Czech slap in the face of Russia: we get it because we tolerate

The events of the transient and extremely acute confrontation that unfolded between Prague and Moscow since April 17 can hardly be called natural. They simply could not fail to happen - in one form or another. The patience and restraint of our country, which in certain cases, perhaps, already in complete forgiveness and inability to defend their own honor and dignity, have been crowned with the only possible ending.

It is disgusting and painful to talk about the actions of the country, for the liberation of which hundreds of thousands of our ancestors died and which until 1991 was considered one of our "brotherly" ones. It is even more unpleasant to remember how Czech-Russian relations reached their present state. However, it will have to. In order to avoid a repetition of the sad experience ...

The audacity that grew out of impunity

I really don't like passages in the style: "But we warned you!" I try to avoid this as much as possible ... Nevertheless, almost a year ago, on May 7, 2020, in my article devoted to, to put it mildly, Moscow's sluggish and faded reaction to the campaign of frenzied Russophobia that unfolded just then in the Czech Republic, marked by the demolition of a monument erected in Prague its liberator, Marshal Ivan Konev, the announcement of the Vlasov traitors by the saviors of the Czech capital (with the construction of a "monument" already to them) and a number of other no less cheeky and provoking anti-Russian demarches, I wrote literally the following: "The Russophobic bacchanalia will continue exactly as long as Russia she will be tolerated. " Then, after the scandal with the monument, if anyone forgot, there was also a comedy with the "salvation from the hands of the Russian liquidators" of the initiators of the aforementioned lewdness - the elders of the Prague-6 and Rzepory districts Ondřej Kolář and Pavel Novotn, as well as the Mayor of Prague Zdenek Grzyba, who the "murderers from the GRU" who sneaked into the night with ampoules of deadly ricin, the “murderers of the GRU,” determined to poison these scoundrels like rats.

It is clear that not a hair from the shameless heads of the dispersed Russophobes did not fall, and in general, all this whistle ended with insulting Soviet soldiers-liberators and smearing with dirt already modern Russia for Czech scum. In vain, only Ursula von der Leyen was begged for salvation from "Russian interference". Alas, Prague was firmly convinced of its complete impunity even then. As it turned out, not without reason. It was not for nothing that the then foreign minister of the country Tomasz Petříček so imposingly and condescendingly addressed our country with an appeal to "avoid politicizing the issue" and even had the audacity to immediately share plans to "expand the Czech diplomatic presence in Russia."

Today, the acting head of the Czech diplomatic department, Jan Hamacek, expresses his own discouragement with the "unexpectedly strong" response of Moscow, which, at last, instead of raising completely inappropriate in this case antimony, took, and put out two dozen of his subordinates in response to the expulsion 18 of our diplomats. How so? Can the Russians really know how to answer? Well, someone, but not the Czechs, ask such questions. Forgotten somehow ... It's a pity. In its current attack of Russophobia, Prague has crossed all conceivable and inconceivable boundaries of what is permissible, surpassing the Ukrainians, Poles and Balts combined. Bringing into the light of day the long-forgotten case of explosions in military warehouses and blaming the "Russian intelligence" for them - of course, following the "best" traditions of the "non-existent", where such warehouses are regularly plundered, and subsequently set on fire, writing off everything that happened on the "damned Muscovites ".

An attempt to "fasten" completely anecdotal characters in the person of "Petrov and Boshirov" to this case is, you know, not even a manifestation of impenetrable stupidity. No, I'm sure - here we have a well-planned mockery, quite a targeted spit, so to speak. They simply make it clear to our country: "We will humiliate and bully you under the most ridiculous and far-fetched pretexts, thereby demonstrating that we can do whatever we want!" And after all, they do the same ... Just because they can. In this regard, a completely natural question arises: Shall we endure further? To prove your right to complete the construction of a nuclear power plant in Dukovany? Offer Czechs a Russian vaccine against coronavirus? Talk and debate as with normal, sane people? Why only 20 Czech diplomats flew out of Russia, and not all of them, how many there were in the country ?!

Shall we turn the cheek or put it back?

