There will be no megawatts, wait for megatons: Russia refused to supply uranium to the United States

The domestic government unilaterally withdrew from another agreement, which was the product of a vicious capitulatory policyheld after the collapse of the USSR by the then leadership of our country. This is an agreement that regulated the supply of uranium hexafluoride from Russia to the United States, a derivative obtained after diluting and reprocessing the contents of the warheads of our nuclear weapons, which were “put under the knife” as a result of the Kremlin’s drive to “disarm” in the 90s.

In order to understand the true reasons and significance of this step both for our country and for the United States, it is necessary first to understand the essence and meaning of the currently terminated agreements.

Let's say "know" HEU-LEU

All of them should be considered in an indissoluble unity, since what Washington has done and planned to do in this area since 1991 had only two goals. The first is the complete deprivation of the nuclear potential of every single country of the then formed "post-Soviet space". And the second is getting the maximum material benefit from this. Everything is as usual with the Americans ... These motives, as usual, were covered by the most good intentions: American Congressmen Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar suddenly became terribly concerned about the problems of the safety of atomic weapons stationed in the former republics of the Soviet Union and their possible "hit into the wrong hands. " "Kind and generous" overseas "partners" expressed the most ardent desire to help with the solution of these problems. At the same time, a number of agreements were concluded, the main of which was START I and the Lisbon Protocol annexed to it later, according to which Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan renounced nuclear status. All atomic weapons that were previously in their territories were transferred to Russia - and at the same time all the problems with their further storage or disposal.

Undoubtedly, the main goal of the Americans was to turn our ballistic missiles, strategic bombers and submarines into piles of useless and harmless for them scrap metal. However, the problem of enriched, "weapons-grade" uranium remained. In the end, missiles, or, at worst, bombs can be made and new ones - there would be a desire. And in Washington they really wanted to "pull out the atomic teeth of the Russian bear" with one hundred percent guarantee. And not without its own benefit. Scientists Jeff Coms and Thomas Neff were the first to put forward the idea that the "completely unnecessary for the Russians" uranium, which will remain after their disarmament, would be nice to use as fuel for American nuclear power plants, calling it a "win-win option." This happened, which is typical, back in 1989, which proves that the Americans "buried" the USSR even then.

In 1991, when the Nunn-Lugar program was already approved, one of the authors of the idea returned to this issue - Dr. Thomas Neff from the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were the ones who proposed the HEU-LEU formula, deciphered as the translation of highly enriched weapons-grade uranium from "Russian warheads" into low-enriched uranium for US nuclear power plants. Neff called it the "great uranium deal" and was not wrong. At that moment ... However, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The White House and the United States government received such initiatives very favorably, and the then President of Russia was ready to carry out almost any command from these authorities. Moreover, our "partners" have made good insurance so that Moscow "does not jump off the hook." After all, commercial supplies of uranium to the West (including the United States) from the USSR began long before its collapse - the first relevant contracts date back to the 70s of the twentieth century.

However, in 1992, the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission of the United States "suddenly" initiated an anti-dumping investigation against our nuclear raw materials. The result was the introduction of a "suffocating" duty of 116% on all uranium coming from Russia. Is it any wonder that at the end of 1992, just before the conclusion of the HEU-LEU Agreement (signed on February 18, 1993), the “anti-dumping investigation” was allegedly “terminated”. In fact, no one thought to give up claims to our country. Simply making a final decision on them was "postponed", and extortionate duties were temporarily removed. However, the "sword of Damocles" itself, hanging over the supplies, has not gone anywhere.

Will we light and warm America?

The knocking out of the warheads, the depletion of the weapon-grade uranium obtained from them and the subsequent deliveries of it to the United States were carried out within the framework of the program with the loud name "Megatons to Megawatts". Megawatts were really more than enough - starting from about 2000, when the refining cycle and, accordingly, the supply level reached the design level, they provided almost half of the fuel needs of the United States nuclear energy, which was equivalent to about 10% of all USA at this time of electricity. Estimate the scale, considering the size of the country and its energy “appetites” ... No wonder - after all, 500 tons of highly enriched weapons-grade uranium were processed within the framework of HEU-LEU, from which about 15 thousand tons of uranium hexafluoride, which went overseas, were ultimately obtained. It cannot be said that it was paid at a high price, however, according to calculations, the total amount that came to Russia's income as a result of the transaction is $ 17 billion. At the same time, however, it was not without very high-profile corruption scandals, in which officials were implicated up to the national minister for atomic energy in 1998-2001 Yevgeny Adamov and other leaders involved in HEU-LEU.

