The Kremlin has designated friends and enemies of Russia

Dmitry Peskov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, believes that Russia has much more friends than enemies. He told about this in an interview with the newspaper. "Arguments and Facts"published on March 30, 2021.

According to a Kremlin spokesman, most of the ex-USSR space, with the exception of Ukraine, Georgia and the three Baltic countries, is friendly to Moscow. He drew attention to the relations that are developing with the CIS countries, the EAEU and within the framework of the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

As for the non-CIS countries, the countries of the Western Hemisphere of the planet (except Canada and the USA) and all of Africa have a great interest in the Russian Federation.

Probably, speaking of friends, I should have started with China. It is also India. And then you can list almost everyone in Asia and the Pacific. Maybe besides Australia

- he specified.

Relations with the European Union are not developing in the best way, but bilateral communication with the EU member states is developing progressively. Moldova is also considered a partner country. Although the current leadership is inclined towards European integration, there is a parliamentary majority in parliament, which wants to maintain good relations with Russia. However, even the Chisinau European integrators do not completely refuse to cooperate with Moscow.

Peskov noted that everything that happens in Minsk is an internal affair of the Republic of Belarus. But the Russians are worried about the Belarusian brothers, since “we are really practically one people”. He noted that Moscow also has "excellent trusting relations" with Baku and "historically good relations" with Yerevan.

As for what happened (the war in Karabakh in the fall of 2020 - ed.) ... Probably, Putin's personal role in stopping the war should be remembered by everyone

He explained.

Peskov summed up that Vladimir Putin, as the head of state, has established trusting relations with Xi Jinping from China, Narendra Modi from India, Alexander Lukashenko from Belarus and other leaders of their countries. The main thing is dialogue, and all that is superfluous leads only to all sorts of problems.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 30 March 2021 21: 27
    Personally, I do not have Jewish and Lithuanian roots to consider myself with the Belarusian "brothers" as one people and the name on ENKO does not end like the father of the chairman.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 30 March 2021 21: 49
      Just a cat... This is because you do not carry a sufficient load of knowledge of our history. It is quite possible that nationalists wounded you in information wars. Get well soon, the time is not easy for our country.
      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 30 March 2021 22: 08
        our country is successfully replacing the stuck in its development of the Belarusian mechanical engineering with domestic developments, and they prefer to change the Belarusian electrics to the Chinese because the quality is higher. some Belarusian starters and generators were worth what. the Lithuanian prince who converted to Orthodoxy and took Kazan with the half-Tatar Ivan the Terrible (a descendant of Khan Mamai), apparently also from the fraternal peoples? no need to blame your family ties and erotic preferences on my knowledge of history. I don’t mess with khokhlushkas, bulbs and other animals.
      2. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 30 March 2021 22: 15
        Putin himself said that the Sand "brings a blizzard." What, nafig, friends does Russia have? Yes, they are not. Only those whom she feeds pretend that they are like "friends", and they themselves are slowly switching to "Latin", they prohibit Russian schools and the Russian language is "such friends are at the Kremlin, huh. Luka is a friend? Even not funny. You also say that Maduro is a friend. Even a dumb friend, Assad, and he spoke in the key that Russia cannot dictate anything to him and its tenth thing is to drive the barmaley at its own expense and rebuild Syria, and We-Assads will carry out only the policy that we deem necessary, that is, as usual, Russia will pull the chestnuts out of the fire for the Assad family and go, where to go .. India is a friend? there friends are those who have no pity for money for "friendship", and not rubles, but dollars and euros, with which in Russia it has been very bad lately. Moreover, with a mentality alien to a European person and a habits for world domination, it turns out to spread throughout the world, such as a "convenient" system of "social rating ". We must admit the obvious, Russia, currently a vassal of the West. Like it or not, it's a fact. Apparently, in the face of the Kremlin towers, she decided to change her master to China. However, changing the owner is an expensive pleasure - you will have to break the established ties, lose bank investments, exit funds with losses, transfer to other currencies and funds with losses and on unfavorable initially conditions, etc. and so on. You will have to pay for this and I dare to assure you, an ordinary Russian citizen-Russian citizen will pay for this, and he already pays, and the increase in the retirement age and the planned further change in the pension system in terms of removing the state from the pension chain altogether, and increasing all kinds of taxes and inventing new extortions, both direct and implicit, and the planned digital concentration camp, which in the Kremlin will be licked from the same one in China, are all links in the same chain-reversal to a new master, China, cunning and greedy.
  2. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) 30 March 2021 22: 03
    Moldova is also considered a partner country. Although the current leadership is inclined towards European integration, there is a parliamentary majority in parliament, which wants to maintain good relations with Russia. However, even the Chisinau European integrators do not completely refuse to cooperate with Moscow.

