Zelensky: Donbass and Crimea will face a worse prospect than Chernobyl

Kiev is tirelessly practicing in the "demonization" of the LDNR and Crimea, pointing out the alleged impossibility of normal existence in these territories. So, according to Volodymyr Zelensky, after a while Donbass and Crimea “temporarily occupied” by Russia will become practically unsuitable for a “civilized” life. He told about this in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro before his visits to Paris.

According to the Ukrainian president, Donetsk and Lugansk should feel themselves to be a part of “Greater Ukraine” and want to be part of it again. Otherwise, the prospects for these areas are unenviable. Even in Chernobyl, excursions are conducted and tourists travel, while the LDNR will become a lifeless territory where there is no prosperity. The eastern parts of Ukraine, like Abkhazia and Transnistria, will be deprived of conditions for the existence of a modern person - there will never be a developed technological order, skyscrapers and profitable companies.

A similar bleak prospect, Zelensky believes, awaits Crimea. The population there believed that with the arrival of Russia, life on the peninsula would flourish, and this region would turn into a tourist “pearl on the seashore”. But in reality, residents are faced with water shortages, inflation and a shortage of jobs. Thus, the head of the Ukrainian state is sure that without Ukraine, Crimea and Donbass have no prospects.

Without Ukraine, residents of Donbass and Crimea will not be happy

- the president is sure.

Apparently, wanting to free the "unfortunate" Crimeans from their threatening fate, Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced last month a strategy for the "de-occupation" of Crimea and plans to return the peninsula under the control of the Kiev authorities.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 16 2021 17: 44
    The hopes of the young men were nourished. (FROM)
    1. Pivander Offline Pivander
      Pivander (Alex) April 16 2021 19: 12
      Hopes for (g) omik fed (green, that is)
    2. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper April 16 2021 20: 55
      Quote: zzdimk
      The hopes of the young men were nourished. (FROM)

      winked As you can see, the "stuck-in" w / Bandera "not suckers" "feed" on some kind of "spurred (hopes)" they only know ?! wassat
      I immediately remembered a simple local "fairy tale":

      Duren Dumka bagatie!

      And his "papednik (to whom Ze was supposedly" sentenced ")" from the "galaxy of maidanopreziks" - Bloody Giblets with sadistic delight "broadcast" something similar ..:

      "Our children will go to schools and kindergartens, and they will sit in their basements"

      To me, the Crimea-summer of 2019, especially Simferopol, seemed more dynamic and optimistic, a lot under construction and more refined than in the summer of 2013. And the main roads there have become noticeably better, they have been qualitatively repaired!
      True, the noticeable, in comparison with the "Ukrainian times", the reduction (not only on the embankments) of "small and medium-sized businesses" (especially in Yalta and Sevastopol), the very meager "banking sector" and the disappearance of the former numerous ATMs on the streets and in stores.
      But most of all we were shocked, on a fine summer Sunday afternoon, the practically deserted port embankment square of Yalta, which is so deserted in the "high season", neither in Soviet nor in the "Ukrainian" time, has never been seen, always, a mass of people defiled there! winked
      It is clear that a very big obstacle to the mass influx of tourists is the Bandera-Turkoman blockade of Crimea, the destroyed railway communication and the deliberate total non-passage of Russian, Belarusian and other tourists and auto tourists to the peninsula by the shortest route through the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR! request
      1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 16 2021 21: 09
        If it's not a secret, why do you need ATMs?
        1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
          Just a cat (Bayun) April 16 2021 21: 17
          apparently their blood hryuvny with portraits of traitors to cash in rubles.
        2. beeper Offline beeper
          beeper April 16 2021 22: 23
          Quote: Petr Vladimirovich
          If it's not a secret, why do you need ATMs?

          hi Pyotr Vladimirovich, it was somehow customary and convenient for me to travel to Crimea with a bank card, and not with cash. winked
          You get used to good service quickly. yes
          But nothing, they quickly found, not far from the Yalta embankment, one of the two Russian banks that then worked in Crimea - we liked their service, as well as cute, sincere girls-operators with pretty faces and pleasant smiles, and competent Russian speech! good
          1. Cherry Offline Cherry
            Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) April 17 2021 05: 26
            Pyotr Vladimirovich, it was somehow customary and convenient for me to travel to Crimea with a bank card, and not with cash.