At the same time, it was about tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, who "floated away" to who knows where. Be that as it may, the last deliveries of low-enriched uranium from our country to the United States were carried out in 2013, and now Russia has officially declared its unwillingness to continue the deal further. We will definitely no longer destroy our own warheads - quite the opposite. If you want to receive uranium for nuclear power plants - buy at the prices that we will tell you. Better yet, buy ready-made fuel rods, so it will be even more profitable for us. And, at the same time, stop trying to squeeze out Russian nuclear scientists from wherever you can. From Ukraine - in particular ...

On closer examination of the final result of the HEU-LEU deal, it turns out that, whatever one may say, she played a cruel joke not with Russia, but with its initiators - the Americans. First of all, they failed to carry out, within the framework of the Nunn-Lugar program, the complete destruction of our military potential and, first of all, the defense industry. For those who continue to believe that American senators and the government in this case acted out of considerations of altruism and concern for world peace, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the revelations of such a famous person as Ashton Carter, who at one time was an assistant to the head of the Pentagon and one of the developers US nuclear doctrine. In one of his interviews, he honestly admitted: the crown of the program was "tens of thousands of scientists from the Russian military-industrial complex who signed contracts with the United States and dreamed not to create submarines and missiles for their country, but to destroy them." The same character, by the way, announced the fact that at least 85% of the funds allegedly “allocated to Russia” for disarmament at Nann Lugar went into the pockets of American military contractors.

The end of all this came, unfortunately, only in the same 2013, when we stopped "feeding" American nuclear power plants with our uranium - it was then that the doors of at least the most secret objects of the domestic military-industrial complex were slammed shut in front of the "specialists" from the United States, where they had previously felt myself almost at home. Today, in the American media, voices of all sorts of "experts" are already heard with might and main, who say that Russia "must explain why it terminated the treaty" and "highlight the issue of how control over its nuclear materials will now be exercised." How, how ... No way! Why did you decide at all that you should and can control us?

Also, one of the important moments of the reaction of the US representatives to the decision of our government was the statement that followed from the Orano company (formerly COGEMA, later Areva) that Russia's withdrawal from the agreement “will not entail negative economic implications for the company and its customers "as it" possesses a number of other sources of natural uranium supply. " Perhaps these soothing speeches are true, but the main problem for the American nuclear power industry is different. Believing that supplies from Russia would last exactly as long as they wanted to the United States, and on their terms, they completely abandoned the development of their own nuclear facilities. Ultimately, this led to the fact that, according to American analysts, the most important thing in the cycle of obtaining both fuel for nuclear power plants and highly enriched uranium is Technology on the separation of its isotopes, are in the United States today "at the level of the beginning of the 90s of the last century." Right now, when the United States is determined to get rid of dirty electricity generation by burning coal or natural gas as soon as possible, this is a very bad thing. news... There is, however, another - much worse. The billions of dollars received from the sale of uranium from missiles cut to please Washington have not been plundered or wasted in Russia. They were used to accelerate the industrial and scientific development of the country. And, including its military-industrial complex. What an evil irony of fate - the Americans, who were trying to nullify the military potential of Russia, essentially financed the creation of Avangards, Daggers and Poseidons.

Uranium supplies to the United States can be continued - there are corresponding agreements and contracts. However, now this will be done at a fair, market price, and not "as they decide in Washington." There, however, the head of the mournful Russophobes is missing, who urge the Russians not to buy uranium in any case. At the very least, introduce draconian duties on it again. Well, gentlemen - you wish to return to the candle and the splinter, your will. From now on, Washington will have to take care of obtaining megawatts for its citizens and industry on its own. And at the same time - to think hard about your behavior, so as not to get megatons from overseas ...
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 15 March 2021 11: 17
    That is, if you throw out the water, the old contracts are over, they want a higher price for the new ones.

