How Turkey was able to intercept the Ukrainian Motor Sich from the Chinese

So the real winner of the American-Chinese confrontation for the possession of Motor Sich was determined. While Beijing was trying to gain control over the famous Ukrainian aircraft building enterprise, Washington, with its Kiev puppets, put obstacles in its way. And it is not Russia that will benefit from this principled battle, but Turkey, our great “friend and partner,” which crosses the Kremlin's path over and over again.

Motor Sich, located in Zaporozhye, develops and manufactures helicopter and aircraft engines, as well as industrial gas turbine units. Created under the USSR, this enterprise was the real pride of a superpower and was one of the three largest aircraft engine manufacturers in the world. The power plant is the most difficult part of the aircraft, the development and manufacture of which is an extremely non-trivial task available to a very narrow circle of countries. For Russia, the severance of industrial ties with Ukraine in 2014 became a huge problem, as many programs for the production of helicopters and aircraft were in question without engines.

For China, which is rushing into a closed privileged club of high-tech powers that have a full cycle of creating any aircraft, up to a wide-body aircraft, the loss of the Independent Russian market has become a window of opportunity. Investors from the Middle Kingdom tried to buy a controlling stake in Motor Sich, but then the Americans crossed their path, wishing to slow down the rapid development of a direct competitor. Under US pressure, at the request of the SBU, the Ukrainian court first arrested the shares of the enterprise, after which it was completely nationalized, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy imposed sanctions on Chinese investors. This is the "history of cooperation" between the PRC and the young Ukrainian democracy.

Now Turkey wants to enter the same river, but its chances of success are clearly higher, and here's why. According to the head of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Temel Kotil, Ukraine will supply it with a two-chamber turboshaft engine with a capacity of 2,5 thousand horsepower. The power plant will be used in the projected ATAK II attack helicopter. The direct name "Motor Sich" was not announced, but the only aircraft engine that meets these requirements, TV3-117VMA, is produced only at this Ukrainian enterprise. And who would have thought a few years ago that Ankara would bypass Beijing?

However, if you wanted to, you could have guessed about something like that. Today Turkey is openly trying to take a new place in the sun, more worthy of the heirs of the Ottoman Empire. Much has already been said about its pan-Turkic project, but Ankara is reinforcing its imperial ambitions with the development of its military-industrial complex. So, the Turks are trying to perfect their national tank "Altai", they are striving to achieve maximum localization in the production of modern submarines under a German license, they are preparing to build their second aircraft carrier, and are developing their own fifth-generation fighter. Attack UAVs "Bayraktar" of Turkish production thundered in every sense of the word in several armed conflicts at once. Ankara also intends to create its own attack helicopter that could compete with the American Apache and our Night Hunter.

As a matter of fact, the problems with the last two projects forced the "Sultan" to turn to Ukraine. Motor Sich is capable of producing power plants for both Turkish UAVs and helicopters. What is ATTACK II?

First, a few words must be said about its predecessor, the T129 ATAK light helicopter. The Turkish Defense Ministry planned to update its air force as part of the ATAK (Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopters - fire support helicopter) program. The tender for participation was won by the Italian company AgustaWestland with its A 129 Mangusta rotorcraft. The helicopter came out quite successful, thanks to the modernization and the use of modern avionics produced in Turkey. It is successfully operated both in the country and is exported. However, it definitely did not work as a shock, it is a multipurpose light reconnaissance vehicle designed for operation in hot climates. Ill-wishers call the T129 ATTACK a "disposable helicopter" because its developers made one but fatal mistake. Chasing trendy stealthtechnology and composite materials, they made it insufficiently protected and armored, which will end badly for the crew after the first hit.

