Soyuz-5 will receive the world's most powerful engine

Russian launch vehicles are starting to compete not only with foreign ones, but also with each other. Over the past twenty years, the modular Angara has been created from scratch. Its production is twice as expensive as the old Protons, but the new rocket is completely made up of domestic components and uses environmentally friendly fuel. Angara still requires additional modernization.

In parallel, the state-owned corporation Roscosmos began developing the Soyuz-5 launch vehicle. She is positioned as a competitor to the American Falcon 9, Ilona Mask, who made a rustle in the market for commercial launches. The requirements of true universality are presented to Soyuz-5. He must be able to send astronauts to the ISS, and launch satellites into orbit, and launch space stations in the direction of the planets under study. And at the same time fly from any spaceports and be inexpensive. It was assumed that this launch vehicle would put the Federation spacecraft into orbit, however, this task was withdrawn from it in favor of the Angara.

Soyuz-5 is a two-stage medium-class rocket, from Baikonur it is capable of bringing up to 18 tons of payload into low Earth orbit. Some of its details will be printed on a 3D printer. It is expected that on the basis of Soyuz-5 nodes will be created for a promising super-heavy carrier rocket, whose carrying capacity will vary from 50 to 130 tons, which will double the capabilities of Falcon Heavy Ilona Mask. With a reserve for the future, the so-called Tsar Engine will be installed at Soyuz-5 with a capacity of 20 million horsepower. For this purpose, the first stage RD-171 rocket engine will undergo modernization:

After that, it will possess new unique characteristics. This is the most powerful engine in the world, we call it the Tsar Engine

The project will be used to create a rocket module for a superheavy class carrier. Soyuz-5 will be used at Baikonur only for commercial launches and for scientific purposes.
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