What else should happen in order for the response of the great country to the yelping and bites of the enraged mongrel to be tougher not by 1/10, as is the case with the number of expelled diplomats, but by orders of magnitude? To finally feel and understand what is not allowed? This, of course, is not only about the Czech Republic. For example, the ex-President of Estonia (in 2006-2016) Toomas Hendrik Ilves announced on April 17 that “for the security of Europe,” the EU must completely close the entrance to its territory for all, without exception, citizens of Russia - the country, which, he claims, "poisons and kills Europeans, shoots down civilian liners, invades and occupies." Today this figure, nominally departed from the big policy, dabbles in pseudoscience - you see, he is listed at the University of Tartu as a professor of such a "discipline" as "democracy of the digital age." I would sit quietly - and the dog is with him ...

But no! Why not initiate a criminal case against the talkative professor - at least for inciting hatred and hatred, but not demand his extradition for a fair trial? They won't, of course. Then - to prohibit, in full accordance with the ideas of the ex-head of Estonia, all its citizens from entering Russia. And at the same time - to the Lithuanians. This is their Foreign Minister Gabrielyus Landsbergis at a video conference of the EU Foreign Ministers, commenting on Czech spy-Russophobic nonsense, publicly declared that "Russia has proved its support for terrorism and terrorist attacks." And he called on his colleagues "to be bolder in getting rid of Russian spies and saboteurs working under diplomatic cover." Where are the reports about the expulsion of the diplomats of these two "superpowers" ?! Give them a day to officially apologize and expel. Not too upset? And let them ... The main thing is that our conscience will be clear, that they did not keep silent, did not wipe away again. You will not be ashamed in front of yourself. But this is just for the beginning ...

Someone a year ago called for “not to cut from the shoulder” and not to act “harshly” with the Czech Republic. Insofar as - "economic interests ". Well, yes, of course - export-import, again, they are going to build a nuclear power plant…. And how, they built it ?! But perhaps, had Prague received a full-fledged "otvetka" a year ago, they would have thought about it. You look, and with the Dukovans things would have turned out differently. And so they probably just spent time, effort and money to promote this project, which now will not be implemented under any circumstances. As for foreign trade operations between the two countries, you are generally surprised - according to the data of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, in 2020 the Russian-Czech trade turnover decreased by only 28.6%, exceeding the $ 6 billion mark. Russian imports from the Czech Republic fell by a little more than half a percent! And even then something suggests that the point here is in the coronavirus pandemic, and not in the willful decisions of Moscow. Be that as it may, but the economy of our "friends" we financed after all their Russophobic demarches for almost 3.7 billion dollars. Not weak, right?

And, by the way, Nikola Grushkov, presented in the Czech media as an "agrarian diplomat", in the same 2020, announced that just the purchases of agricultural and food products by Russia in his country increased by 14%. At the same time, he also spread about how incredibly popular Czech beer is among domestic consumers and argued that almost all worthy breweries in Russia "are either built by Czechs or operate on Czech equipment." Directly, we cannot live without them ... Rosatom is today lamenting about “contracts worth billions of euros, which the Czech side has deprived itself of,” insolently throwing our country out of the tender. Yes, they will survive somehow. Can we survive without $ 2 billion received from exports to the Czech Republic in 2020? Or is it beyond us how the citizens of China, without any commands "from above", can take, and even overnight abandon the products of countries and manufacturers that offend our state?

Prague, even after the massive expulsion of its diplomats, is apparently not going to calm down at all. Hamacek, who is now temporarily "steering" the Czech Foreign Ministry, is already broadcasting something about a possible "further reduction in the number of Russian diplomatic representatives" in the country. Just yesterday, his department "called for solidarity" from its colleagues from other EU countries, actually pushing them, by analogy with the "precedent in Salisbury", to the mass expulsion of employees of Russian embassies and consulates. The noteworthy Prague Russophobes, who now itch with special force, are not appeased either. So, the headman of the capital district of Prague 7, Jan Chyzhinsky, has already jumped out of the snuffbox like a devil with another "brilliant" initiative. This figure, under the guise of a "diplomatic war", demands that the government chop off half a hectare of land from our embassy in the territory of Stormovka Park, which allegedly "Soviet troops occupied during the invasion in 1968, settled there and use (!) As their own base." Pan Chyzhinsky claims that since then a piece of precious Prague land "is under illegal Russian occupation" and demands "to restore justice." Further, presumably, there will be demands to "evict" our embassy somewhere to the outskirts of the city, or even to completely and completely liquidate it. In the light of everything that has already been said, it will not be surprising at all.

