Smartphones refuse SIM cards

Watching the rapid development of mobile of technologies, I ask myself: “Do you really need SIM cards?” Probably, today it is possible to produce smartphones and other gadgets where they are already built-in, so that when buying a phone you do not have to additionally buy and insert a SIM card.

Actually, this bold idea is far from new. Moreover, built-in electronic SIM cards have long existed and are used in some electronic devices, for example, in the “smart” watches of Watch Series 3. True, smartphones or tablets that have implemented this technology do not yet exist.

Will Apple Be The First?

Apple has planned to use the function of using two SIM cards in the next IPhone 2018 model. The information has not yet been confirmed, but some experts say that instead of the second SIM card slot, the Apple Corporation will install the so-called eSIM, or electronic SIM card.

The meaning of this technology is that instead of the traditional plug-in SIM card, the phone will be equipped with a microchip. Connecting the smartphone to the mobile network will be carried out by activating this chip. To do this, enter the encrypted code provided by the operator. One eSIM can be activated simultaneously on several mobile operators.

Smartphones refuse SIM cards

Advantages of Electronic SIM Cards

Using eSIM has a number of significant and undeniable advantages over traditional cards.

1. Compactness

The microchip takes up less space inside the phone. This makes it possible to place additional elements.

2. Security

It makes no sense to steal a phone with a microchip instead of a card. When turned on, it will give out the location of the kidnapper. “Reflash” it will also fail. To deactivate the card, you need to enter a special password.

3. Dust and water resistant

If an option is developed where there is no card slot, then dust or water will not be able to get through the phone through it.

4. State control

If the phone will be sold along with the built-in chip, you cannot use the “left” card in it. This will complicate the life of all kinds of scammers and other crime. Although they will probably come up with something.

5. Versatility

One eSIM is able to replace several ordinary SIM cards at once. And for this it is not necessary to visit the offices of mobile operators. All connections can be made without leaving the couch. Yes, and change the tariff and even the operator will be much easier.

ESIM Outlook

There is no doubt that this technology will conquer the mobile communications market. It is even possible that eSIM will supplant conventional SIM cards. The only question is how long it will take. Although there are no technical difficulties for such a transition, there are some organizational hurdles.

Mobile operators will not massively introduce this service until a sufficient number of smartphones equipped with eSIM appear on sale. And equipment manufacturers will not do this until operators begin to connect such services.

But the appearance of this option with Apple may well become the very pebble that will cause a collapse. The release of such technology as one of the flagships of mobile technology can be an example to follow in many others. And we do not have time to look around, as usual SIM cards will recede into the past.
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  1. trahterist Offline trahterist
    trahterist (Elmars) 18 July 2018 18: 48
    I see nothing good in this.
    Just chip-in mobile phones will be the direct road to total control, about which the defenders of telegrams howled ..
    And why do I need several SIM numbers, if the tariffs are already equal in Europe.
    1. Kuzmitsky Offline Kuzmitsky
      Kuzmitsky (Sergei) 19 July 2018 15: 03
      Maybe you have evened out in Europe, but we haven’t yet. Even domestic roaming still exists.