Lavrov spoke about schizophrenia in Washington and Prague

The recent diplomatic scandal between Russia and the Czech Republic, during which Prague accused Moscow of being involved in an explosion at an ammunition depot in the village of Vrbetitsa seven years ago and expelled 18 Russian diplomats from the country, has an "unhealthy" nature. This opinion was expressed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

During an extended interview with Russian media on Wednesday April 28, Lavrov called the position of the Czech government "pure schizophrenia." At the same time, he drew attention to the recent speech of the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman, in which he pointed to the randomness of the events of 2014 in Vrbetica and, to a certain extent, confirmed the absence of a "Russian trace" in what had happened.

According to the minister, Russia has never planned any unfriendly actions against the Czech Republic.

Sergei Lavrov "found" schizophrenics not only in Prague, but also in Washington. For example, White House spokesman Jen Psaki at a briefing on Monday April 26 said that the "necessary effect" from the anti-Russian sanctions had been achieved, as well as that they "serve to improve relations between Russia and the United States."

In the statements of some figures in Washington, somewhere even schizophrenic notes slip through.

- noted the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry in an interview with RIA News.

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  1. Pivander Offline Pivander
    Pivander (Alex) April 28 2021 15: 58
    Here you go! And before there were just morons belay
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) April 28 2021 16: 20
      when compared with Ukrainians they will definitely be offended laughing

    2. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) April 28 2021 18: 35
      Partners have changed to personalities, and it is not far from the detily
  2. gore Offline gore
    gore (Alexander) April 29 2021 05: 54
    Lavrukha again justifies himself. How tired of this already. In my opinion, on the next such "accusation" I called a briefing (press conference) or some other interpretation and there I would ask: "Do you have facts and evidence on these explosions, poisonings, etc.? No? That's when will be - show, we will sort it out. And so - go for it! That's it, the question is closed. " And the constant chewing of this has already set the teeth on edge. Yesterday they chewed poisonings, today - explosions, tomorrow they will come up with something else and Laurus will chew it again without any meaning or end ...
  3. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) April 29 2021 08: 44
    Birds of a feather flock together...
  4. zz810 Offline zz810
    zz810 (zz810) April 29 2021 19: 27
    Sergey Viktorovich, only tough behavior will cheer them up, stop hoping for the conscientiousness of this crowd !!! : - ((((