How Russia will provide a no-fly zone over Donbass

In modern warfare, in order to achieve a confident victory, it is necessary to gain air supremacy, which is achieved through the Air Force and Air Defense Forces. One of the forms of ensuring such dominance over the enemy is the creation of the so-called no fly zone, or "no fly zone", as has already been done by the interventionists in Iraq and Libya. But is it possible to organize a no-fly zone over Donbass from the Russian side?

The question is not entirely idle. Unlike Kiev, the DPR and LPR do not have their own combat aircraft. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with heavy supersonic fighters Su-27 and multipurpose MiG-29, front-line bombers Su-24 and armored attack aircraft Su-25. What is no less unpleasant, now the Ukrainian army has at its disposal Turkish-made Bayraktar UAVs, carrying four anti-tank missiles on a suspension. The experience of the Karabakh war, where combat aircraft were not used at all, showed that complete superiority even in unmanned aircraft alone was sufficient to completely defeat the enemy, which ensured Azerbaijan's victory over Armenia.

As we know, Kiev has already purchased several dozen Bayraktars, which in itself can become a big problem for the Donbass militia, not to mention the numerical superiority of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. If the Fortune forces also join the battle, Ukraine's superiority over the two unrecognized republics in the air will be total. In order to somehow equate Kiev with Donetsk and Lugansk, Russia, "apparently" will have to unilaterally introduce a no-fly zone over Donbass. How can the RF Ministry of Defense achieve this?

At firstRussia will have to keep the entire airspace over Ukraine under close scrutiny. Domestic early warning radars "Voronezh" operate at a distance of 4000 to 6000 kilometers and leave no chance of escape not only for ballistic and cruise missiles, but also for potential enemy aircraft flying at high altitudes. The radar station closest to Donbass is located in the Krasnodar Territory in Armavir, "shining through" the sky over Ukraine. The next radar station of this family is being built already in Crimea, but it will be put into operation only in a few years. The over-the-horizon container radar with a range of 3000 kilometers can close the airspace below the Voronezh range. From Mordovia, she looks through all of Ukraine at a glance. But what about Ukraine, it "sees" even Great Britain.

These are all stationary radars, which are the most important component of our missile attack warning system. And at the disposal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation there are interspecific mobile radars 55Zh6M "Sky-M". They can detect even small objects and targets created using of technologies Stealth. The very thing against attack drones and stealth fighters. The stations are mobile, their range of action reaches 700 kilometers. They can be either adjusted to the Russian border and monitored by the Ukrainian sky, or, if necessary, redirected to the Donbass.

Secondly, The RF Ministry of Defense should be ready to "land" any uninvited aircraft, manned and unmanned. To combat the Turkish UAV "Bayraktar" in the DPR and LPR can be deployed mobile complexes of electronic warfare "Krasukha", which are capable of jamming the control signal of attack drones. Probably, this is the most humane way of countering the Midwife forces. The rest are no longer so merciful.

The Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems deployed in Crimea will be able to reliably block the airspace over Donbass and adjacent areas. The range of destruction by anti-aircraft missiles is 400 kilometers, so they will be able to cover the western border of the DPR and LPR. The eastern one will be blocked by the S-300 air defense missile systems located in our Rostov region. Together "Triumphs" and "Favorites" are able to close the skies over Donbass for any aircraft, both Ukrainian and NATO. However, for Turkish-made strike UAVs, their power will be clearly excessive. A combination of Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems and Buk air defense systems, which proved to be excellent against Bayraktars in Syria, will be quite enough. It would be expedient to transport them to the territory of the DPR and LPR.

Finally, an effective means of ensuring the "no fly zone" regime will be Russian aviation, which is capable of both shooting down enemy aircraft and forcing them to land when it comes to aircraft. The 27th Mixed Aviation Division, stationed in Crimea, will probably be involved. It has fighters at its disposal that will allow it to control the airspace within a radius of one and a half thousand kilometers from the territory of the peninsula. These are the Su-30SM, 4 ++ generation multirole fighters, designed specifically for air supremacy. This goal is achieved largely due to the extremely high maneuverability of the winged vehicle. If the R-37M long-range missile is suspended on a fighter, its actual combat radius will grow to almost 2000 kilometers. Neither the Midwife forces, much less the Bayraktars, have nothing to catch against the Su-30SM.

