Will China cut down our entire Siberia?

The theme of deforestation of Siberian forests by China constantly excites the Russian public. "Patriots" shout about betrayal, about the surrender of national wealth to its eastern neighbor and so on. However, no one bothers to delve into the problems, find relevant information and understand how things really are with the export of Russian wood to China.

For starters, it’s important to determine the overall need for Chinese economics in raw round timber. Based on publicly available data, it needs about 170 million cubic meters of industrial wood per year. The Chinese cover a hundred cubic meters by cutting their own forest, and about 30 million more are imported from the USA, Canada and Norway.

The remaining 40 million cubic meters, most likely, are in Russia, although official data show only 22 million cubic meters. However, even if we assume that Russia somehow supplies the eastern neighbor with 40 million cubic meters of round timber annually, it will take us about 800 years to noticeably thin out our Siberian forest.

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  1. Primoos Offline Primoos
    Primoos 16 July 2018 19: 29
    I’ll tell you some commonplace truth. Forest is a self-extolling system. For the gifted, he grows himself! Thousands of hectares burn annually in Siberia! Deserts, however, are not observed. Chinariks do not have enough chainsaws, cut the taiga. Forest, unlike oil and gas, restores itself. And as for me, it’s better to trade timber than non-reducing hydrocarbons. They are still very good for our children, grandchildren and other descendants. What about the forest? Yes, he will grow again! He has been doing this for millions of years. I mean, growing.
    1. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 16 July 2018 19: 52
      He restores himself for a very long time. For industrial cutting, you need to do this, and not let it drift.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 July 2018 21: 23
    So you can justify everything. And why should the Chinese cut down our forest? The Japanese eat our fish, the Europeans use our gas? And what do we have from this? The government of parasites, everyone is worried that their people will live richer, they will begin to multiply. Everything is known in comparison. We have a government to fish for fishing, without a tax will not allow soon. The question is different: Why is it impossible for your people, all that the Chinese can do? I know the answer, but YOU?