            Therefore, the question: "Why do you need ATMs?" If you are used to paying by card? Or are they banned in Crimea?
      2. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper April 16 2021 21: 18
        Well, and also, remembering (in the spring of 2014) "felting by the sea" on the South Coast, I was surprised to see even more "fundamental" fences and tightly locked gates even where in 2013 there were still free passages to the sea for all vacationers ... ..
        And "bashfully stole ... oops, the wrong letters pressed in .... grabbed by" grasping "envious chief officers with kindred servants", with the allegedly "caring and non-Deriban" Ukrainian authorities, "tidbits" of the territory, buildings, procedural and hydropathic establishments of the trade union I discovered the Crimean coastal sanatoriums already "legalized under Russia" and surrounded by separate high strong fences.
        Themselves "bashful Alkheny" now, no longer "ashamed" and without the former fearful "look" at the guardians of the law, smugly cruised back and forth along the seaside highway on "elite foreign cars" with "own inscriptions" on board!
        When I saw these new fences and locks, and then I recognized these "mazuriks" on the road by the well-worn "turnips", I clearly understood that these klepto "werewolves" had easily deceived, cheated, and the Russian authorities!
        The Russian "Themis" on the peninsula (I don't know how you are "on the mainland", although the "drunken boy" shot down to death at his entrance by an unpunished "elite professional girl" and other similar cases of criminal impunity do not inspire 100% optimism on this score, alas) powerless and blind to the "crimes of the Ukrainian period" ??!
        The hopes that "Russia will come", will sort out the "privatization schematosis", the Crimean klepto-infringement of the "Ukrainian period", and, finally, "the rule of law will induce" did not come true - what was stolen from the Ukrainian workers "under holy Ukraine" remained in possession of clever Crimean crooks, and did not return, to the now Russian working people, it turns out that the bureaucratic "hand washed away the hand", even "cleaner and better" (according to Professor Preobrazhensky - "the most final paper, such a document that forever "), than with" peppers "??! what
        But this is so, "lyrical digression" ...
        1. beeper Offline beeper
          beeper April 16 2021 22: 00
          All those monstrous "non-punishments" on the heads of the inhabitants of Donbass and Crimea, which Ze "cites in justification of" his "dumka", is all on the vile "conscience" and the vile "tricks of the" Maidan "w / Bandera regime"! negative
          Instead of solving at least some, even the most elementary, vital ones (such, for example, as timely payment of salaries to employees, without many months and even annual "debts" from the side, perfectly feeling the reigning "Maidan "state" lawlessness "and its a priori impunity, therefore, impudently" cutting bank interest "with slyly" delayed "payments, the employer !!!) the internal problems of their fellow citizens in the regions still controlled by Kiev" Ukraine ", this fraudulent" napoleon " - a brazenly parasitic temporary worker, like his bloody "peppers" Trupchinov and Giblets, spends, overpaid by our labor taxes, "Maydan-presidential" time and energy on all sorts of intrigues and pranks to the residents of Donbass and Crimea, which are no longer controlled by Kiev, who do not want to be fellow citizens at all "Russophobic farmstead marginals and" Ukrainian "shtetl" w / Banderaites "?! fool
          What does he think and does he think at all ??!
          And what can bipeds think, posing as supposedly "statesmen" and "patriots of Ukraine", but at the same time, to irreparable harm and to the misfortune of Ukraine and the multinational Ukrainian population !) zealously destroying all trade, economic, scientific, technical and all kinds of socio-political and educational-humanitarian, established for decades, relations with the three largest trading partners and investors of Ukraine - the closest neighbors - Russia and Belarus, and distant, but with "sooo long hands ", China ??!
          And against the background of all this madness, the "quarter clowns", strainingly "playing with their face and eyes" under the "complaining cat" from the animated series "Shrek", hypocritically "cry out" to the Donetsk and Crimean people, they say, "you are our heart of Ukraine, we are waiting for you to myself ... (eh, to a concentration camp "selection" or immediately to the Gestapo "zindan", and from there to "cutting into organs" in a lively way or for "experiments" in the American "biolaboratory", one of the well-known 16 territory 404 "?!)" ??! ...

          In order for something sensible to work out, in addition to a clear understanding of goals and motivation for achieving them, you need to think a lot and seriously with your head and work hard, and not "make people laugh", "pointing your finger at the sky" and pretending to be a third-rate "vango-bureau "!

          Nobody knows their Destiny (which was originally assigned to everyone, whatever one may say, be at least seven spans in the forehead, dodgy and nimble like a loach, but you will not get away from Destiny, alas, this has been tested and certified by billions of people who lived before us, like the fact that "there are no pockets in the coffin!"like from "jesterher pianist-lawyer "fortune-teller is not at all on his will! No.
          So, wait and see!