    And they wrote that Rosatom has already built several processing plants in YSA, there are many of its daughters. And technology ... that's all bullshit.
    1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
      alex5450 (Alex L) 15 March 2021 22: 22
      The news is absolutely empty - the old contracts ended like 6-7 years ago. We then sold 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium and refused to renew the agreement. The Americans do not spend their uranium practically forming a reserve, first of all, for nuclear submarine reactors and aircraft carriers. In addition, the uranium remaining with them acts as a national fuel reserve - they are doing "almost nothing" with the enrichment industry - Rosatom and the international concern URENCO are ahead, but it is clear that European capacities will not grow - the demand for nuclear fuel in Europe and the United States will fall with the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant. Chinese CNNC will most likely take their place.
      1. Alexey Kurilov_2 (alexey kurilov) April 28 2021 20: 40
        in other words, the demand for nuclear fuel will fall with the withdrawal of the filling station from work .......... and the transition to what? Windmills? About Chinese CNNC with a pitchfork on the water
        1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
          alex5450 (Alex L) April 29 2021 21: 24
          My personal opinion is that the transition will be both to gas (it will displace coal) and renewable sources. In the first place, I still put the sun.
          However, the world atomic energy is too small to discuss it exactly. Where, in my opinion, fate is more important - coal-fuel oil.
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 15 March 2021 11: 24
    Draconian fees are a shot in the foot. The RF sells, for example, 1000 unit of goods for 1 dollars, and with a duty of 500 dollars, the goods will cost 1500 dollars. Only business!
  3. Artyom76 Offline Artyom76
    Artyom76 (Artyom Volkov) 15 March 2021 12: 01
    What an evil irony of fate - the Americans, who were trying to nullify the military potential of Russia, essentially financed the creation of Avangards, Daggers and Poseidons.

    Smiled .....
    1. tol100v Offline tol100v
      tol100v (Igor) 16 March 2021 19: 49
      Quote: Artyom76
      Smiled .....

      I'd like to hear snotty excuses about the unfinished destruction of chemical weapons of the SGA ?!
  4. Praskovya Offline Praskovya
    Praskovya (Praskovya) 15 March 2021 12: 29
    If it is profitable for our bureaucrats, they will trade and sell at prices that are beneficial to America. Money is everything, but we have put our pride far, far away. This is shown by the forgiven plane shot down by the Turks and the forgiven helicopter shot down by the Azeris and the Olympics without an anthem, flag and country.
    1. swan49 Offline swan49
      swan49 (Alexander) 17 March 2021 20: 11
      This is shown by the forgiven plane shot down by the Turks and the forgiven helicopter shot down by the Azeri

      As knowledgeable people say, we always answer and, often, not head-on, but head-on. So, the main Turkish adviser during the fighting in Karabakh, the commander of the 8th AK General Erbash, who was heading east of Turkey on March 4 to the zone of the "anti-terrorist operation" against the Kurds and whose helicopter "accidentally" met with "Strela", allegedly answered for our helicopter shot down in Armenia. 2 ".
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 15 March 2021 12: 57
    Russia is withdrawing from the agreement regulating the supply of uranium hexafluoride from the United States as part of the Russian-American HEU-LEU project on the disposal of weapons-grade uranium, which ended in 2013. Moscow. the 5th of March. INTERFAX.RU

    And this is presented as the protection of national interests by the authorities? It's a shame!

    of March 24, 1999, is terminated by the government order of March 2, 2021 N518-r, which was published on Friday on the official Internet portal of legal information.
    Oh, and slow-witted. At school, which comes with a delay, we called them differently. Every article is a confirmation - mediocrity rules us!
  6. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) 15 March 2021 18: 43
    There are no good people in business. We agreed on the price and hand over it. But the greed of the frayer destroys when I. Musk wanted to buy an old ICBM in Russia already during negotiations on the price, during the negotiations they managed to double the price of the missile. And the deal fell through. Or when the Russian Federation undertook to carry astronauts to the ISS. The price gradually rose from 20 to 000. Whatever this continues, the United States has made two of its own systems for the transportation. This is how greed destroys a fraer ...
    1. Balin Online Balin
      Balin 15 March 2021 19: 41
      Musk wanted to buy an old ICBM

      Why didn't he buy the old Minutement? Because no one has sold a working weapon to an unknown person to a private person. No international treaty would allow it.

