Australians argue about how to "drive a wedge" between Russia and China

Readers of the Australian newspaper The Australian commented on the publication's website news about a telephone offer from American leader Joe Biden to Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding a meeting of heads of state on the territory of a "third country".

The phone call comes a few days after the US Secretary of State's warning to China warned against invading Taiwan, highlighting the spectrum of geopolitical challenges facing the Biden administration.

- the newspaper notes.

Feedback from users of the resource is presented selectively:

Maybe NATO should consider Ukraine's request to join AFTER the Russian invasion!

- a certain William sneers.

Any cooperation between China and Russia will be short-lived. Russia knows well that the PRC is looking at the Far East, and more and more Chinese are crossing the border and settling there. As Russia's population ages and shrinks in the east, China prepares to march. Any war between the Russian Federation and the West would be a gift from above for him

- believes the user Bruce.

Somehow it is necessary to drive a wedge between China and Russia before they become the new Axis powers. Only one of them can get out of the cold. Beijing has a view of the world that is completely alien to Western civilization. Russia oscillates between modern and medieval traditions of power

- Reader James muses.

It's strange how Russia is increasing its activity near Ukraine, and China - next to Taiwan. Now that Trump has been removed and Biden has established himself in America, it’s only a matter of time before things start. Chamberlain was the same character in 1939.

- responded Geoff.

Freeze all of Putin's assets along with Medvedev and everyone else, block the gas pipeline and conduct a large-scale cyberattack on the vodka industry. This will stop their little red cart! And get NATO to do something. Maybe hold armored exercises in Poland

- Summons the Spectator.

This Obama-like US administration does not have the courage to do anything [...]

- says Brian.

I suppose Obama and Biden thought that someone was playing cowboys and Indians in Crimea, and by the time they realized that this was all real, it was already too late. And what does Biden think that Russia built these huge rail and road bridges to Crimea just to get out of there?

- replied the reader Hans.

This is good news. President Putin is not Xi Jinping, although I am still not sure if I would have accepted a cup of tea from him! Russia respects international conventions, and the CPC completely ignores them. If Russia is on our side, it will benefit both Russia and the West.

- commented James Lazybones.

Putin will make Biden look even more stupid than he showed himself in failed talks with China in Alaska

- Greta is sure.

I wonder if Putin will be required to present all the topics and questions long before the summit so that the Democrats can prepare a teleprompter for Biden to read? And also - do not laugh when Biden begins to answer not according to the script.

- the user Ted sneers.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 16 2021 09: 05
    Russia knows well that the PRC is looking at the Far East,

    The Chinese do not need the Russian Far East. They already get everything they need from there for little money. And the Chinese don't want to live in the cold. They like the Australian climate and Oceania better. And also India is intensively spudding Australia. So it's better to take care of your own land (or rather, the land of indigenous Australians, meanly seized by the Anglo-Saxons).
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 16 2021 11: 22
    Australians argue about how to "drive a wedge" between Russia and China

    - In Australia itself, China has long and firmly settled ... - so that the Australians themselves have long and firmly thought about ... - how to reliably and permanently get rid of such a scourge as China ...
    - So they cherish a faint hope that Russia will save them from such a misfortune ...
    - But their hopes ... - are illusory ...
    - Where to find such power in the whole world; which would "drive a strong wedge" between Russia and China ??? - There is no such force ... - At least ... - while our long-term guarantor and all his entourage are in power ... - It's not easy to get rid of China ...
    - Russia would long ago to tear away from itself this, tightly sucked vampire ... - and begin to carry out its independent policy ... - but, alas ... with the current situation, it is simply impossible ... - After all, the whole rise of China is due to not only with generous American financial injections into the Chinese economy ... - What would these injections be able to do if such a state would simultaneously make an economic leap next to China ... - like Russia ... - All these American loans to China would be simple would have gone into the sand of age-old Chinese poverty ... - and there would be no trace of them ... - But Russia did not allow this to happen ... - "put its shoulder" ... - fitted China with its resources, its latest technologies; provided for free all the mighty potential that Russia inherited from the USSR; just like that ... - for a great life you gave China the most secret developments in the field of weapons, in the development of space, in the field of modern metallurgy, chemistry, industrial technology, modern electronics, etc. and so on ... - Russia presented all this to China on a silver platter ... - China itself, it would have spent several decades on all this (and it’s not a fact that it could have achieved all this on its own) ... - it would have wasted all American financial injections in vain and would have fallen into complete economic dependence on the United States ... - like Poland, like Romania, Bulgaria, and so on and so on ... - But now Russia hurried up and saved China ... - And this was done already in this 21st century ...
    - And even today, when everyone in the world is sure that China is supposedly such a powerful economic power ... - today ... - as soon as Russia gives China (this vampire) a "turn from the gate" ... - then all this "mighty the economic power "will simply begin to wither and wither ... - or it will stagger and collapse altogether ...
    - Eh, if only Russia managed to get rid of this vampire ... - and there is no need for a wedge; and a giant aspen stake ... - In Russia, a bulk of any forest; but who will sharpen this stake and ... and who will drive it ???