          Do not count your chickens before they are hatched!

          winked IMHO, I DO NOT impose on anyone
  2. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 16 2021 19: 16
    ... do not roll bags

    A place for life and very rich in Brussels provided (a beautiful, by the way, a town, who has not been, I recommend) and well done!
    My wife is pretty, and most importantly, everything is in the house ... fellow
    1. Pivander Offline Pivander
      Pivander (Alex) April 16 2021 20: 34
      There is nothing to do there in a couple of days. Black percent 70 ...
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) April 16 2021 21: 17
    there will never be a developed technological order, skyscrapers and profitable companies

    They do not build at home, are they saving money for Donbass and Crimea?
    I also have the edge of skyscrapers laughing
    Developed technological structure sad

    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper April 16 2021 23: 43
      I looked vidyuhu, at first I thought it was some theatrical parody of the Poroshenkins, when he was a "maidanoprezik", "grand opening" of some insignificant objects of housing and communal services, but it turned out that "in all seriousness" a respectable elderly man, without any embarrassment, he blocked the entrance and "solemnly opened the renovated ladies' room", went out with "stishats", with a "red ribbon" and even mockingly called out "to sprinkle champagne", suffered by the women's team, "epoch-making repair"!
      And along the corridor, a long queue of women suddenly appeared, patiently waiting for the "start of exploitation" ...
      Once again I am convinced that I did the right thing by choosing a live production, and not scientific and teaching activities in such a "organized institution", where a renovated toilet is a whole event and an occasion for a "solemn line" with "libations"! winked

      Neither the "lawyer" Ze himself, nor Mendelikha, the "learned secretary-philosopher" who supplies him with "speeches", I am sure, do not even imagine that this can mean "clever words" about "advanced technological structure"!
      Which of the SIX "technological orders" Ze and Me had in mind, calling it "developed", and which "skyscrapers" hypocritically "complained" about this one (as the "head commander" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, shooting Donetsk houses, one-story and multi-story, from artillery large caliber guns and multiple launch rocket systems !!!) "clown", what "profitable" ("profitable" for whom, perhaps for local residents ??! No. ) of the company "(which countries and by what means their" profit "?!) he promises to attract to Donbass and Crimea ?! what
      Vaughn Yanyk and Azirov muddied the deal with "shale producers" from "Burisma", Donbass was prepared for them, even laws were passed on the forced eviction of local residents and paid (everything had to be "like garlic" - no "inflated wishes" of the owner and "market prices for land and house ", and" honest compensation from the state "-" at state rates "and" taking into account depreciation ", everything is in the interests of the Biden family and their cronies, but he did not appreciate and" prosecuted "the overthrow of the hapless" uncontested European integrators " !) confiscation of property and land, if there is a "state necessity"! wassat

      So, the "lawyer" Ze is by no means the first who "in words" is "concerned about the prosperity of Donbass and Crimea" - because all the ukrovlast "took care of us anxiously", ripping off like sticky! negative
      If such a "kind and caring", then let him order not to shoot at the Donetsk "skyscrapers" and residents, give the Dnieper water and let all the tourists in Crimea !!!
  4. Alexander Betonkin April 16 2021 21: 28
    there will never be a developed technological order, skyscrapers and profitable companies.

    And then in Ukraine there are super factories and skyscrapers all around.
    1. Cherry Offline Cherry
      Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) April 17 2021 05: 36
      And the bridge over the Dnieper, the so-called. Podolsky, it has not been completed for thirty years. And this is ... something about skyscrapers in the LPNR

      Back in 1993, the construction of the Podolsky Bridge in Kiev began. His project was created back in the Soviet Union, but the money from independent Ukraine quickly ran out and the construction was frozen, before he could really start.

      We remembered the project already in 2003. Then it was planned that the bridge will be ready in 2007. But financial problems began again and construction was delayed. :

      And now it turns out that it will be completed this year! We are waiting for the festive fireworks.
      1. Alexander Betonkin April 17 2021 17: 40
        We need to open it in 2023, and at the same time celebrate the XNUMXth anniversary. One savings! lol

  5. zz810 Offline zz810
    zz810 (zz810) April 17 2021 00: 01
    and who can wash away the blood on his hands ?! recourse
  6. George Offline George
    George (Yuri) April 17 2021 06: 51
    Believing Ze is not respecting yourself.
  7. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) April 17 2021 07: 44
    It seems that Zelensky has a bo-bo head, however, at the same time he believes in the nonsense he is talking about.