Russia named effective ways to respond to sanctions to Washington

Washington continues to view sanctions restrictions as an effective instrument of its external policy... However, Russia has proposed effective measures to counter US sanctions. Senator Alexei Pushkov writes about two such methods in his telegram channel.

To effectively resist overseas sanctions, it is necessary to introduce counter personal restrictive measures. By the way, such steps have already been taken by Beijing. Just a few days ago, China imposed sanctions against several US and Canadian officials, including: the head of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom Gail Manchin, vice-chairman of the commission Tony Perkins, and Canadian MP Michael Chong from the Conservative Party. The PRC sanctions restrictions also fall under the International Human Rights Subcommittee of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development of the Canadian House of Commons.

If we talk about the economy, then such restrictions will work only if they affect large-scale projects and the interests of American business in different parts of the world, the senator believes.

Another measure proposed by Pushkov concerns countering the diplomatic initiatives of the White House, blocking them at various international platforms. Thus, the senator believes, the United States will be deprived of the monopoly on the formation of the international agenda.
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  1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) 29 March 2021 09: 44
    ... this kind of restrictions will only work if they affect large-scale projects and the interests of American business in different parts of the world

    It is only unclear in which specific countries and "different parts of the world" Russia will be able to "touch" American large-scale projects.
    And Tony Perkins and the company are unlikely to be upset if they cannot see Red Square and the Kremlin live.
  2. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 29 March 2021 10: 00
    By the way, such steps have already been taken by Beijing.

    Well, don't look at Beijing. Their government officials do not have dual citizenships. And they work exclusively for the benefit of the state. And our officials almost all have dual citizenship, a lot of real estate around the world, large accounts in foreign banks (this is something that is acquired by back-breaking labor), their children study and live there. And the question is why do they need any sanctions ??? If there are sanctions, they are purely indicative (there will be no harm to the West, they are not their own enemies). Look people, we seem to answer.

    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 29 March 2021 10: 17
      Do the red-bellies also have dual citizenship? but they yell loudest laughing
      1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
        Afinogen (Afinogen) 29 March 2021 10: 21
        Are they not people? Nothing human is alien to them. They also want to eat fat and sleep sweetly. laughing They tell us this

        No money but you hold on
        1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
          Just a cat (Bayun) 29 March 2021 10: 31
          this quote was said in Feodosia about the replacement of the Ukrainian sewage system. you need to think before you stick it everywhere. the sewer was changed ...
          1. Bakht Online Bakht
            Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 29 March 2021 11: 53
            "There is no money, but you are holding on" is a short expression derived from a phrase uttered in May 2016 by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a visit to Crimea in response to a complaint from a pensioner about a small amount of pension

            The phrase has become a catch phrase because it reflects the attitude of officials towards the people.
    2. rjpthju Offline rjpthju
      rjpthju (Lev Atyasov) 29 March 2021 10: 34
      Here it is - the fifth column. And do not look for it among the common people. In the initial screening, he also talked about the ban on owning real estate abroad. I made a reservation, probably in subsequent pearls, this part of the text was cut out.
  3. rjpthju Offline rjpthju
    rjpthju (Lev Atyasov) 29 March 2021 10: 29
    Effective ways ... In words. As a friend of mine, in his youth, he used to say: "Business is business, but if between business" la-la "then this is no longer business." Let them just try to introduce effective ways ... They also have a residence permit, permanent residence, real estate, accounts and children.
  4. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 29 March 2021 10: 36
    Let it go! And on the territory of Russia to judge ...
    Immunity for outsiders is what needs to be eliminated, but for some reason the senator does not voice this third option ...
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 29 March 2021 19: 14
      That's just funny. So I see crowds of American officials crying because they cannot enter Russia, since they are included in the sanctions lists. Uh-huh. Russia has absolutely no leverage in responding to US sanctions. Russia has too much, now, in the west and tied to the same west. Russia is the vassal of the West at the present time. All Russia can do is change the owner, become a vassal of China. But changing the owner is a very expensive pleasure, because the lion's share of Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves is kept in Western banks and funds and invested in Western securities. There will be heavy losses. But China is a different matter. A united nation can do a lot by its actions. For instance:

