Russian space runs the risk of being left without a "Federation"

Due to bureaucratic leapfrog, Russia risks being left without the promising Federation spacecraft.

Since Soviet times, our cosmonautics has used the reliable Soyuz as a multi-seat manned spacecraft. These multi-purpose ships completed over 130 successful flights and were the main workhorse of the USSR and the Russian Federation. However, the "Unions" have been used for more than half a century, have a limited carrying capacity, their crew does not exceed 3 people.

As its replacement, Roscosmos Corporation in 2009 announced a competition for the development of a modern multi-purpose ship, which was called the Federation. The new spacecraft will be designed for a crew of 6 people, its carrying capacity will be half a ton. As part of the ISS "Federation" will be able to function for a year, autonomously - up to a month. The ship was to be launched into orbit by the Rus-M launch vehicle. The first launch was planned for 2015. And here the mess began.

It turned out that there was not enough money to finalize Rus-M, while a promising Angara was being developed in parallel. Space officials made the decision to launch on the Hangar. The dates were postponed to 2018. Then, due to a schedule lag, for 2021. In 2017, it was decided to abandon the Angara and switch to Soyuz-5 as a launch vehicle. Accordingly, I had to change the design documentation again. The first launch of the Federation on the Soyuz-5 in unmanned mode was expected in 2022, and in a manned mode in 2024.

But in 2018, Roscosmos was headed by Dmitry Rogozin, who demanded a return to Angara-5. Technical the documentation again needs to be changed, which is why the start of the use of the "Federation" is now shifted to 2025. If leapfrog does not continue again.
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