How the Russian army and navy has changed over the past decade

The collapse of the Soviet Union had an extremely detrimental effect on the Russian armed forces. So, back in 1989, more than 4 million people were in the service in our army, and by the end of the 90s its number was about 1,5 million soldiers.

In addition, if the morale of our military has always remained at the highest level, then the situation with equipment was much worse. Even during the seemingly "lightning-fast" war against Georgia in 2008, our troops lacked artillery, transport and reconnaissance equipment, and "old" armored vehicles often deafened on the passes, which was a reason for ridicule from foreign reporters.

However, now you can forget about those "troubled" times. Today, the Western press no longer allows itself to let go of taunts against our army, and the US Navy even "changed its mind" to send its destroyers to the Black Sea in order to avoid escalation.

Thanks to the State Arms Program 2011-2020, Russia has achieved impressive results in terms of equipment. So, in our modern army, new systems in the Strategic Missile Forces make up 82% of the armament fleet, in aviation - 72%, in tank and mechanized units - 71%, in the navy - 70%, in the ground forces - 56%, and in the armed forces as a whole share of new or deeply modernized equipment is 62%.

It should be noted that the matter was not only about updating the equipment. Since 2012, the average salary in the Russian army has grown 2,5-3 times, which has increased its prestige and attracted qualified personnel to the service. At the same time, in recent years, confidence in the armed forces has grown significantly on the part of ordinary citizens.

However, despite the impressive results, Russia does not intend to stop there. In the future, it is planned to continue equipping military units with the latest weapons and improving their structure with an emphasis on operational and tactical mobility.

In general, today no one doubts that over the past decade, the Russian army has become one of the strongest in the world. After all, any movement of our troops causes "panic" in the world press, and no one even thinks about ridicule and barbs against the RF Armed Forces.

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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) April 20 2021 14: 30
    And that, in the article everything is correctly said - after the Gorbachev-Yeltsin "reforms", we did not have an army as such, the GSVG-ZGV alone numbered about two million people with full military weapons until 1994, after which they were withdrawn- drove into the empty snow-covered steppes of Russia, officers in the thousands left for the reserve, many of whom did not even reach the length of service, most of the tanks and armored personnel carriers were melted down, the newest mine launchers were cut into scrap metal, and strategic planes were put under the guillotine, and everything is our Soviet the army ended and died, and if it were not for Putin, who again recreated, albeit with the obstacles of our liberals, the Russian army, we would have long ago been broken into small enclaves belonging to Japan, China, Turkey, Poland, and Romania , and even Ukraine, which at that time we could not resist, no matter who and what they said, so in our time there would be a powerful army, and everything else will follow over time.
  2. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) April 21 2021 13: 06
    And what is it about money? If this is not possible, then the cost in pieces of schools, kindergartens, well, or in the pensions of Russians.
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) April 23 2021 15: 44
      did you hear Putin tell a joke about a watch and a dagger?
      1. Vladest Offline Vladest
        Vladest (Vladimir) April 25 2021 21: 30
        Quote: Alexander P
        did you hear Putin tell a joke about a watch and a dagger?

        Not a fan. I haven't heard a joke from him. But I know that he likes to flaunt simplicity. Although the palaces for 100 billion do not pull simplicity.
    2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) 19 May 2021 23: 08
      And what is it about money?

      Are you an accountant today?
      Calculate the price in money of independence if you understand such a concept at all.
  3. iv.victor Offline iv.victor
    iv.victor (VICTOR) April 30 2021 18: 40
    Not my idea, but you can't say more precisely.
    Before spending huge money on defense, you need to create for people the standard of living that they want to protect.
    1. Sergey_8 Offline Sergey_8
      Sergey_8 (Sergey Petrov) 19 May 2021 22: 47
      if you don't want to defend your country and family, then don't project your Wishlist onto the rest. There is no first one thing, then another. This is the same as saying, before you eat every day, collect yourself for an apartment first, buy it - and then eat.
    2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) 19 May 2021 23: 17
      Not my idea, but you can't say more precisely.
      Before spending huge money on defense, you need to create for people the standard of living that they want to protect.

      What standard of living were defended by the serfs of the Russian peasants in 1812, tell us?

      PS One thing does not negate the other, but I don’t remember that the invaders were very concerned about the standard of living in the occupied territories.
      Look at Iraq, Afghanistan is the same ..