    Half of the Moldovans want "to the East", the other half - "to the West" (it has been proven for centuries that it is impossible to "stand straight"). Politicians and deputies were divided in the same way, but even those who "love Russia" love not Russia itself most of all, but their position of "friends of Russia", which gives them the opportunity to be deputies, politicians, Bashkans, etc. for an infinitely long time.

    But in short, the "Moldovan vector" is formulated as follows: "We will dance for ours, yours, and for a penny."
  3. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 31 March 2021 00: 40
    Yes, Peskov is wishful thinking. And it's clear why. And with him everything has long been clear and it is high time to give up on him ...
    And yet the ones he listed are not friends. Project partners - possible. Or we have different ideas about friendship. For me, friendship is if, well, at least not to harm. But if, for example, the people of Bulgaria do not want to fight on the word in general, and with the Russians in particular, and its leadership is asleep and sees how to spoil Russia and its people ... And the people of Bulgaria choose such for themselves, despite their hostility to Russia. Is it friendship or what?
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 31 March 2021 08: 15
      Yes, Peskov is wishful thinking. And it's clear why.

      Peskov's position is such that he can't have his own opinion... The boss spoke to him, he went out to the public and voiced, removing the well-known expressions like "we have no time to swing."

      With Bulgaria, the example is not the best. The people of Bulgaria are busy with survival, and few people are interested in their opinion. The Bulgarian leadership is showing European solidarity, so it tries to be "more Catholic than the Pope." The people of Bulgaria are made up of different people. I remember there was one Bulgarian here with the Bulgarian coat of arms on his avatar, and he did not like the local audience too much.
      And finally, when I was in Bulgaria, I did not notice that Bulgarians treat Russians with greater friendliness than representatives of other peoples.
  4. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 31 March 2021 08: 59
    There are friends, there are enemies, but we trade with everyone exactly within the framework of the WTO, this is not correct. Enemies should be subject to increased customs duties. For enemies, our resources must be very expensive. They won't buy, and besides, they won't. The ruble pacifies ...
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 31 March 2021 09: 00
    Maybe first you need to put things in order in their former territories? So, they say that the United States wants to build a military base in Uzbekistan. And how long will the American military biological laboratories stay on the territory of the CSTO members?
  6. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 31 March 2021 21: 26
    Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
    he cannot have his own opinion at all.

    No one doubts this. And not only Peskov has nothing of his own, except for the dirt under their nails. An insignificant mediocrity, caught with his feet in fat. In general, the entire structure of the "vertical" was and is being built according to the principle of "loyalty for feeding". In part, therefore, degradation, including at the professional level.

    Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
    ... Bulgarians treat Russians with greater friendliness than representatives of other peoples.

    And there is no doubt about that. But nobody canceled the dry residue. Techniques (divide and conquer) and "technologies" force Bulgaria (regardless of the opinion of a particular Bulgarian) to take not a neutral position, but to allow forces clearly ready to morally destroy the Russians and not only to the Russian borders. This is the paradox that raises the question: "Is this friendship or what?".
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 31 March 2021 21: 46
      but pass to the Russian borders forces clearly ready to morally destroy the Russians and not only

      Even turning on the afterburner of my imagination, I can’t imagine this, if only because Bulgaria and Russia do not have a common land border ... but how these dark forces pass through the Black Sea to Russia, only you know :)) ...
      1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
        Kofesan (Valery) 31 March 2021 23: 46
        Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
        Even with the boost of my imagination, I ... cannot

        You can not? Well, it happens ...

        1. Xuli (o) Tebenado April 1 2021 06: 11
          A town in the West American steppe. Saloon. At the table are two cowboys, a local and a visitor, and drink whiskey. Suddenly, someone rushes along the street at great speed, scorching in all directions from revolvers. In the saloon no one leads the ear. Visiting local:
          - Billy?
          - Yes, Harry?
          “What was that, Billy?”
          - It was Elusive Joe, Harry.
          “Why is his name Elusive Joe, Billy?”
          “Because no one has caught him yet, Harry.”
          “Why hasn't anyone caught him yet, Billy?”
          - Because he's on. ... Nobody wants it, Harry.