Americans are preparing for hostilities in Chukotka

Many military experts in our country very often question the ability of the US military to operate in low and extremely cold temperatures.

The United States, in turn, practically does not advertise its capabilities in this area - however, it would be a great delusion to believe that America does not have such.

So, from 3 to 14 in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, the exercises "Northern Edge 2021" will take place.

The dry statistics of the event are as follows: the servicemen of the US Air Force, the US Army, the US Navy and the US Marine Corps will be involved. Funds for the exercise are funded from the Indo-Pacific Command budget, and the Pacific Air Force Command provides direct supervision.

Northern Edge 2021 is designed to provide high-quality, realistic training for fighter pilots, improve inter-service interaction between troops and test the combat readiness of the forces involved. Among other things, the Americans are going to work out the mistakes and shortcomings identified during the Valiant Shield 2020 exercise, previously held at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.

The Northern Edge 2021 exercise will host tactical and operational-level activities related to testing new combat concepts of highly mobile warfare, domain-wide command and control systems tied to a single inter-service operations center.

What is hiding behind these dry formulations?

How are they interesting for the Russian Federation?

It would be worth starting with the fact that at this point in time the US Marine Corps is going through a stage of active reform. For several decades, in the upper circles of the American military-political establishment, there was an increase in discontent associated with this structure: after the end of the Cold War, the American Marines lost any non-standard, specific functionality, turning into a backup for the US Army.

According to many experts, the reforms, which started in 2020, were primarily aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the Marine Corps to combat the growing power of the Chinese fleet, which represents a major force in the Pacific region. Until recently, they were viewed exclusively in a similar vein, and the Russian Federation did not appear in any way as a potential target - disgruntled conservatives from the highest American military circles even called the marines "troops of one war", satirically alluding to China and the only region in which it could be deployed - the South China Sea.

Briefly describing the essence of the reforms taking place with the US ILC, we can say that from the troops sharpened for airborne assault operations, they are becoming a highly mobile expeditionary force designed to strengthen the power of the naval forces.

To this end, the Corps changes its structure (for example, completely abandons tank units) and is actively rearming itself. The main striking force of the Marines is mobile complexes with anti-ship missiles (analogs of our DBKs), drones, fifth-generation F-35B fighters, HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and loitering ammunition. Logistic capabilities are also actively developing: light amphibious warships (LAW) will soon enter service, purchases of transport aircraft, MV-22 convertiplanes and tanker aircraft are being stimulated.

But the involvement of the US ILC in exercises near the eastern borders of the Russian Federation testifies to one extremely alarming fact - the Americans are actively preparing to use them against our country.

Thanks to a more favorable climate than in Russian Chukotka, the Americans have maintained a substantial number of military units in Alaska since the Cold War. This is facilitated by both a high population density and well-developed logistics capabilities (Alaska has a serious airfield and port infrastructure).

Since the Cold War, the Northern Group of American Forces has had an exceptionally striking functionality - its core is the 11th US Air Force Army (currently equipped with F-22 and F-35A aircraft), the 4th Spartan Airborne Brigade "And the 1st mechanized brigade" Arctic Wolves ".

These units are actively trained for airborne and airborne assault operations in cold climates. Now their experience will be adopted by the marines and sailors, learning strike and expeditionary techniques of combat operations at low temperatures.

In total, the Americans are using a serious set of forces in the exercises: an aircraft carrier strike group led by AB "Theodore Roosevelt", the 15th Marine Expeditionary Detachment, about 200 ground-based aircraft (in addition to deck aircraft) and 10 military personnel who will have to conduct landing operation on the Aleutian Islands, and from there - on the territory of the state of Alaska.

The task of the ILC in this event will be especially unusual - they will have to work out the landing and lightning-fast operation to organize an expeditionary base of the Marine Corps of forward deployment in a cold climate. It looks something like this: it is a well-equipped, pre-fabricated (in less than a day!) And protected field airfield, which can receive, provide refueling and minimal technical servicing even such large aircraft as C-130, KC-130, as well as heavy CH-53 helicopters and MV-22 convertiplanes.

All of this evokes gloomy thoughts - despite the active work of the Russian Ministry of Defense and our armed forces, the country's remote eastern borders are still extremely vulnerable to enemy aggression. The enemy is actively putting pressure on our country in the west and south, also strengthening the military presence in the north - in such conditions, it is natural that we cannot effectively defend absolutely all of our borders.

American strategists are well aware of this, and the Northern Edge 2021 exercise serves as another means of US military-political pressure on our country. Washington is actively demonstrating that it has forces at its disposal that can operate even in the most inaccessible areas of our defense: Kamchatka, Kuril Islands and Anadyr.

