Reagan's Reincarnation: For What Purpose Biden Was Put at the Head of the United States

Joe Biden Jr ... An ambiguous figure in the American political establishment, whose true history and motives are hidden under a veil of lies and propaganda.

What can a new henchman of the US elites bring to the world - liberal prosperity or a new round of the Second Cold War, which is playing out right now before our very eyes?

During the last article we briefly highlighted the possibilities and connections of the new president of America, having found out that he has tremendous experience and influence both in the countries of Eastern Europe and in the territory of the post-Soviet space. The only question is in what order the US will begin to "pull the strings" of its puppets, seeking to bring closer the final solution of the "Russian problem" - and we will try to put forward several theories about what will happen next.

Perhaps it should start with the fact that Joe Biden, with his blatant belligerence (and he is a member of the Democratic Party!), Was not just installed as the new national leader of the United States: such a choice is an undisguised hint for all geopolitical opponents of America. "Sleepy Joe", despite his advanced age, are prophesying the laurels of the "new Reagan" - and who knows what his team will do in order to meet expectations ...

The United States has already launched a large-scale diplomatic offensive against India and Turkey; if the latter, however, is simply punished for the impudent and independent policies Erdogan, Washington has big plans for New Delhi: control over the huge Indian arms market will dramatically increase the profitability of the American military industry, providing it with orders for many years to come, and will also significantly shake the position of Russia, for which India is one of the oldest and, perhaps , the largest area of ​​arms sales. This is a well-calculated move that will strike both our defense industry and our national the economy.

Moreover, India is a natural counterbalance to China: its enormous manpower, ambition and military power make it an attractive acquisition for the formation of a hypothetical "Pacific NATO". Considering New Delhi's blatant flirtation, one can only guess what the "Indian voyage" of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will turn out to be ...

The next and most obvious point of application of the United States' forces could be Ukraine - a great opportunity to organize constant military and political tension on the western borders of our country. Given the extensive connections and influence of Biden personally (at whose “polite request” Zelensky rejected all attempts to investigate corruption schemes that former US President D. Trump tried to carry out), there is no reason to doubt the independence of the Ukrainian ruling elite.

One interesting point is quite remarkable - despite the deplorable state of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, quite specific projects dedicated to the creation of high-precision weapons are being promoted. How this happens against the backdrop of the industry's inability to deliver quality mortars is a big question, but it is clear that the money and progress are being provided by external sponsors. The presence of the Ukrainian side of an arsenal of cruise and ballistic missiles, coupled with the aggressive rhetoric of Kiev, even without any hostilities, will force Russia to inject resources and funds into an even greater strengthening of border defenses, not to mention the permanent conflict situation around Donbass (it should be noted that Ukraine regularly and competently creates tension with rumors and loud statements about the beginning of the offensive - many take this wrong, but professional calculation is visible in such actions).

Separately, we can mention the growing reconnaissance and sabotage activities deployed by the SBU and the special operations forces of Ukraine - so far inept (lack of experience affects), but at least taking place; citizens of the former Soviet republic, who are close to us in mental and everyday relations, are extremely well suited for collecting data and destabilizing acts on the territory of Russia, as an example of which are the operations to kidnap Russian citizens in the border regions, and the constant struggle with the agents of the SBU, which is being introduced not only to the armed forces of the Federation, but also to our law enforcement agencies.

Most likely, in the near future we will not see any hostilities on the territory of Ukraine - such a scenario does not meet the interests of the Western military and political circles, because it is fraught with unpleasant consequences of both a clash with the Russian army and the loss of its satellite altogether; The obvious benefit from the presence of a point of strategic tension near the borders of our country, the possibility of constant air monitoring and electronic intelligence of the central and southern regions of Russia, conducting reconnaissance and sabotage activities and the presence of deployment points for URO destroyers clearly outweighs any inclinations towards a military escalation of the situation.

Then we smoothly move on to a somewhat unexpected (and at the same time expected) hypothetical partner of the United States - Armenia. As mentioned in the previous article, Biden was repeatedly seen in lobbying the interests of the Armenian diaspora, and has close relations with its representatives; Taking into account this fact and the fact that the current leader of Armenia is an undisguised "Westerner", we get a very hard-hitting picture - our country is dragged into the military conflict between the former Soviet republics on the side of Yerevan, which has been gravitating towards Europe and the United States for decades.

Armenia is in America's field of vision as a potentially powerful lever to advance its interests in one of the most troubled regions of the world. For years, NGOs controlled by Western countries have been operating in the country (the number of these “non-governmental organizations” is off the charts: according to the national statistical service of Armenia, there are more than two hundred, and the United States annually allocates up to $ 250 million for their activities), and the “embassy” complex houses a large an intelligence center that conducts radio monitoring of the states neighboring with Yerevan: Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, etc.

The military conflict in Karabakh that thundered last year did not cool hotheads at all: Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his supporters are actively proclaiming the continuation of the war and are demonstratively preparing for a new round of hostilities, simultaneously throwing completely offensive statements against Russia. All this is quite consistent with the favorite strategy of the Americans, who always strive to draw the enemy into long-term local conflicts, which draw out a lot of forces and resources from the rival, undermining the mood among the population.

Thus, today the United States already has several potentially dangerous points of application of force, which, with a minimal use of its own reserves, can seriously exhaust its rivals - in particular, our country.

