Russian "Terminator 2" will change the tactics of urban battles

Modern local conflicts are increasingly being transferred to urban areas, where tanks are becoming "easy prey" for infantry armed with grenade launchers. Unlike NATO countries, where reinforced armored personnel carriers are used to support tanks, Russian engineers chose a different path.

According to our experts, even a very heavy infantry fighting vehicle has little chance of survival in urban combat. Therefore, domestic designers have created a fundamentally new car.

So, reinforced armor was installed on the time-tested and modified chassis of the T-72 tank. In turn, the turret was replaced with a remote-controlled uninhabited module. All of this was "hung" with a 30A2 42-mm cannon, a PKTM machine gun, two AG-17D automatic grenade launchers and four Kornet missile systems. The car was named "Frame-99", but later the nickname "Terminator" became attached to it.

During the first field tests in 2006, the correctness of the concept of the technical appearance was confirmed, but there were many comments. In particular, the vulnerability of weapons.

As a result, after revision, "Terminator-2" was born. The new vehicle received a second cannon, and the Kornets were replaced by Ataka-T complexes.

The second version of the "Terminator" went to Syria for testing, after which it received orders from Kazakhstan and Algeria, where it was considered that one such machine was capable of surpassing two motorized rifle platoons in terms of its firepower.

At the moment, the Russian army is determining the optimal scheme for the tactical use of the Terminators. For this purpose, an experimental company has already been created in the 90th Panzer Division.

At the same time, Israel decided to choose a similar approach, having created a similar machine on the chassis of its Merkava tank, which, despite the "skepticism" on the part of NATO, confirms the promise of the solution implemented by domestic designers.

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  1. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 22 2021 13: 54
    20 year old PR and peremoga.
    They wrote that the Army has so far refused large purchases. 20 years, 2-3 generations have been traveling, and only a small batch is being exploited.

    Algeria and Kazakhstan, and that's not bad. What tactics of city battles are going to be pumped up. Like in the video ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) April 22 2021 15: 27
    The author of this text made a significant inaccuracy. Israeli heavy armored personnel carrier "Namer" was developed and tested back in 2004-2006, since 2008. produced in series, more than 500 units have been produced to date. And most importantly, it is not in any way a combat vehicle for supporting tanks, it is an armored personnel carrier, three crew members and nine seats in the troop compartment, and the armament is completely different from that of the Russian "Terminator-2"