      It would seem, what does the world famous luxury clothing brand Burberry have to do with the showdown between Beijing and London or Washington? As it turned out, the most direct one. The company is part of the Better Cotton Initiative, a group that advocates for more advanced cotton production. Back in October last year, members of this community announced that they would give up Xinjiang cotton, because in this region "there are problems with the observance of human rights." Well, anyway, that's what a variety of human rights activists say ...
      In response, the whole of the Middle Kingdom turned away from Burberry - social networks are overflowing with calls not to buy the products of this company, and the famous Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu terminated her advertising contract with the company. She, like many other public figures, declare that they intend to "support their country in boycotting companies that spread lies about Xinjiang."
      “Under fire” was not only the manufacturer mentioned above, but also a number of leading world brands, which also very imprudently decided to support the Xinjiang theme. So, the Swedish company H&M, which last year refused to cooperate with textile factories from this region, is today excluded from all electronic trading platforms of the Middle Kingdom, including such a giant as Alibaba. The ostracism of the Chinese and such "giants" as Adidas, Nike, New Balance did not escape. Chinese celebrities are breaking contracts with him and calling on their compatriots to boycott those goods that they advertised yesterday.

      How tangible can be the losses from such a situation for well-known manufacturers? More than serious - that's for sure. For example, the same H & M has in China, which is the third largest market for it in the world, more than five hundred stores, which brought the brand in 2019 about one and a half billion dollars in revenue. A very similar situation is with Nike, whose products in the Middle Kingdom are sold only slightly less than in Europe. 7 thousand stores in the country is impressive, as well as last year's earnings in China, which amounted to $ 6,7 billion.

      Such blows do not pass without consequences - and, as far as we know, they have already come. The all-knowing Forbes claims that Nike shares, which have shown strong growth over the past year, immediately "sank" by 6% after the scandal in China. H&M quotes have dropped by 4% so far, but it will still be ... At the very least, current events should make corporations think that it is hardly worth getting into purely political scandals between world powers in an effort to earn a reputation as "advocates of human rights." Costs too much ...

      In this situation, it is worth noting that the Chinese experience of rebuffing other people's attempts to "educate" the country by unceremoniously interfering in its internal affairs, perhaps, should be adopted by Russia as well. At least due to the fact that such attempts are made against her on a regular basis. What we can and should learn for sure is the Chinese social cohesion around the goal of protecting the reputation, honor and dignity of our homeland. If necessary, then to the detriment of personal interests and income. In the modern world, it is not easy for a country that is not part of the conventional elite of the Western "civilized community" to make its representatives reckon with themselves. But, as we can see, it is quite real.
      In Russia, however, there is no longer a single, patriotic nation, as in China. In Russia, the Kremlin's policy of impoverishing most of the population has led to the nigelism of this part of the population - they don't give a damn about the state and they are busy with only one thing - survival.
      1. GRF Offline GRF
        GRF 30 March 2021 04: 23
        It’s not funny, but the harsh barter of visas for diplomats, politicians, and with bargaining for whom exactly, has a place to be between the Russian Federation and the United States at the moment ...

        The Russian government refused to grant a visa to prominent US Republican Congressman Christopher Smith. The politician is sure that this is how Russia responded to the "Magnitsky Act" adopted in the United States, Foreign Policy reports.
        “The reason that I did not receive a visa is the Magnitsky Act. This is the first time this is happening. I was shocked. Even in the worst days of the existence of the Soviet Union, I went there many times, ”the newspaper quotes the parliamentarian as saying.

        And crowds of Americans, who SHOULD, and not let them in, can really cry and complain bitterly ...
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 29 March 2021 23: 37
    Baby talk.