The Turkish fleet drove the Greek and French ships from "their territorial waters"

The eastern Mediterranean has long been a subject of territorialeconomic disputes between Greeks and Turks. Last week, south of Crete, there was an incident involving ships from Greece, France and Turkey, during which Ankara once again reminded Athens of "its territorial waters" and the inadmissibility of visiting them by foreign ships.

On Thursday, April 15, during a visit by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to the Turkish capital, Athens, a three-day NAVTEX regime was announced - notification of the activity of its ships, as well as the French research ship L'Atalante south of Crete and near Rhodes.

In response, Ankara, which considers this region its territorial waters, declared anti-NAVTEX and called on Athens to respect Turkey's rights to the continental shelf south of Crete. But despite warnings from the Turkish authorities, L'Atalante entered the area, accompanied by the Greek frigate Elli. The Turkish edition of the Hürriyet Daily News wrote about the incident on Monday 19 April.

Two ships of the Turkish fleet moved to the region where the ships of Greece and France were located, urging the Greeks and French to leave this part of the Mediterranean. French sailors, in turn, declared their right to stay in the region, since these waters have international status, which eliminates the need to obtain a special navigation permit. Nevertheless, the Greek frigate and the French ship were soon forced to retreat.
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  1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) April 19 2021 16: 22
    Non-state Greece
    1. dinos Offline dinos
      dinos (dinos) April 19 2021 22: 09
      Cynical statements in relation to other peoples and states, in this case to Greece and its people, show a complete lack of knowledge of world history and, ultimately, lack of knowledge of history and its people, in the history of which Greece and its people played an important role.
      1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
        Kofesan (Valery) April 20 2021 07: 01
        The current descendants of the once great Greeks are not worthy of memory. Are there examples of the opposite in the newest role of NATO litter?
  2. andrew42 Offline andrew42
    andrew42 (Andrei) April 19 2021 16: 27
    Gee, NATO allies ... Well, just brothers in arms!
  3. dinos Offline dinos
    dinos (dinos) April 19 2021 21: 45
    Turkish territorial waters south of about. Crete cannot be by definition, because their width cannot exceed 12 nautical miles. And the nearest distance from the eastern end of the island. Crete is more than 90 NM (175 km) to the Turkish coast and in addition there are the Greek islands of Kos, Karpathos and Rhodes between them. This is the first thing.
    And secondly, this Turkish desire to appropriate maritime territories, contrary to the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea (which Turkey did not sign and does not recognize, but this Convention was ratified by 160 states) and, moreover, puts forward absurd theories that the island is not may have an EEZ (exclusive economic zone). Apparently the Turks forgot to ask the opinion on this issue from Great Britain, Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand and further down the list from all the island states of the world.
    As for the incident, the Turks sent one frigate of their navy, which monitored this vessel from a long distance, saying that it was violating the Turkish continental shelf, having received a response about the legality of marine research, according to NAVTEX, whose maritime area of ​​responsibility is Greece. After which the Turks got away, and the French ship continued its work. Well, to raise the national level, the Turks launched this fake about the run of the French ship.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 22 2021 18: 58
    Inspired by the film "Ships storm the bastions". Ushak Pasha, together with the Turks, stormed the French garrison on the Greek island of Corfu ...
    Funny ...