      The price gradually rose from 20 to 000.

      And the other day NASA raised shipping prices 4 times. That is, it is 3 times higher than Roskosmos.
      1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
        alex5450 (Alex L) 15 March 2021 22: 15
        So, in general, we did not sell the rocket either, but sold the launch into orbit. And they were selling while they were on sale (there were dozens of such launches), that is, we had "live" missiles, but then Ukrainian components ran out and now the project of launches of former military missiles is being "modernized".

        NASA has raised the cost of commercial cargo into orbit. The station is old - they want to reduce the flow of "commerce". This does not apply to scientific equipment. so this is not a business, but rather a "fuse" is triggered.
        1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
          kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 16 March 2021 00: 15
          Quote: alex5450
          that is, we had "live" missiles, but then the Ukrainian components ran out and now the project of launches of former military missiles is being "modernized".

          Why wishful thinking?
          No one has ever argued that the Russian Federation did not use some systems made on the outskirts, and the quality of these was decreasing from year to year. This process was called import substitution, it does not go smoothly everywhere, but the result is obvious. Why "bite your teeth"?

          List of Russian orbital space launches in 2020

          Date Launch vehicle Payload Customer Cosmodrome / Launch complex Result
          February 7 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate Great Britain OneWeb (34 satellites) Great Britain OneWeb Baikonur 31/6 Success
          February 20 Soyuz-2.1a / Frigate Russia Meridian-M No. 19L Russia Aerospace Forces of Russia Plesetsk 43/3 Success
          March 16 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate Russia Glonass-M No. 760 Russia Aerospace Forces of Russia Plesetsk 43/4 Success
          March 21 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate United Kingdom OneWeb (34 satellites) United Kingdom OneWeb Baikonur 31/6 Success
          April 9 Soyuz-2.1a Russia Soyuz MS-16 Russia Roskosmos Baikonur 31/6 Success
          April 25 Soyuz-2.1a Russia Progress MS-14 Russia Roscosmos Baikonur 31/6 Success
          May 22 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate Russia Tundra No. 4 Russia Aerospace Forces of Russia Plesetsk 43/4 Success
          July 23 Soyuz-2.1a Russia Progress MS-15 Russia Roscosmos Baikonur 31/6 Success
          July 31 Proton-M / Breeze-M
          Russia Express-80
          Russia Express-103
          Russia Space communication Baikonur 200/39 Success
          September 28 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate
          Russia Gonets-M No. 27
          Russia Gonets-M No. 28
          Russia Gonets-M No. 29
          Finland ICEYE X-6
          Finland ICEYE X-7
          United States of America Lemur-2 (4 satellites)
          Canada Kepler-2 (2 satellites)
          Lithuania LacunaSat-3
          United Arab Emirates MeznSat
          Germany NetSat (4 satellites)
          Germany SALSAT
          Russia "Descartes"
          Russia "Norby"
          Russia "Yarilo" (2 satellites)
          Russia Satellite system "Gonets" Plesetsk 43/3 Success
          October 14 Soyuz-2.1a Russia Soyuz MS-17 Russia Roscosmos Baikonur 31/6 Success
          October 25 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate Russia Glonass-K No. 15L Russia Aerospace Forces of Russia Plesetsk 43/4 Success
          December 3 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate
          Russia Gonets-M No. 30
          Russia Gonets-M No. 31
          Russia Gonets-M No. 32
          Russia Cosmos-2548
          Russia Satellite system "Gonets" Plesetsk 43/3 Success
          December 14 Angara-A5 / Breeze-M Russia GVM Russia Roscosmos Plesetsk 35/1 Success
          December 18 Soyuz-2.1b / Frigate Great Britain OneWeb (36 satellites) Great Britain OneWeb Vostochny 1C Success