America is losing strategic initiative, which makes it especially dangerous - and it remains to be hoped that Moscow is ready for the new challenges that the United States, desperate for revenge, is already creating.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 25 March 2021 07: 48
    Biden is now playing the role of the vice-chairman of the Pound from the "Golden Calf", and the United States is ruled by the Clintons Soros and Obama clans, so the whole world will have to rake it up again for everything that the sick Biden will do with their filing. that to put such inadequacy in power in America.
  2. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 25 March 2021 09: 14
    What kind of precision weapon are we talking about? Neptune is an outdated technology, much has been written that this is all done on the basis of the documentation transferred from Russia to the X35 cruise missile. Now mock-ups have been transferred to the troops, I have never heard such a thing before that mock-ups were transferred to combat units, well, except for inflatable ones.
    The author upsets the state of affairs in the military industry of Ukraine so much that one wants to cry.
    Ukraine needs not to rattle its weapons, but to look for a civilized way out of the mess that was brewed in 2014. But I understand that this will not happen.
    Well, the author's hope that foreign countries will help us, in the person of Biden, is simply touches like a child's tear.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 25 March 2021 09: 34
    As for the saboteurs from Ukraine, they will soon begin to be caught on dictations in the Russian language, tk. spoken Russian is one thing, but writing correctly is quite another. And in Ukraine, the Russian language is prohibited for training. And if the Russian Federation stops supplying energy resources to Nezalezhnaya, then it is unlikely that the Biden-postman will be so generous, and on the nose is a sowing, harvesting ...
    As for Armenia, first you need to at least cover up the Pentagon base on this territory in the form of a military biological laboratory, from where the infection can spread. This will be a step of loyalty to the CSTO ally - Russia.
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 25 March 2021 11: 09
    For what purpose was Biden placed at the head of the United States?

    A professional apparatchik who has shown himself well in the Obama administration and, most importantly, understands the interests of the big business behind him.

    "Sleepy Joe", despite his advanced age, prophesy laurels of "new Reagan"

    Lenin, with his New Economic Policy, outlined a strategic course towards building the foundations of socialism and warned of the danger of economic defeat.
    Reagan, Brzezinski and other “great and deserved” Sshasovskaya apparatchiks owe their laurels not to their strategic plans for the collapse of the USSR, but to the Marxist illiteracy of all high-ranking leaders of the CPSU who headed the USSR after the death of J.V. Stalin, the result of which was the gradual decay of the economy. As a result, at the last stage of existence in the USSR, all the signs of a revolutionary situation were formed, which ended with Yeltsyn's betrayal, a coup d'etat, the restoration of capitalism and the collapse of the state.

    Washington has big plans for New Delhi

    The strategic task of the United States for the future is association with the EU, consolidation and strengthening of NATO and will oppose the Russian Federation, and direct all its resources to confront the PRC, while India, together with Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries of the region, is assigned a role similar to NATO in Europe. Everything else is derivative.

    the most obvious point of application of the forces of the United States may be Ukraine

    The Eastern Partnership program was adopted a long time ago and very clearly reflects the strategy of the EU and NATO. Today it has been practically completed with a few exceptions, the main of which is Belarus today.
    Ukraine is not yet a member of NATO and the EU, but this formality does not change anything in essence. Sweden and Finland are also not formally members of NATO, but together with Norway and Denmark, members of NATO, the Scandinavian Union is included.

    Thus, today the United States already has several potentially dangerous points of application of force.

    It appears that it is not the United States that has several potentially dangerous points of application of force, but the RF.

    America loses strategic initiative

    US initiatives are rocking on all fronts - political, economic, technological, military, ideological, and even in space.
  5. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 25 March 2021 17: 28
    Let's be serious - there is no Biden. US Elite Puts Kamala Harris To Pick Up
    India is finally in its new bloc. It's simple and win-win. "Friendship and Protection - Forever"
    This is a blow to Russia and China for decades to come.
    Particularly dangerous for us is the "Ukraine project." Millions of Ukrainians at all
    industries and in all spheres of life - within Russia. The CIA and MI6 are extremely aggressive.
    They have money, but Ukrainian activists do not. "Project Ukraine" is an opportunity
    destabilization of Russian society - for decades to come. Any subversive activity.
    What did the Russian leadership think about when a pro-NATO, belligerent, embittered country was cultivated from Ukraine for decades? Are there analytical centers and intelligence in Russia?
    Who else, besides NATO, is engaged in post-Soviet countries? Question into the void!
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 25 March 2021 19: 37
      Quote: Viktor Radziminsky
      What did the Russian leadership think about when a pro-NATO was grown from Ukraine for decades?

      And what could the ambassador-accordionist Viktor Chernomyrdin and ambassador-feldfelscher Mikhail Zurabov think at that time, who were solving their personal affairs in Ukraine from 2001 to 2016, indulging and assenting to the already incipient Ukrainian nationalism. They did not care that the leader of the Ukrainian "Freedom" Tyagnibok promised that for every word spoken in Russian, the Nazis would chop off one finger, and the fingers would run out, they would chop off hands and feet, and they were not a little guilty of what was happening now in Ukraine with their tacit consent, starting with Yushchenko's "orange revolution" and ending with the incomplete "revolution of guiding".
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 25 March 2021 18: 15
    The Kremlin's long-term policy of not responding to insults and spitting in the face of Russia with invitations to do it every day has not brought results. It was not possible to beg forgiveness from the United States. They have one condition - only complete surrender. What will happen next is a difficult question .... so far we see only the song of the cat Leopold.
  7. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) 25 March 2021 23: 37
    US President Joseph Biden announced at his first public press conference that he intends to run again in 2024.

    Let's wish him the best of luck. yes
    1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
      kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 26 March 2021 00: 25
      Quote: isofat
      US President Joseph Biden announced at his first public press conference that he intends to run again in 2024.

      Let's wish him the best of luck. yes

      And a lot of health! laughing
  8. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) April 1 2021 17: 38
    - Grandfather stumbles, the moment will come - he will stumble and immediately into the coffin !!!