Daily Mail readers appreciated the words from Russia about "the beginning of the end of Ukraine"

Readers of the British Daily Mail commented on the statement of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the President of Russia Dmitry Kozak that the outbreak of hostilities would be "the beginning of the end of Ukraine."

In a new article, the British tabloid also claims that "tensions in eastern Ukraine have risen sharply in recent weeks after Vladimir Putin sent tanks, helicopters and thousands of troops to [...] the border."

Comments are presented selectively. It is noteworthy that on this thread there are quite a few reviews from American visitors.

Russia must be erased from the map

- commented a user from the United States with the nickname WhyteRose.

Most Russians just want to live a normal, peaceful life, like the rest of us.

- British reader MrRigby replies to the previous remark.

Putin is taking back the old Soviet empire. Ukraine this year, the Baltic states next

- suggests roderik77.

Stock up on food, water, and iodine tablets. World War III is approaching

- jav075 panics.

If Putin invades Ukraine, NATO will be disbanded. NATO does not want to get involved in the conflict [...]

- Says the reader Kent one.

It's fun time for Biden. He's so weak and / or bribed. And yes, Taiwan is on its way

- says Sussex Ascendant.

They will not stop with Germany this time. British, we won't save you anymore!

- writes the American Twitcheros.

One of the main reasons for the Ukrainian revolution in 2014 was the overthrow of the pro-Russian government and the establishment of a pro-Western one. The West is obliged to defend Ukraine's sovereignty at any cost

- Says SociaIist Worker.

Russia and China are now taking aggressive action, probably because they sense the weakness of the West, especially within the current US presidential administration. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, but the feeling that he was capable of anything was presumably an effective deterrent. I think it makes sense to say that they see a weakness in Joe Biden. I pray that they are wrong

- says RandyAceNYC.

Joe has nothing to do with it. Russia has always been evil

- replies to a previous comment by lexingtonpatriotw23.

Russia began the transfer of troops and equipment only after the Ukrainian president announced his intention to return Donbass and Crimea by force. It would be worth revealing this side too

- calls Billyboy2673.

Just let Ukraine join NATO, and then see what happens. One way or another, don't be afraid

- said MrOmelette123.

Russia is still strong even after the sanctions. The reason is that China supports her the economy... So Ukraine will be roasted

- posted by Jock-Turd.
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  1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 9 2021 21: 42
    What a marvel! I remember that on the forum of the respectable "Le Monde" the most polite was: "La Russie est la chiure du monde".
  2. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) April 9 2021 22: 13
    You read their comments, well, what nonsense they are talking about. It would be better if they carried eggs, there would be much more benefit laughing
    1. AICO Offline AICO
      AICO (Vyacheslav) April 10 2021 09: 27
      They carry them - in each other's teeth !!!
  3. wolf46 Offline wolf46
    wolf46 April 10 2021 08: 11
    If you are crazy about the headlines in the Western media, you should look at your neighbors: on one of the Kazakh channels, what is happening in Donbass is called the "Russian-Ukrainian conflict", and the presenter, without batting an eye, in all seriousness asks our military journalist about this topic ..
  4. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) April 10 2021 15: 53
    How many readers of this newspaper have responded to this article?
    Is it like Borax in a Glass?
    In England, mobilization has already begun, or the shops are empty, the people have bought everything in anticipation of the war.
    If there is a war, then the worst of all, except for Ukraine, will be Russia. Dry DRY ...
    1. George W. Bush - medium (George Bush - average) April 11 2021 14: 36
      Ukraine this year, the Baltic states next lol
    2. Alex Orlov Offline Alex Orlov
      Alex Orlov (Alex) April 12 2021 09: 35
      Vladest, sushi himself. Russia could not stand it. But all sorts of hangers-on of her enemies were the first to come to their inglorious finish. This is me about you and others like you. You can complain to the moderator))
      1. Vladest Offline Vladest
        Vladest (Vladimir) April 14 2021 15: 32
        A friend smarter than you is probably sitting in the Kremlin. And he is not going to fight. This whole show-off party.
        So Biden is asking for a bow to Putin.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Friend of the People_2 (Kirill Vetrov) April 18 2021 16: 40
    It is not people who comment on events. These are the consequences of the propaganda of the states where these people live.