          From Wiki!
          We launched more, but there are problems, including financial ones. They are solvable.
          But how many "Antonovs" took off after the severing of ties with Russia, you probably know.
          1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
            alex5450 (Alex L) 16 March 2021 05: 18
            Desired? Have you switched to the "Khokhols fighter" mode? )
            I just mentioned that the Rokot and Dnepr conversion missiles stopped their flights due to the lack of Ukrainian control systems and certifications. You can check on the wiki. But yes, they quite actively flew into orbit. And their military past did not bother them.

            Musk wanted in those years - "Dnepr" (RS-20). Which was sold in the form of launches quite freely.
            1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
              kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 16 March 2021 11: 08
              Quote: alex5450
              Have you switched to the "Khokhols fighter" mode? )

              Into the mode of fighting the "fifth column"!
              These offspring of the "sea diggers" have not been interesting to me for a long time!
            2. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
              kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 16 March 2021 11: 18
              Quote: alex5450
              I just mentioned that the Rokot and Dnepr conversion missiles stopped their flights due to the lack of Ukrainian control systems and certifications.

              The Russian Rokot-M light-class conversion launch vehicle, created without the use of Ukrainian components, is returning to the international launch services market. The first launch is planned for the second half of 2022. This is stated on the website of Eurockot Launch Services GmbH.
              Eurockot Launch Services GmbH is a joint venture between the Ariane Group and the Khrunichev Center based in Bremen, Germany. Operator of Rokot-M missile launch services.

              Rocket "Rokot" is a three-stage liquid-propellant launch vehicle of a light class, designed at the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center on the basis of the UR-100N UTTH (RS-18B) intercontinental ballistic missile as part of the conversion program. Allows to put into orbit up to 2150 kilograms of payload using the Breeze-KM upper stage. The first launch of "Rokot" took place from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on May 16, 2000. The last one is August 30, 2019.

              Earlier it was reported that the Khrunichev Center is developing a Rokot-M missile with a Russian control system, which will replace the Rokot missile with a control system produced at the Ukrainian enterprise Khartron. The development was carried out as part of the import substitution program.

              1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
                alex5450 (Alex L) 16 March 2021 15: 46
                And what in this information contradicts what I wrote earlier?
      2. Vladest Offline Vladest
        Vladest (Vladimir) 16 March 2021 19: 16
        Quote: Balin
        And the other day NASA raised shipping prices 4 times

        NASA has no manned spacecraft.
    2. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 16 March 2021 18: 34
      Vladest (Vladimir), Whatever this continued further, the USA made two of their own systems for the transportation.

      And what if they paid 20 each, then the USA would not make their systems? Talk nonsense, as always.
      It is Estonia that can do without its missiles. Because it cannot laughing
    3. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 17 March 2021 03: 43
      The operational warranty periods of the ISS ended in 2020. Russia refused to conduct further maintenance about which, by the way, it warned in advance. The priority is the national docking station, together with the Chinese. At least twist and twist, at least twist, but the Yankees will carry their own And again, they were warned about this in advance. Rogozin, yap, of course, but you still need to listen to his speeches. There, behind a flight of fantasy, concrete facts slip through. Notes. In small print.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. olpin51 Offline olpin51
    olpin51 (Oleg Pinegin) 15 March 2021 19: 25
    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    wrote that Rosatom has already built several processing plants in YSA, there are many of its daughters.

