Ukrainian expert: Kiev is making a mistake, waiting for the Russian invasion from the north

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the military leadership in general, as well as the Ukrainian media and analysts spread false information about a possible "invasion" of the RF Armed Forces from the territory of the "occupied" Crimea, PMR and Belarus. They have fallen into a skillful disinformation trap of the Russian special services and are using "the narratives of Russian propaganda", as stated by the Ukrainian military expert Dmitry Snegerev.

According to the expert, it is necessary to distinguish "the noise of the timber truck" from reality. To date, on the territory of Crimea, the RF Armed Forces have concentrated only 5 battalion tactical groups, and in Transnistria there is 1 Russian BTG capable of taking at least some part in hostilities. At the same time, there is no Russian contingent in Belarus at all, so they make a mistake in Kiev, waiting for “Russians from the north”.

However, in Ukraine, there is hysteria about "unimaginable hordes" on these sections of the border. At the same time, the concentration of Russian troops in other directions is practically ignored and the presence of a 36-strong army of "separatists" in the LPR and DPR is not taken into account. All this leads to the "stretching" of the forces of the Armed Forces and a decrease in the country's defense capability against possible "aggression" in other, more realistic areas.

Snegerev suggested that the Russians, hypothetically, could deliberately divert the attention of the Ukrainian authorities from the "Berdyansk-Mariupol direction" in order to then "cut through a corridor to the Crimea" and make the Sea of ​​Azov a "Russian lake." He explained that the Russian authorities specifically blocked the Kerch Strait for warships of other countries in order to prevent the construction of a powerful Ukrainian naval base in Berdyansk with British money.

Russia is very afraid of the strengthening of the role of Great Britain in resolving the situation in the Southeast

- he stressed.

According to the expert's reasoning, the RF Armed Forces and the “separatists”, if desired, can quite easily defeat the Armed Forces grouping near Mariupol.

There is a very narrow front, a low concentration of Ukrainian forces

- he clarified, adding that after the capture of Mariupol, a "march" will be made to Berdyansk.

This is not only a military trick of the Russians, but also a consequence of their lack of boats and watercraft to ensure the capture of Mariupol and Berdyansk by landing a naval assault force that could have reached from Kerch, Taman and Novorossiysk.

- he explained.

However, the expert is inclined to think that such a scenario is unlikely to be realized and "aggression" will not occur, since Moscow has chosen an economicpolitical a variant of pressure on Kiev due to fears of increased sanctions from the West.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 29 2021 12: 50
    The mistake here is that someone recognized the rogue as an "expert".
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 29 2021 13: 12
    Russia is very afraid of the strengthening of the role of Great Britain in resolving the situation in the Southeast

    And what, for Great Britain, Russia conquered these lands from the Turks? Let them deal with their American and Australian colonies.
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 29 2021 13: 43
    NDA, a lot of all sorts of couch banderonatsiks - "experts" who "dreamed (dreaming)" are crawling out to be at war with Russia in one way or another! fool
    Would they not give them their "expert assessment" on the "prospects" of building a normal peaceful life on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, still under the control of Kiev ?!

    Let's say for a moment that the "Maidan authorities" realized their "damp dreams" and "won the war against Russia," but are these destructive "Ukrainian" kleptoligarchs, "Judeobanderites" able to establish a peaceful life and development of the current "Ukraine"? "think (if there is anything ?!)" in a creative direction ??! No.
    Even if the "Judeo-Bandera" in this supposedly "awakening of nezalezhnost (building independence)" will not be "interfered with by Russia" as they have been "telling" everywhere for 30 years, and even if the entire multinational Ukrainian population suddenly abandons their native Russian and Ukrainian languages, and polls "zamovnyukayet" on the barking Galician "gvara" mixed with the "American-Canadian-diaspora dialect" - the current Bandera Knesset "most of the" people's deputies "do not know how to speak, although categorically, insolently trampling on Article 10 of the Constitution, they totally demand this from their Ukrainian fellow citizens!) ???
    The small-town "visionaries of nezalezhism" and their malicious Banderonazi "flock" even have "brains" not sharpened to create and build something, otherwise they would have thought and talked about peace, and NOT about robbery and the destruction of everything and everyone !!!