"We ourselves bought S-400 from the Russians": Turks do not believe in the success of Bayraktar in Donbass

After the purchase by Ukraine of the Turkish reconnaissance and attack drones Bayraktar TB2 ("Bayraktar TB2") and the next aggravation in the Donbas, many experts began to talk about the effectiveness of the use of these drones in the above-mentioned conflict.

For example, analysts of the Turkish Internet publication Haber7 believe that the Bayraktars purchased by the Ukrainians will become a “real nightmare” for the air defense system of the self-proclaimed republics and Russia, which is helping them. They claim that as a result recent missions, the positions of the Russian Pantsir-S1 air defense systems and other air defense systems in the DPR and LPR were revealed, therefore, they can be “easily destroyed”, as was done in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

One part of Turkish "patriotic" readers emotionally supported the conclusions of the local media. They accused Moscow of supporting the Kurds and expressed hope that "the Russians will disappear." Then they reproached the authorities of their country that they had acquired "unnecessary" S-400s when they themselves have drones.

Another part of the readers called on their compatriot opponents, as well as the media and their analysts to think more soberly and rationally.

We ourselves bought the S-400 from the Russians

- they reminded, explaining that these air defense systems are a means of defense, and "Bayraktars" are intended for reconnaissance and attack.

Commentators agree that Turkey and Russia are rivals in Syria and Libya, since Ankara and Moscow have their own interests in these countries. However, the Russians and the Turks work together perfectly when required and jointly resolve issues.

At the same time, Turkey has no interests in Donbass, but with its obscure actions Ankara may quarrel with Moscow, which is fraught with bad consequences. As for the microscopic number of Bayraktars, they are powerless against the colossal army of Russia, moreover, armed with the world's largest strategic potential.

Thus, it makes no sense for Turkey to break off normal relations with Russia. In addition, in the event of an attempt to return Crimea, Ukraine could be seriously damaged. Russians take Crimea and Donbass very close to their hearts, so there is no need for the Turks to expose themselves.
  • Photos used: Baykar Savunma / flickr.com
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 13 2021 16: 13
    that "the Russians will disappear."

    You see, out of impunity, what conversations the Turks are starting to have. And the Anglo-Saxons with ukrofashists openly so long ago, not only speak.

    The Swedish firm H&M, which issued a statement that "we support the demand to stop oppressing the Uyghurs in China," were given XNUMX hours to withdraw their speech and apologize. This did not happen. Then the H&M company simply disappeared from the virtual map of China. It is not in the search engines of the local analogue of the Internet, in social networks, you cannot order a taxi on the network to get to the store - there is no such address in the navigator. And even in a physical store, it is impossible to scan the QR code from the price tag. The phone simply reports in response to such an attempt that it does not see anything. If the Americans do not calm down and decide to continue further, then it will be just right to worry not only about H&M, Nike and Adidas, but also, for example, for iPhones and so on.


    And so the Chinese defend themselves. When you start comparing Putin with others and how others protect and take care of their people, then there are no censorship words about Putin!
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) April 14 2021 16: 29
    How tired of this chatter about the ineffectiveness of Bayraktars. The price of it? Carapace Price With 15 Million Greens.
    In total, Armor was burned in Syria and Libya approx. 20 pieces.

    The most important achievement of the Bayraktarov is that Russia was kicked out of Libya. And now Libya is for Turkey and therefore for NATO. How much Libya cost Russia is another matter.
    The Bayraktars helped to destroy the army (that is, the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation) of Armenia in Karabakh.
    Iron, okay, but where does the ambassador of the UAV strike go?
    How many "heroes of Russia" have not become them?
    Anyway, at least once VVP was at the funeral of his "heroes" personally, like Erdogan?
    1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
      steelmaker April 14 2021 20: 15
      According to open sources, about nine Pantsir complexes were destroyed, the losses of the other side - 54 drone UAVs. Note that these data can not always be considered proven. Confirmation videos often look like computer graphics. This applies, first of all, to the materials provided by the pro-Turkish resource Clash Report.


      Thus, if the sum of losses from confirmed cases of destruction of "Shells" is 84 million, then by simply multiplying the price of the number of UAVs shot down gives a much more impressive figure of 270 million dollars. As for the Russian air defense systems, even the losses made them public: the most modern Turkish "assassin drones" were destroyed by experimental "Shells" delivered to the UAE almost ten years ago.
      1. Vladest Offline Vladest
        Vladest (Vladimir) April 15 2021 11: 58
        Quote: steel maker
        84 million

        Does this mean 5-6 Shells? There is a real mistake in the number of them destroyed.
        But even so, there is no pilot in Bviraktar. And there are people in the Shell management. How to weigh a person's life?
        This is an old story for me. Bayraktars have shown their effectiveness. At the beginning of last year, Assad and the Russian Federation decided to finally cleanse Idlib of the opposition. BUT! Idlib is now not under Assad's control. And this was done by the Bayraktars.