    Where was it written? They are so stupid to do that. We have such a plant and in France a small such plant and that's it. The Japs tried to burn such a small factory, and then they had a mustache. Nobody else knows how to do this.
  9. olpin51 Offline olpin51
    olpin51 (Oleg Pinegin) 15 March 2021 19: 30
    In general, the warheads contain plutonium for a long time, and not "weapons-grade uranium" and no one other than Russia can process it. Again ahead of the rest.
    1. tsva Offline tsva
      tsva (Vyacheslav) 16 March 2021 18: 27
      But do not forget that plutonium is produced from uranium. It's like a by-product in graphite reactors.
    2. alex5450 Offline alex5450
      alex5450 (Alex L) 16 March 2021 18: 43
      Do you know how modern warheads work?
      1. tsva Offline tsva
        tsva (Vyacheslav) 16 March 2021 18: 50
        The principle of implosion of plutonium is described in any textbook of nuclear physics ... Including in Wikipedia. Nothing fundamentally new, except for the regulation of the power of the explosion, has appeared since 1945.
        1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
          alex5450 (Alex L) 16 March 2021 19: 19
          That is, in your opinion, stupid people simply did not know that plutonium is cool, and uranium is not very good, and they stamped it with 1200 tons just for the beauty of the moment? )
          1. tsva Offline tsva
            tsva (Vyacheslav) 16 March 2021 20: 26
            You, dear, did not understand! In normal nuclear power plants, low-enriched Uranium 235 is used and only it. And your 1200 tons is awesome richness. THE ELECTRICITY TO THE NPP IS MADE FROM LOW-ENRICHED URANIUM. They convert our uranium hexofluoride 235 into low-enriched (energetic) uranium and "insert" it into their fuel rods. Conventional nuclear power plants only run on uranium. Only in Russia, and a little in China (according to our technologies), it is possible to use Pu and its mixtures in fast-neutron reactors.
            Yes, you study the materiel at the end, before ...
            At the moment (by and large), Pu is only in bombs or in storage under the Gore-Chernomyrdin agreement.
            1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
              alex5450 (Alex L) 16 March 2021 22: 06
              Uh. Do you even understand what you are writing about? Exactly?
              Do you know what is the degree of uranium enrichment? And how is weapon-grade uranium 235 (500 tons of which we diluted and sold in the form of fuel) differs from what is shoved into the fuel rods of nuclear power plants?
              And why is it actually a weapon and why they have accumulated so much of it.

              In fact, plutonium is being shoved into our fuel. A little, but shove. And he walks past all kinds of agreements into the vaults)
          2. shinobi Offline shinobi
            shinobi (Yuri) 17 March 2021 03: 51
            Plutonium shell, uranium core. The implosive compression of the shell increases the density of plutonium, forcing it to fission more actively and emit more neutrons. This is a fuse. The uranium core perceives this neutron flux, etc. Explosion. If there is no deuteride-lithium core, then 8-10 kt at the output. If is, then 125-250 kt. So, the core is used.
  10. businessv Offline businessv
    businessv (Vadim) 15 March 2021 20: 01
    And at the same time - to think hard about your behavior, so as not to get megatons from overseas ...

