Lavrov said about the absence of relations between Russia and the European Union

According to the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, Brussels has brought to naught relations between the European Union and Russia - this was the point of view that Russian Foreign Minister expressed after talks with his counterpart from China, Wang Yi.

According to Lavrov, only a few countries remained in the EU, with which the Russian Federation maintains a partnership dialogue and productive ties, while the rest dismantled all the mechanisms that had previously worked.

There is no relationship with the European Union as an organization. The entire infrastructure of these relations was destroyed by unilateral decisions of Brussels

- Lavrov thinks.

The minister nevertheless noted that if the Europeans come to put an end to this "anomaly", Moscow is ready to build up cooperation with the EU on the basis of equality and the search for balances in approaches. But as long as “all is quiet on the western front,” Russia has a rich agenda with the East, which is becoming more productive every year.

Meanwhile, according to the representative of Brussels on foreign policy and the security policy of Josep Borrell, Russia is moving further and further from the EU and has embarked on a course of confrontation with a collective Europe. However, the issue of interaction between the European Union and the Russian Federation is very important for the Europeans, and at the EU summit on March 25-26, the discussion on this topic will become one of the key ones.

In February, after a visit to Moscow, Borrell proposed to take new sanctions against Russia in connection with the case of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
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  1. Dmpv Offline Dmpv
    Dmpv (Dmitry Pavlov) 23 March 2021 13: 20
    Europe needed a long time ago to be reminded that their old foundations are not interesting to the world. If they began to lag behind, they can turn to such strong and developed countries as Russia and China for help. In the European Union, it is necessary to understand that groveling in front of the Americans is enough, and on our continent, there is a leader, Russia, who needs to be listened to, not criticized.
  2. Alexander Betonkin 23 March 2021 17: 48
    Yeah, there is no relationship, but everything is being pulled there: oil, gas, timber, etc., they pushed the vaccine there.
  3. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 23 March 2021 20: 55
    ... there are only a few countries with which the Russian Federation maintains a partnership dialogue and productive ties ...

    - in astronomy there is such a concept as the gravitational collapse of stars (in simple terms - collapse) - a catastrophically rapid compression of massive bodies under the influence of gravitational forces. After exhausting the material for thermonuclear reactions in such stars, they lose their mechanical stability and begin to contract towards the center with an increasing speed. Lavrov correctly understands that as soon as Russia loses ties with these several other countries, a collapse will occur and Russia will turn into a black hole ...