In such conditions, a demonstration of open aggression, undoubted joy is caused by the fact that Russia has a modern arsenal of nuclear weapons.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 29 2021 08: 52
    If they attack Chukotka, they will lose Alaska.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 29 2021 09: 00
    As a result of the demarcation of the sea area of ​​the Beringov not along the meridian, but in a straight line, the Russian Federation lost more than a million square kilometers - Yeltsin not only destroyed the state and lost about 20 million Russian people, which is comparable to the losses in the Second World War, destroyed the economy, unleashed a civil war and interethnic discord, robbed the population by transferring public property into the hands of the oligarchy, but also gave away part of the territorial possessions belonging to the Russian Federation.
    The ownership of Wrangel Island can be challenged by the Sshasovites at any time, especially in the light of the disagreements about the Northern Sea Route - the Russian Federation considers it to be its own, and the Sshasovites “international”.
    The continental shelf and everything connected with it - fossils, marine resources.
    Today, these questions are not relevant due to the need for huge stranded financial investments and material costs, but as soon as signs of cost recovery emerge, disagreements will certainly escalate.
    There are many applicants, incl. and do not have access to the Arctic Ocean, and does not plan to give it to the Russian Federation. This predetermines the conflict, the unification of applicants and their opposition to the Russian Federation in all international organizations, the strengthening of the fifth column and attempts to “defragment” the Russian Federation into many “democratic” entities, with which it will not be difficult to “negotiate”.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 29 2021 11: 54
      It seems that you have not ratified this agreement?
  3. tatiana korzhenko (tatiana korzhenko) April 29 2021 09: 30
    And why do they need Chukotka? What is it about what it would be worth starting a war? What is the practical meaning?
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 29 2021 10: 55
      Firstly, there will be more minerals than in the European part of the Russian Federation, only 20 tons of gold is shipped to the Central Bank's bins.
      Secondly, the control of the strait between the Arctic and Pacific oceans.
      Thirdly, the population of Chukotka is only about 50 thousand people, equal to a provincial town.
      And fourth, on the Chukchi Peninsula, at the suggestion of the Sshasovskie "ecologists" there is a reserve "Beringia", on the territory of which the non-deployment of weapons is supposed - take it with your bare hands, and it is very problematic to protect it in isolation from the supply and repair bases, which is why Alaska was once sold ...
      1. tatiana korzhenko (tatiana korzhenko) April 29 2021 13: 52
        Yes, for the sake of such dubious preferences, the United States will go to unleash a nuclear war with millions of victims and trillions of costs. In Alaska, all these reserves are no less, if not more. Only paranoid people can believe in such nonsense.
    2. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 30 2021 17: 42
      Well, again, Tatyana, colleagues are minus, instead of putting emoticons with hearts ... Looks like they never lay in hospitals ... Well, nothing, this business, as they say, is profitable ...
      1. tatiana korzhenko (tatiana korzhenko) 1 May 2021 10: 08
        Come on, I'm not offended by the minuses, I don't come here for assessments, but at least one gallant man is here, it's already nice ...
  4. And we are their hydrogen, hydrogen!
  5. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) April 29 2021 18: 21
    I wonder if the Americans really get up the nerve and attack (occupy) ... Chukotka? .... Here we wake up suddenly, and then "news".

    A purely theoretical inference is thought-provoking.

    Is Putin going to start a war with America? Nuclear warheads? Or, nevertheless, the media will choke on indignation, and Peskov, on behalf of Putin, will express a responsible, but just "disagreement or categorical disagreement"?

    How did Peskov comment on the diplomatic war with former friends today? "... We are reacting quite actively ...".

    If today is "active" and "enough", then the reaction should look "super active"? So what ...?

    These are rhetorical questions. When everyone answers them to himself not aloud, but silently and alone with himself.
  6. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) April 30 2021 07: 01
    Quote: Tatiana Korzhenko
    Yes, for the sake of such dubious preferences, the United States will go to unleash a nuclear war with millions of victims and trillions of costs. In Alaska, all these reserves are no less, if not more. Only paranoid people can believe in such nonsense.

    What kind of nuclear war?
    1. tatiana korzhenko (tatiana korzhenko) 1 May 2021 10: 15
      Well, how else, if you imagine theoretically that the United States will try to conquer Chukotka?
  7. Why is this muzhebaba standing next to the Negritos?
  8. AlexKh Offline AlexKh
    AlexKh (Alexander Khabibulin) 4 May 2021 12: 56
    Blacks in Chukotka (a sight still) - BLM utilization project?