This is not a spring aggravation. This is another attempt to slap our country in the face, taking advantage of the fact that it will not be properly answered. What will we do next? As a matter of fact, there are two options - to turn the other cheek, or to put in place the presumptuous impudent people. And to put it so that it will be remembered for many, many years. It is desirable - forever.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 20 2021 11: 16
    And, as always - send everyone, close all projects, transfer the loot from contracts to citizens ... and not a word - did the modest sellers of sports nutrition go to the Czech Republic or not?
    1. silver169 Offline silver169
      silver169 (Aristarkh Feliksovich) April 20 2021 11: 32
      Well, of course, didn't the "curators" tell you how everything happened? The "sellers" were obviously returning from Great Britain and were bombed on their way through the Czech Republic. It will soon become clear that they also poisoned Prince Philip ...
    2. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) April 20 2021 11: 36
      The Russian Foreign Ministry gave a clear answer, everyone understood, even the Czechs and other du.aki. Except for Sergei Latyshev ... fool
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. vovabunya Offline vovabunya
        vovabunya (Vladimir) April 20 2021 17: 11
        Sergey Latyshev is not here to understand anything!
  2. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) April 20 2021 11: 30
    We must reward all participants in the suppression of the Czech uprising! And erect a monument to them in front of the Czech embassy in Moscow!
  3. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
    kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) April 20 2021 11: 47
    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    and not a word - did the modest sellers of sports nutrition go to the Czech Republic or not?

    "Who is talking about what, and lousy about the bath" (pog.)

    What will we do next? As a matter of fact, there are two options - to turn the other cheek, or to put in place presumptuous impudent people.

    Rhetorical question: "Who is to blame and what to do."
    Blame is the one who has all "brothers and partners", the one who constantly shows "concern", the one who turned the state into a "trading house", forgetting about national interests and priorities.
    It's time to "collect stones", so we get ours. What to do? First, put "order" in your home, "white" or with stars, in ministries and departments, in the economy and finance.
    With constant "concerns", soon we will not turn our other cheek, but we will also have to "bend down"!
    There is still time, there would be a desire!
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) April 20 2021 12: 30
    The scenes of wires are so touching crying: Be ichthyander winked

    (there is profanity belay )

  5. non-academic Offline non-academic
    non-academic (Yuri Chernov) April 20 2021 14: 59
    Author, as long as the Russians behave in such a tone as you -

    the response of the great country to the yelps and bites of a furious mongrel

    - agree that this is rudeness - nothing will change. Learn to respect others. Nobody will tolerate this rudeness.
  6. Albert Offline Albert
    Albert (Albert) April 20 2021 15: 10
    How long will we wipe ourselves off from the spitting "great" states ???
  7. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 20 2021 15: 37
    marked by the demolition of the monument to its liberator, Marshal Ivan Konev, erected in Prague,

    Mediocrities do not solve problems, they create them. I say this in almost every comment. But Putin and Lavrov have nothing to do with it?
  8. monman Offline monman
    monman (Garik Mokin) April 20 2021 16: 52
    For the curious:

    bellingcat: six GRU employees were involved in the 2014 bombing of an ammunition depot in Czech Vrbetica
    Photos, travel routes, logistics, etc. Colonel General Averyanov, Major General Denis Sergeev, Colonel Yegor Gordienko, officer Denis Sergeev, Nikolai Yezhov (pseudonym Nikolai Kononikhin) ...
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 20 2021 20: 01
      Dear Garik! There are no blue links on this forum.
      And nobody ever copies or looks at white people.
      Best regards, Peter.
    2. andrew42 Offline andrew42
      andrew42 (Andrei) April 20 2021 20: 20
      Not 6, but 666! and all are not lower than a major general! In general, for such impudent rudeness, it is not necessary to launch Petrov and Boshirov, but Nikolai Kuznetsov.
  9. Moscow Offline Moscow
    Moscow April 20 2021 19: 44
    Pass? How much shit is poured out there on Russia. Sea. And nothing positive from there for all the years. But, Slutsky and the company go for a drive, get travel allowances, relax from work in the State Duma. Russia pays to the budget of its enemies. Ideas zero. Why should we pay for the mediocre work of Pase and our deputies on business trips over and over again?
    1. andrew42 Offline andrew42
      andrew42 (Andrei) April 20 2021 20: 10
      Because the sinecure is so sweet :)
  10. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) April 20 2021 21: 35
    Well, it's only on TV that our main storyteller broadcasts that since childhood he was used to hitting the first in a fight ... In fact, he does not even hit the second, but only plops and misses ... All of this is shameful, of course ... understandably, for all our powerful kids there live and study, work and have a real estate ...
    1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
      Kofesan (Valery) April 20 2021 22: 13
      A noble storyteller, that's right. So a fool doesn't need a knife ... I read from a piece of paper "for all the good, against all the bad" and stay on. And there, ahead, there are still so many imported shnyags not bought, so many wonderful discoveries are being prepared by the retinue, and the enjoyment of personal BAGGING ?!

