US intelligence miscalculated the number of Russian troops near Ukraine - significantly more

Russia continues to concentrate its combat units along the border with Ukraine. The United States is also pulling its forces into Eastern Europe, blaming Moscow for escalating tensions in the region. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, citing information from US intelligence, published data on the number of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine.

Reconnaissance information was obtained using the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned vehicle, which carries out regular missions over the territory of Donbass. Later, the Americans transferred the obtained data to the Ukrainian defense department, whose specialists drew up a map with the designations of Russian units.

According to the calculations of the US intelligence services, 87 thousand military personnel, 18 Iskander-M ORTK, 1100 tank units are concentrated in the Rostov, Voronezh and Smolensk regions of the Russian Federation. equipment (T-72B / B2 / B3, T-80BV / BVM, T-90A), 2600 armored vehicles (BTR-82A, BMP-3, Tiger), 1170 artillery mounts (Msta-B, Akatsiya, "Peony", mortars of a smaller caliber), 400 multiple launch rocket systems ("Grad", "Smerch", "Solntsepek").

But the Americans seem to have miscalculated their assessments of Russian forces. Thus, according to the information of the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu, two armies and three formations of paratroopers were deployed to the western borders of the country, ready to perform both training and combat missions. Thus, there are significantly more Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine than is believed in the United States, and their number exceeds 120 thousand soldiers and officers.

Shoigu stressed that Russia is taking defense measures in response to NATO's military activities in Eastern Europe, where 40 thousand US troops and 15 thousand weapons are currently concentrated.
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  1. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) April 14 2021 14: 47
    Well, it's okay - in a week to make a new state border along the Berdichev-Zhmerinka meridian (wah, what kind of customs will be there) and the rest of Ukraine is alive. Very quickly, Poland will become and everyone will be happy. No sanctions, the psheks themselves will say - for what, there were no aggression ...
    At the same time, we will embrace Old Man from below - you are our daragoy, give me a patse!
    And we will solve the headache with Moldova. Make up your mind, GDP! The country is waiting ... How many more moves do you need?
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) April 14 2021 15: 31
    So what, with such a force, we will again threaten our "thief" with a finger, make a few preoccupations, and continue to grovel in front of our "partners"? Press, press, and press again this Bandera-Galicia trash until it grows into a monster unattainable to us, and we do not care about NATO troops and the hysteria of the "collective West" along with their future sanctions. The Russian people never stooped in any dashing time to their dishonor, and betraying the work of our ancestors is the last thing, and the Swedes, the Turks, the Poles, the French, the Japanese and the Germans have experienced this, and we never let our Russian banner, even when during the Battle of Tsushima we ourselves sunk our ships, and now we do it at once, and we spit on our honor and pride in our country .... Well, "Guarantor", we surrender to the "partners- winners, and lower the last Russian flag?
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 14 2021 16: 05
      And the Swedes, the Turks, the Poles, the French, the Japanese and the Germans have experienced this on themselves,

      They experienced this after being the first to attack Russia.
      1. Valentine Offline Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) April 15 2021 06: 54
        And Russia does not attack anyone, but only takes its own, which was obtained by the blood of our ancestors, but our Judas-presidents squandered and donated both lands and seas, one of whom is a "superintendent-perestroika", and the other is a hereditary alcoholic; and now, if our supreme authorities would have been bolder, and had not been driving it in front of the West, then the situation in the world would have been different, and no one would have even looked askance in our direction.
    2. Alexander Gornovoy (Alexander Gornovoy) April 16 2021 15: 16
      It all depends on the Swiss bankers.
  3. Vanya Pupkin Offline Vanya Pupkin
    Vanya Pupkin (vanya pupkin) April 15 2021 20: 28
    it was necessary to crush their pans in the bud! in 2014
  4. Yuri Shishlov Offline Yuri Shishlov
    Yuri Shishlov (Yuri Shishlov) April 16 2021 14: 59
    You need to crush the reptile until it opens its mouth with poisonous teeth! Press mercilessly and irrevocably !!!
  5. alex-sherbakov48 April 20 2021 16: 38
    Once I read the predictions of a sage who said that an eagle would intervene in a fight, and then, with singed wings, would fly off to a tree and there would look and pluck its feathers. America should not get involved in a fight, because with such a strong enemy as Russia, she never had to fight. Her destiny is African countries with a Bedouin population. Afghans slapped them on the ears, now they do not know how to get out of there.