    Interesting article, thanks to the author!
  11. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 15 March 2021 21: 12
    Today there is only one legal way to deliver weapons-grade uranium from Russia to the United States - a ballistic missile.
  12. tsva Offline tsva
    tsva (Vyacheslav) 15 March 2021 21: 15
    And who remembers General Rokhlin and his last deputy request? So, he (the request) was about where the 500 tons of highly enriched uranium went. After a very short time, the general was allegedly shot by his wife ...
  13. Perpedul perpedulin (Perpedul Perpedulin) 17 March 2021 00: 49
    Not to sell them uranium and other rare earths until the sanctions are lifted, they recognize Crimea, leave Ukraine, and remove Russia from the list of their enemies. And it’s somehow strange, they say that we are enemies, and we say that they are not our enemies. What kind of tyranny is this.
    1. Feel free to call (Sergei) 20 March 2021 09: 00
      We also sell rare earths)
  14. Alexey Kurilov_2 (alexey kurilov) 17 March 2021 17: 36
    tame to a freebie And then sharply refuse
  15. Zhalsan Babu Offline Zhalsan Babu
    Zhalsan Babu (Zhalsan Babu) 17 March 2021 22: 28
    Who is it, now - ur-ryaa ??
  16. Zorog Offline Zorog
    Zorog (Sergei) 18 March 2021 15: 14
    In general, if we remove from the text some of the author's illiteracy, lack of logical thinking and conclusions drawn from the finger, the following is obtained:
    Russia has disposed of obsolete nuclear weapons. In this disposal, some of the unused uranium was sold to the United States. For which Russia received a certain amount of money.
    Now Russia has refused to sell the uranium to the United States at previously agreed prices and decided to get more.
    Great ideas, only one pity. Some citizens, the author among them, decided that by doing this Russia wiped the nose of the United States, but unfortunately they were deeply mistaken. We, in the face of the government, again shot ourselves in the leg.
    Let's reason:
    Do we have sufficient capacity to process uranium that can no longer be used for military purposes? They are not.
    Do we have other buyers for this rather specific product? Also no.
    Where will Russia go to the burst of uranium, which cannot be enriched and cannot be used for other purposes? As usual, everyone will be buried in the ground. That is, in reality, this is money buried in the ground. And if we consider that Russia also receives spent uranium for disposal from abroad, then these highly radioactive materials will only pollute the earth.
    Now one more "+" received by Russia from this brilliant decision. The money received from these transactions financed the Russian military-industrial complex or, as the author put it, financed the creation of Avangards, Daggers and Poseidons. Now this money is gone. Consequently, these needs will be financed from other budget items. Mainly social, I think. As for the Americans, they will not suffer in any way. They have their own uranium, even more than necessary. The number of missiles that can be written off and used for peaceful purposes is no less than ours. So the resource is sufficient. The author writes here: according to experts, such an important thing in the cycle of obtaining both fuel for nuclear power plants and highly enriched uranium, as technologies for the separation of its isotopes, are in the United States today “at the level of the early 90s. But he does not at all think that for nuclear power plants highly enriched uranium is not used throughout the world. Waste weapons-grade uranium is used there. Because it contains a huge amount of uranium 238 and a small amount of uranium 235. Otherwise, the power plants would have exploded long ago.
    And yet, as a spoonful of honey in a barrel of tar.
    By and large, the problems of the Americans should not even bother us. There are more than enough problems of our own. And the escalation of additional problems is in the spirit of hurray-patriots. They shout: Serves them right, the Americans, they want to grab something from Russia, but we will not let them do it. But at least someone would have thought, and how will everything turn out once again for the citizens of Russia? There are options, write.
  17. Igor Mansurov Offline Igor Mansurov
    Igor Mansurov (Igor Mansurov) 18 March 2021 16: 44
    What did the United States say in response?
  18. Vasya Astankov Offline Vasya Astankov
    Vasya Astankov (Vasya Astankov) 19 March 2021 07: 48
    What great news! Now it will finally be possible to cancel the pension reform at the expense of the savings. smile Or will it not appear? sad
  19. Traktorbekov Urulu (Maksim) 19 March 2021 21: 18
    Stopping the supply of nuclear fuel in the current conditions is a priority task! Let them try to impose sanctions in an energy-saving deficit. No, well, seriously - the amers have so much energy, they do not know what to do with it, and therefore they create problems all over the world. So it is necessary to create problems for them, so that their energy is spent on solving problems in their state, and not creating them in Eurasia.
    1. Feel free to call (Sergei) 20 March 2021 08: 58
      We have not been supplying for a long time. Well, why suck out of your finger?
  20. Feel free to call (Sergei) 20 March 2021 08: 57
    Strange article
    Moreover, the topic is well chewed even with prices and with the number of disassembled warheads and the device and with plutonium, etc., etc.