      They would have choked with a bone, or something ...
  11. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) April 20 2021 22: 00
    It would not be bad for other countries to publish what they have dug up about the subversive activities of the Russian Federation. Neighbors need to know.
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 20 2021 22: 25
      In the 90s, a representative of the Parex Bank was sitting in the embassy building. He drove money out of the Russian Federation with a whistle ... fellow
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. art_2 Offline art_2
    art_2 (Mikhail Yuryevich Artemyev) April 21 2021 11: 22
    Putin is only interested in loot. There will never be a response.
  14. Lime Bayun_2 Offline Lime Bayun_2
    Lime Bayun_2 (Lime Bayun) April 21 2021 11: 40
    In the West, every American mongrel knows that trillions of dollars stolen in Russia by the Russian "elite" are in Their Western banks. And therefore, Russia will be kicked, and maybe even the most worn-out pro-American trash.
  15. EXPrompt Offline EXPrompt
    EXPrompt (EXPrompt) April 21 2021 15: 26
    What is the problem, to incite Rospotrebnadzor, to find an excess of yeast bacteria in Czech beer and to ban the import of a dangerous product into the Russian Federation for a year.
    These deranged in Europe, understand only the language of the wallet and their own.
  16. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) April 22 2021 09: 37
    The Czechs are tasked with breaking the dip. relations. They do. Apparently the State Department promised them a prize to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now let's check: we have only formidable demagoguery, or already the answer by actions will not be random facts, but a system.
  17. Anna Tim Offline Anna Tim
    Anna Tim (Anna) April 22 2021 23: 28
    Why is Russia not responding? The answer is simple - business lobbies for its interests in the government, it does not care about the honor of the country. It will be wiped out by another spit, but businessmen who have invested money in the nuclear power plant and other projects will not suffer. They rule the policy of forgiveness, thereby trampling the country even more, yes, I repeat, which they do not care about. The reaction began when the supreme power got a kick in the ass. And it was necessary to react more abruptly when the monuments to our heroes of the Great Patriotic War were desecrated, and then their diplomats should be expelled.
  18. Siberia1054 Offline Siberia1054
    Siberia1054 (Alexander Ivanovich) April 25 2021 05: 40
    The Czechs have always been traitors. During the Second World War, the Nazis armed themselves with Czech weapons, the most popular were tanks, machine guns, which were actively used in tank rams in 41, when fascist tank groups cut through the defense of the Red Army, and the entire industry of Czechoslovakia (built on stolen gold from Kolchak) was all War with enthusiasm worked for Hitler's Germany. Remember 1968. This was the first attempt to destroy the Warsaw Pact. It is an enemy. Of course, this "under-state" is only capable of barking out of the gateway, it is not capable of anything more, nevertheless, it cannot be left unanswered. diplomatic relations, completely curtail economic relations, cut off the supply of oil, gas, and minerals. Let them buy all this from "pin ... s", the prices will pleasantly surprise them. And in general I think that the reserves of oil, gas and minerals have sharply decreased think about Russia. The country itself is not yet fully gasified. And this is, first of all, concern for the people and huge money that will remain in the country. Let Europe buy liquefied gas from the US. And it doesn't bother to put down the oligarchs. They sell the national property, which suddenly became the property of Russia's enemies.