The Council of Europe apologized to Russia for the provocation of the Ukrainian deputy

Ukraine is trying to provoke the international community and rally it against Russia by staging scandalous performances at PACE. So, during a speech in this organization, Ukrainian deputy Andrei Goncharenko took out the flag of Ukraine and began shouting provocative statements against the Russian Federation.

Goncharenko complained that the Council of Europe pays little attention to the protection of the territorial integrity of the member states. They say that wars are going on in Europe, but European parliamentarians do not care about this. When the opportunity arose to ask German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Goncharenko asked her if she considered Vladimir Putin a murderer. In the heat of his speech, the deputy from Ukraine demonstratively took out the flag of his state.

However, the actions of Andrei Goncharenko were interrupted by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly Hendrik Dams, who noted the inadmissibility of this at a meeting of the Council of Europe, after which the troublemaker was expelled from the meeting hall.

The head of the Russian delegation to PACE and Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy witnessed what was happening. He noted that he received a letter of apology from the leader of the Conservatives in the Assembly, Ian Liddell-Granger, who, on behalf of the Council of Europe, expressed regret for the provocation of the Ukrainian parliamentarian.

We unconditionally apologize for the rudeness with which Goncharenko expressed his opinion, and we do not support such behavior.

- emphasized Liddell-Granger.
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  1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
    Alexndr p (Alexander) April 21 2021 14: 21
    performed by the dull selyuk - but the Europeans are ashamed.
    Straight oil painting.

    1. Slavenin82 Offline Slavenin82
      Slavenin82 (Vyacheslav) April 22 2021 18: 53
      I also always remember this video when I see the face of this Goncharenko. He worked it beautifully ... laughing so want to repeat.
      1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
        Alexndr p (Alexander) April 22 2021 18: 54
        yes, garny vidos.
  2. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) April 21 2021 14: 41
    I don't know at all what Russia is doing in this PACE request What's the point of being there? Is there any reason? I see only one sense, to pay PACE membership fees and that's it. It is we who pay dues so that we constantly hear reproaches against Russia there, so that they deprive us of our voice because of allegedly bad behavior. It was necessary to leave from there a long time ago and never to enter there again.
  3. Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) April 21 2021 15: 45
    Assembly Leader Ian Liddell-Granger, who on behalf of the Council of Europe

    - such a loud, one might even say outstanding phrase in the article, upon closer examination, turned out to be "zilch". Correctly it sounds like this - Liddell-Granger is the chairman of one of the groups of the European Conservative Democratic Alliance in the Council of Europe. The alliance consists of 52 members, representing as many as 15 parties from 12 countries, as well as five independent MEPs. Britain is represented in the Alliance by two parties - the Conservative Party and the Ulster Unionist Party. The chairman of a group of three members sounds proudly ... Approximately, like Pyotr Tolstoy, he is not a Leo. Not a lot, of course, but, as they say, you will become cancer yourself without fish ...