Western analyst predicts Bitcoin price rise to almost half a million dollars

Despite the fact that a few days ago there was a sharp drop in the bitcoin rate from more than $ 61 thousand to $ 51 thousand per "coin", the cryptocurrency managed to restore the upward trend. On March 28, 2021, more than $ 1 thousand were given for 56 Bitcoin.

At the same time, senior analyst at Bloomberg agency Mike McGlone predicts a further rise in the price of cryptocurrency "to almost half a million dollars."

The financial specialist has said more than once that cryptocurrencies have already become an integral part of any investment portfolio. To confirm this, he compared the current state of affairs in the market and the situation that reigned in 2013 and 2017, when the peaks of the bitcoin rate were observed. Then he concluded that 2021 was a turning point for the most popular cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin turns into a protective low-risk asset. It is on track to become a global digital reserve asset. Development leap in 2021 could turn Bitcoin into a risk-free asset

- says McGlone.

According to a Western expert, bitcoin may grow to $ 400 thousand per "coin" during this year. In fact, this will be more than a 7-fold increase in the rate of the main digital currency. However, even this may not be the limit for the rise in price in the future, because everything depends on many factors in the real world.
  • Photos used: Onov3056 / wikimedia.org
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  1. Dear sofa expert. 28 March 2021 22: 12
    Looking forward to!)
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 28 March 2021 23: 06
      Clutching, in a sweaty fist "undervalued" rubles ... wink
  2. Dear sofa expert. 28 March 2021 23: 08
    What is rich himself, a lover of fast food?)
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Jarilo Offline Jarilo
    Jarilo (Sergei) 29 March 2021 11: 31
    Mike McGlone is a Bloomberg analyst. And what does he do, acting as an analyst for everyone? right - manipulating the market.
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 29 March 2021 23: 34
    Bitcoin is valued in dollars, the dollar supply and government debt are increasing, and Bitcoin's long-term bullish trend remains unchanged.
    With the transition to digital currencies, the excitement around bitcoin, if it does not subside, will decrease anyway.
    China will switch to digital renminbi at the age of 24, after the Olympics. The Federal Reserve, the ECB, the Bank of Japan, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and others of any importance will also be ready by that time.
    Out of the total mass, three digital currencies will come to the fore - renminbi, euro, dollar, the issuers of which will be three world centers - China, EU, USA. All other national digital ones, at best, will compete for the status of regional ones.
    1. Dear sofa expert. 30 March 2021 13: 35
      With the transition to digital currencies, the excitement around bitcoin, if it does not subside, will decrease anyway.

      Is not a fact. On the contrary, it may increase.
      There will be no more cash.