Czech Republic excluded Russia from nuclear power plant construction project

In the light of the latest foreign policy complications between Prague and Moscow, the first begins to "put a spoke in the wheel" and distance Russia from profitable economic projects. Thus, the Czech Republic excluded the Russian state corporation Rosatom from the list of candidates for participation in the tender for the construction of the Dukovany nuclear power plant.

I cannot imagine that after the recent events, Rosatom was invited to participate in the security verification process

- said the Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlicek in an interview with the journalists of the newspaper "Pravo".

On March 29, Rosatom was included by the Czech government at the suggestion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the construction of a Czech nuclear power plant. The American-Canadian firm Westinghouse, as well as the French company EDF and the South Korean company KHNP, also entered the ranks of the bidders. The construction of the Dukovany NPP power unit should begin no later than 2029.

The Czech authorities have refused Russian participation in the work on the nuclear facility in connection with the recent diplomatic scandal between the two countries and the expulsion from the Czech Republic of 18 Russian diplomats accused of working for the special services, as well as involvement in the explosion at an arms depot in Vrbetica seven years ago. One can only guess why Prague reminded Moscow of that event just now.
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  1. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) April 19 2021 15: 41
    This will be the case everywhere and always until Russia demonstrates its power and determination. Now everyone sees a weak, expressing "concern" committed to the so-called. international law, etc.
    Here, tell me, how long would the United States tolerate the murder of its citizens in a neighboring country? I'm talking about Donbass.
    It is even impossible to imagine. And no one would care about "international law" and norms. Power. It would not be a shame for the RF.
    They will receive a contract and other goodies.
    Now the whole West is mad with hatred of Russia. It's time to strike. Sharp, from the foot, stunning.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 19 2021 15: 53
    Czech Republic excluded Russia from nuclear power plant construction project

    Well, like this, that's all "cleared up" with "sudden" Czech "relapses of memory" and far-fetched, indiscriminate accusation of Russia in a murky story with explosions already in 2014!
    If not for those "warehouse explosions" lobbying Rosatom's competitors, clearly anti-Russian biased, "incorruptible" Czech authorities would have come up with some other excuse for refusing their "fair and open tender" ?! winked

    In the competitive struggle among the zapadoids, after all, "all means are good" ?!

    I remembered a case of such "unfair competition", told to me in my childhood by my father, an engineer and artilleryman (whose share of engineering and design talent was invested in the missile silos of the nuclear shield of the USSR, now the Russian Federation).
    This is the history of the competitive struggle of gunsmiths, even at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.
    There was then such, known for his non-trivial approaches, very penetrating, an English arms dealer by the name of Marx, who sold Vickers machine guns (in fact, these are the same Maxim machine guns, but with a "180 ° inverted" scheme of bolt locking levers, due to which it was possible to reduce the vertical dimensions of the receiver and somewhat reduce the body weight of the machine gun).
    One of the features of the "presentation of consumer reliability of the product" for potential buyers was the practice of submerging (all this with a large crowd of people and representatives of the press) machine guns (and with other advertised samples of "shooters" they liked to do this) to the seabed, as much as day.
    They lowered them from the pier in the port, and the next day, too, in front of a large audience, they took out from under the water, and without any cleaning and lubrication, they loaded the tape with cartridges on the move and fired ...
    Both "Vickers" and its competitors were confident in the quality of their products, so they easily went to such an advertising show, but when the machine guns were taken out the next day, the "Vickers" fired without delay, but the competitors' machine guns were stuck and refused to fire!
    The "fat contract", under such circumstances (although the price for the "Vickers" was initially set more expensive!) Went to the British, and their competitors, unexpectedly for themselves, "flew like plywood ..."
    And only much later (when it no longer mattered) it turned out that at night the "honest guy" Marx secretly lowered the divers to the bottom of the sea and they disabled and spoiled the weapons of competitors ...

    So it will be with these "explosions" - then (when "the NPP train leaves" to the side of the West), it turns out that it was another anti-Russian "high-like" of competitors and neither Russian diplomats nor "Petrov and Boshirov, who were on the wanted list" nothing to do with what their "unwilling" Czech authorities are now accusing! request
  3. jekasimf Offline jekasimf
    jekasimf (jekasimf) April 19 2021 22: 59
    The funny thing is that Rosatom's "competitors" are no longer able to build a nuclear power plant. the story of the Olkiluoto NPP.
    Perhaps China, but they are 2 generations behind. Rosatom builds power units in China ...