    All wrong
    I don't know if you can give a link or not to a detailed article
  21. Feel free to call (Sergei) 20 March 2021 09: 05
    Looked at the links give
    Here is a detailed article on the topic.
    "Rotten" American plutonium
  22. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 20 March 2021 20: 21
    Thank God that this dastardly agreement with the United States has ceased to be fulfilled for us. Estessno, the Merikans got a huge piece for free thanks to our liberals who were in the government in the 90s. And it's good that the Western scoundrels did not dare to rip apart the Russian Federation as the current Ukraine, and everything could have happened if Primakov did not come to power in due time, and subsequently V.V.
    1. Sergey Kov Offline Sergey Kov
      Sergey Kov (Sergey Kov) April 9 2021 15: 04
      power has not changed since 1991
  23. Vladimir Makarov (Vladimir Makarov) 21 March 2021 11: 33
    Let us recall the murder of General Rokhlin and the journalist of the KPRAVDA Shchekochikhin. Rokhlin was going to publish our uranium deal with the United States. They killed immediately. At the same time, a nuclear professor recently spoke on YouTube about our ongoing supply of uranium, while he said nothing about weapons-grade uranium, just uranium for nuclear power plants. At the same time, he said that the volume of supplies is such that in the event of their termination, about 80% of nuclear energy would collapse. Then everything that is possible will collapse to us.
  24. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) April 5 2021 13: 12
    Yeltsin sold 500 tons of uranium for a pittance. That is the whole essence of this agreement.
  25. Sergey Kov Offline Sergey Kov
    Sergey Kov (Sergey Kov) April 9 2021 15: 02
    storytellers. all they wanted was sawed they sent money from ..... now there is a division of the remaining people so what? and we are 30 years old already wild capitalism
  26. alex-sherbakov48 April 21 2021 16: 25
    But why did not the trial take place over those who sold our wealth wholesale and retail ???
  27. valerij zviozdkin (valerij zviozdkin) April 26 2021 02: 55
    When will they return the national debt?
  28. Yuri Shalnov Offline Yuri Shalnov
    Yuri Shalnov (Yuri Shalnov) April 28 2021 10: 05
    I was especially outraged by the lie of the author of the article that billions of dollars from the sale of cut warheads allegedly went to the development of advanced technologies and industry in Russia, and were not stolen by officials! Where are these technologies and where is our "advanced" industry? Today in Putin's Russia we do not have anything of our own, but everything is imported, on the supply of which the United States imposes an embargo! If Putin and United Russia continue to remain in power, then Russia will certainly slip into the Stone Age ... Only bots fed by the Kremlin authorities do not want to understand this!
    1. Er-ivanov Offline Er-ivanov
      Er-ivanov (Ivan Ivanov) 7 May 2021 01: 25
      I assure you that the absolute majority of the population does not want to understand this! For some reason they think that money is a budget. And they appear in the budget from taxes! Everything. Point. The rest destroys their world and racks their brains. And they don't want to understand ... especially the female part of the population ... but they vote ... (maybe it would still be better to deprive them of the right to vote? Or maybe it would be worth introducing an exam, a test for mental abilities, for the right to vote? so as not to vote? ... can you imagine the State Duma without Zhirinovsky?))))) I can't even imagine myself) - interesting thoughts, but to the topic ...
      And the fact that everything is imported does not scare them. Let's buy. And the fact that everything rises in price is greedy businessmen! Putin will incite the FAS and force to lower prices! This is how about 95% of the population thinks ...
  29. Er-ivanov Offline Er-ivanov
    Er-ivanov (Ivan Ivanov) 7 May 2021 01: 15
    What is this hussar bravado ?? about a candle and a splinter - it's just like Rogozin about a trampoline ...
    The reporter is like a patriotic hurray club?
    You better think about where the country will take currency from in the coming years ... Now the last injection of money into government contracts will be carried out, they will be executed by those who need it, they will convert the exhaust into dollars and ... they will withdraw it in a certain direction! That's the whole economic program!
    The Mishustinsky came and repeat the same as the Medvedevsky ... infrastructure projects, their mother, riveted ... well, we will build tunnels in Sochi, lay out the squares with marble, and what next ??? Bucks will run out !!! Currency earnings are getting weaker and weaker ... what will you buy "iPhones" for, patriots ???
    Have you decided to play with America? Only the USSR could play with it, and the price was - the life of the people in conditions of self-sufficiency and the absence of free conversion of the ruble into currency !!! Economic isolation, in a word.
    When no one had "iPhones"! And Vysotsky had a Mercedes !!!
    North Korea and Venezuela are now playing with America. They can afford it! We want how they are ??? Do you want how they are ???
    The Americans subtly trolled Nabiullina a couple of years Back ... they say, we have a cool central banker