Thus, in the presence political the will of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is capable of unilaterally completely closing the skies over the Donbass and all adjacent Ukrainian regions.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 13 2021 15: 03
    It seems to me that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already prepared several options for a long time, and time will tell which of them (and whether) will be used. You can guess for a long time ... But why?
    1. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) April 13 2021 15: 33
      Because nobody canceled the Nuremberg Laws.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 13 2021 15: 29
    with the political will of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

    If there was this will, then Donbass would have been part of Russia for a long time. And there would be no problems today. Suppose the APU does not dare to attack and withdraw the troops. What's next? They will shoot and kill again for 7 years with impunity! Transnistria has been living like this for 30 years. If such a survival can be called life. Mediocrity for that and mediocrity that they do not solve problems, they create them!
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 13 2021 16: 08
      I took it off my tongue ...
      In my humble opinion, the guarantors of non-shooting in the PMR are not even 1700 of our peacekeepers, but warehouses in Kolbasnoye. Anything will detonate from an explosion, God forbid, and it will not be easy for everyone, but very good. In a large radius from the epicenter ... sad
    2. Anatoly A. Offline Anatoly A.
      Anatoly A. (Anatoly) April 14 2021 19: 43
      Well done, Steelmaker! You understand everything correctly!
  3. Solomon Offline Solomon
    Solomon (alexey salomon) April 14 2021 05: 24
    ... If you hang a long-range missile R-37M on a fighter ...

    Marzhetsky, why is there one ?! wink
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 14 2021 09: 25
    To close the sky in the described way is to sign directly that Russian troops are fighting in the LPNR.

    What will be NATO's gift - to catch the Kremlin and Putin in a lie that our troops are not there, purely local rebels are fighting and promised to repeat. Repeatedly.
    1. Anatoly A. Offline Anatoly A.
      Anatoly A. (Anatoly) April 14 2021 20: 00
      Sergey Latyshev, and there is no other way to "close the sky"! And if it comes to that, then no one will give a damn about who is fighting there. The sky will be closed and we will do it!
      This should have been done 7 years ago. Liberate the whole of Novorossia from the neo-fascist bastards, unite it with Transnistria and close Kiev's access to the Black Sea.
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 14 2021 22: 45
        Yeah, in the 14th they closed it, but now it "does not exist". Volunteers - Are the Air Defense Soldiers Disappeared?

        Moreover, earlier everyone talked a lot about how it was there, a small war, without signs of distinction of polite people.
        Why is it that the scarecrow media is again drawn to all-arms battles?
        And the polite S 400 and Su-30SM will no longer be able to handle.

        And so Cadmi, somewhere nearby in the articles, promises a threefold advantage of the LPNR in technology ...
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) April 17 2021 03: 30
    The sky over the LDNR has long been closed))
  7. prrpn Offline prrpn
    prrpn (prrparrprssraa Norgshorpsriv) April 17 2021 04: 43
    Air defense missiles can fly at 400 km, but they are very expensive and few in number, no one will use them from the Crimea across the Donbass, it is easier with 100 km missiles. ranges from elsewhere
  8. Voice of Luhansk (Igor) April 19 2021 03: 58
    We in Luhansk no longer expect anything good from Ukraine, supported by the United States and its European vassals. We ourselves will not be able to cope with this evil, and we will always remember the planes that shot Lugansk and Donetsk with impunity. All hope is for Russia and Vladimir Putin. You will not allow this Bandera-fascist government to kill the now Russians again? They never stopped doing it though. Close the sky, and on our land we will deal with them. We have a lot to lose!
  9. Wolter Offline Wolter
    Wolter (Wolter) 10 May 2021 10: 41
    Will not provide in any way. And Russian fighters will shoot down Ukrainian air defenses. All this is not so simple. And now it is not 2014. If it comes to a specific cut, then Russian air defense systems will be destroyed by Ukrainian high-precision missiles, for example, "Vilkha". Of course, the Ukrainian ones can be destroyed, but then the parties will have to constantly change their deployment, and this will not contribute to the effective air defense of either side. But they will make it possible to attack targets of the invaders in Donbas with aviation and drones. But we can calm some of the warlike ones here. Ukraine has no plans to attack the occupied remnants of Donbass. It is not politically or strategically beneficial for Ukraine. Suppose Ukraine is de-capturing Donbass, but then Crimea will remain behind the scenes, and sanctions can be reduced with pressure. Crimea is more important for Ukraine. Ukraine will wait, because it is profitable for Ukraine to wait.
  10. newvalgen Offline newvalgen
    newvalgen (Alexander ) 5 June 2021 22: 49
    Spakuha. We are completing the construction of Sp2, this year it will be launched, Russia is forced to resolve the issue of Donbass because it is our security. As the current Ukrainians give an excuse, Russia hangs up and nullifies all the APU. And then Poland and Hungary will enter in their own units without any resistance from the chubaty and we will meet with NATO on the Dnieper ... anyone ..