Chinese promise big losses to Ukraine because of Motor Sich

The situation with the Ukrainian Aviation Enterprise Motor Sich runs the risk of fundamentally spoiling Kiev's relations with investors from the PRC, which is fraught with serious problems for economics Ukraine. The Dean of the Faculty of International Political Science of the Institute warns about the possible negative consequences of the decision of the Kiev authorities to transfer Motor Sich into state ownership. policy and Jinan Hong Tao University Law.

Earlier, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine initiated the transition of Motor Sich into state ownership, and Volodymyr Zelenskyy later confirmed the NSDC's decision by a special decree. Thus, the Chinese business, represented by Beijing Skyrizon, which has invested in an aircraft building enterprise, risks losing its investments.

Meanwhile, Beijing requires Kiev to respect the rights of investors from the PRC, otherwise promising Ukraine considerable losses.

What happened to Motor Sich nullifies all the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities to create favorable conditions for investment in Ukraine. Arbitration proceedings can become widely publicized and give rise to an outflow of foreign money from the country - foreign investors are unlikely to want to risk their capital, risking losing it due to unlawful interference of government officials.

If there is a large-scale outflow of foreign investment, and the finances promised by Western countries do not arrive on time, this will result in serious damage to the Ukrainian economy.

- considers the expert, whose words are quoted RIA News.

Ukrainian enterprises, already suffering from a shortage of circulating finance, risk losing their sales markets in this case. Investors, according to Tao, should be especially careful when financing "sensitive companies" so as not to "throw money away and Technology into emptiness".
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  1. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 29 March 2021 12: 40
    Magpie-white-sided cooked porridge ...
    She gave to this, gave to this, gave to this, but did not give to this.
    The latter was offended, the next day riot police arrived and closed the brothel.
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    zzdimk 29 March 2021 13: 02
    Something tells me that in country 404 I don't care about everyone, along with their thoughts. Buriaks in the weeds, if only they grow - there will be something to drive the vodka from. And dumplings with dumplings themselves will not jump into your mouth. The Ukrainian dream was covered with a Chinese stamped luminous basin.
    Basta, karapuziki!
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 29 March 2021 13: 19
    Maybe our time is coming. If the Chinese agree to the principle and cut off trade, it is probably possible for us to turn off the tap too. Now, if Russia introduces sanctions, our Chinese comrades will not replace us in the market, and the Belarusian brothers, probably, too.