According to the developer company, it took into account the experience of the Turkish army in Syria. The new heavy-class attack helicopter will have a take-off weight of 10 tons and over 1,2 tons of payload. The rotorcraft will be armed with a 30-mm cannon and missile systems, tested on a lighter predecessor. Increased attention is paid to the booking and protection of the crew. ATAK 2 should fly in 2024-2025 on Ukrainian engines. The likelihood that Ankara will knock out all the technologies it needs from Kiev is very high. Apparently, in order not to depend on the whims of the Ukrainian authorities, Turkey will demand the localization of the production of power plants at home.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 1 May 2021 15: 55
    Buying an enterprise with giblets and documentation and setting up production on its own territory is not at all the same as "supplying".
    And if you add the name of the state to the phrase, then "Ukraine will supply" does not sound so encouraging.
    Erdogan's victory is more likely a Pyrrhic or even (whatever the root is called laughing ). What they still instruct him to see. He will pay off with new partners. lol
    TV3-117VMA is an engine for helicopters, the Chinese were interested in everything, especially engines for fighters.
    Follow the link for the nomenclature of engines produced by Motor Sich.
  2. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
    Astronaut (San Sanych) 1 May 2021 16: 09
    All more or less competent specialists have long been piled out of the Square, taking the documentation with them ...
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 6 May 2021 07: 01
      There is not enough documentation in the modern world. The main thing is intellectual property, patents and licenses. You can't take them out in a briefcase, if you know what I mean.
      1. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
        Astronaut (San Sanych) 25 May 2021 19: 36
        You can see you know little about patents, you change "a couple of numbers" and there is no longer a patent, the Yankees once sinned with this when they sat on the Berezhkovskaya embankment, this is firstly, and secondly, I just KNOW these specialists wink
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 1 May 2021 16: 58
    How Turkey was able to intercept the Ukrainian Motor Sich from the Chinese

    - Yes, what kind of ... a helicopter ... - Flying ... - not for Turkey at all ... - Well, they collect F-16s, and who will need this old stuff soon ... - Well, this "T129 ATTACK "muddied ... - The Turks had to build purposefully under the aircraft carriers at once; but, again ... - Turkey does not have aircraft carriers ... - and it is unlikely that they will ever be (unless the Americans will someday present their decommissioned old man) ... - Or these "T129" ATTACK "Turkey will adapt to tourist walking needs ... - exclusively for Russian tourists (other tourists will not sit in them ... - and ours - even a stake on their heads ... - will fall and break; but still climb into these helicopters ... - Well, unless you forbid stupidity ... - Hahah ...
    - But what Turkey can really stir up with this "Motor Sich" ... is to organize the production of engines for UAVs ... - This can really be ... - to develop (and for this they already have a lot of things) and start their production ... - They may even manage to establish several modifications ... - after all, all operating stands, laboratory test complexes, all target measuring technical equipment ... - all this is most likely preserved on Motor Sich ... - So this is quite real ... - And they will easily overtake both ... and Russia in this direction ...
    - And for Russia ... - this is a very, very unpleasant prospect ... - To say the least ...
    1. House 25 Sq. 380 (House 25 Sq. 380) 9 May 2021 02: 05
      The export of NATO helicopter engines is banned to Turkey, so that the Turks in motor sich (add the necessary) ...
      Here, the fellow citizens of the motor sich general of the transport company cannot calmly dismiss the general from the ocean without a signal, but you write - engines ...
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 1 May 2021 22: 27
    And, again, people are deliberately entangled in hohlon.

    There was an obvious raider takeover, like the "beloved Chubais".
    And here is the promise of delivery of ready-made motors.
  5. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 6 May 2021 06: 59
    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    And, again, people are deliberately entangled in hohlon.

    What does it mean - deliberately confused? And what are the goals of this "obfuscation" in your opinion?
  6. House 25 Sq. 380 (House 25 Sq. 380) 9 May 2021 02: 00
    Again the Marzhetskiy did something about it .... "It will ... It will ... It will ..." ... I counted five times ...
    And of course this is epic:

    the loss of the Independent Russian market became a window of opportunity

    And I am tempted to continue: "the loss of legs has become a" window of opportunity "for ... With legs, who needs it ??" ....
  7. Alexander Kuchin (Alexander Kuchin) 21 May 2021 16: 50
    Ankara is still friends with Kazan.