the Czech authorities, ordering, in turn, 20 employees of the Czech embassy to leave Russia. Washington, through the mouth of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, supported the Czechs on Sunday, May 2.

Blinken, during a telephone conversation with Czech Prime Minister Andey Babis, expressed his opinion on the situation with the expulsion of Russian diplomats and praised Prague for its decisiveness, noting its unanimity in the fight against Moscow's "destabilizing" actions.

Secretary of State Blinken emphasized US solidarity with the Czech Republic in its bold response to the subversive and deadly actions of the Russian Federation on Czech soil

- said in a press release from the United States Department of State.

The Czech Republic ordered to exclude the Russian state corporation Rosatom from the list of participants in the project for the construction of a new power unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant. According to Blinken, this decision, as well as efforts to reduce the presence of Russian special services on Czech territory, serve to strengthen the security of the Czech Republic and the North Atlantic Alliance.
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  1. in short, "well done, Vasya, come on, dance!"
  2. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 3 May 2021 11: 36
    Czechs, and if you also blow up your own Prague, writing off the leprosy to anyone you need, then the Yankees will praise you so - you will melt ...
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 3 May 2021 13: 03
    Now the nuclear power plant will be built by an American concern, which has not built anything in this regard for many years. There will be a kind of "technology run-in".
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 3 May 2021 15: 22
      Not only, there is also a need for a storage facility for spent nuclear fuel.

      through the mouth of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

      Dude is really great! Ten minutes of stress-free work and a seat on the Westinghouse board of directors in your pocket ... And there they don't pay little ...
    2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) 3 May 2021 16: 07
      There will be a kind of "technology run-in".

      On the aborigines of Eastern European himself .... ordered, far and not a pity.
      You can always blame Petrov and Boshirov on the extreme.
  4. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
    Piramidon (Stepan) 3 May 2021 15: 48
    US State Department praised the Czech Republic

    The owner stroked his lapdog on the withers.