Fugitive opposition leader Gudkov from Europe: There is no Putin in the Kremlin, but a collective Patrushev

Russian fugitive opposition leader Gennady Gudkov, who left Russia in the summer of 2019 and permanently resides in Europe, predicts the inevitable fall of the "regime" in the Russian Federation, as he wrote on Facebook on March 13, 2021.

Gudkov told the public that it turns out that Putin is not in the Kremlin, but that there is a collective Patrushev. He believes that the "regime" has entered a new phase of its development, starting to turn from a "totalitarian" (rigid authoritarian) into a "real" developed "police dictatorship", which no longer cares about "trifles" in the form of the Constitution, morality and ethics.

Real power in the country (of course, with the consent of Putin) completely and completely passed to the security forces, headed by the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev

- he specified.

According to Gudkov, the Russian authorities want to completely eliminate the opposition in the country, destroying the influence of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Will be cleaned up publiclyполитическая "Glade", and dissenting social activists, bloggers and media representatives will face trials and prisons.

He was outraged by the detention by the security forces of 150 participants of the All-Russian Forum "United Democrats" in Izmailovo (Moscow), calling it a clear example of repression. Gudkov thinks that this is a "signal from the Kremlin", indicating the desire of the Russian authorities to act without looking back at the West, the rule of law and human rights. He added that an "internal occupation" is taking place in the Russian Federation, which will last for an unknown length of time. At the same time, Mr. Gudkov did not comment on the fact that the detainees had already been released.

Gudkov assumes that "the darkness of lawlessness" will come in Russia, and all the rights and freedoms of citizens will be abolished. Serious restrictions and even a complete ban on some social networks in the Russian Federation are possible. The "negative selection" of the siloviki, as a support of power, will increase.

The "deep people" will feel the consequences of today in many months ... True, then it will be too late to complain about life (yes, it is too late!), But in any other way it will not reach them

- he predicts.

Gudkov is sure that all this will lead to even greater disagreements with the West and international isolation, as a result of which economy RF will continue to fall. Small and medium-sized businesses will cease to exist, a mass of unemployed people will appear who will live on "handouts" from the authorities, who have printed out "stash and money-boxes". At the same time, officials will continue to feverishly export capital from Russia, away from their "home harbor."

After that, the infrastructure will begin to decline in the country, man-made accidents will multiply and the environment will deteriorate. Migration sentiments will lead to the departure of young people to other states, and because of the "staff shortage" Russia will find itself "on the sidelines" of progress. In general, Mr. Gudkov traditionally paints an "apocalyptic picture."

Of course, the regime will hastily arm itself and prepare for war, primarily with its neighbors, as well as actively intervene in hot spots on the planet.

- he asserts.

The fugitive oppositionist has no doubts that "the war will happen anyway", since life in Russia will become so unbearable that the authorities will have no other choice to "rally the nation".

Gudkov does not believe that the departure of Vladimir Putin from politics will make the "power system" softer and more humane. However, he hopes that after Putin's rule in Russia, a change in the "system of power" will begin, which will not be limited to changing the names in the offices.

<...> How long will militant Putinism last? Nobody knows the exact answer to this question. My feelings - no more than 3-5 years

- summed up Gudkov, who has long been distinguished by anti-Russian rhetoric and is almost making himself a political refugee.
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  1. Alexander Zima Offline Alexander Zima
    Alexander Zima (Alexander Zima) 14 March 2021 14: 02
    Well, there is an example from whom to take ... what they are doing in Germany ... about ARTI ... well, in the United States itself there is generally imprisoned for it ... this rogue Gudkov .. in the Russian Federation all recognized Western agents influence outside the law .. and that's it.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 14 March 2021 14: 21
    predicts the inevitable fall of the "regime" in the Russian Federation,

    Delirium sabachi! Putin suits all mediocrities, traitors and blueness. For Putin, they will go to any lawlessness so that he rules forever!

    The "regime" has entered a new phase of its development, which is no longer worried about "little things" in the form of the Constitution, morality and ethics.

    And this is like a "point". And this confirms that the "regime" is not afraid of anything.

    the Russian authorities want to completely eliminate the opposition in the country,

    Yes, already started. Grudinin, Platoshkin are still in litigation. And your Khodorkovsky and Navalny are not the opposition, they are the enemies of Russia, like the EBN with the "hunchback".

    that in Russia "the darkness of lawlessness" will come, and all the rights and freedoms of citizens will be abolished.

    Already. "A bill on the restoration of titles of nobility has been submitted to the State Duma." There are no more problems in Russia, only titles of nobility are not enough for us! And the titles and serfs are still necessary.

    Migration sentiments will lead to the departure of young people to other states, and because of the "staff shortage" Russia will find itself "on the sidelines" of progress.

    Yes, I agree, young people with brains are trying to leave. And the government even encourages it. Each higher institution has a foreign structure, which then offers talent jobs abroad. But our government, its future personnel, is not even able to provide with practice. By yourself, all by yourself!

    prepare for war, first of all, with neighbors,

    Neighbors "sharpen knives" themselves. And the authorities only show concern.

    How long will militant Putinism last?

    As long as Putin will live, so will Putinism. Then the king will be elected. The ranks of nobility are not just going to be awarded, but the nobles need a king! And then the hymn will be returned: "God Save the Tsar."
  3. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 14 March 2021 14: 25
    “That part of our public, in the hostel called the Russian intelligentsia, has one, mainly inherent in it: it fundamentally, but also enthusiastically perceives every idea, every fact, even rumor, aimed at discrediting the state, as well as the spiritual-Orthodox power; to everything else in the life of the country, it is indifferent. " V.K. Pleve (Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1900)

    At one time, the son of a lawyer promised every woman a husband and in addition to wash their boots in the Indian Ocean.
    Gudkov and other Leliks do not even promise anything. They just bark at the caravan passing by. Moreover, it was especially loud and shrill after they were expelled from the caravan.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 14 March 2021 14: 54
    Who it? Is Putin shaking his hand in the photo?
  5. Lime Bayun_2 Offline Lime Bayun_2
    Lime Bayun_2 (Lime Bayun) 14 March 2021 15: 23
    this Gudkov, WHO is Patrushev? - just a henchman-manager .. Russia at the moment is at the disposal of two "former" generals (gray cardinals) - S. Chemezov and S. Ivanov and their friends.
  6. Oleg Ermakov Offline Oleg Ermakov
    Oleg Ermakov (Oleg Ermakov) 14 March 2021 18: 00
    Found someone to quote. Gudkov? You read on Twitter what he says in the comments, his crap is answered, the most decent thing is Gudkov pido ... ace, and everything else is generally not decent to write even on the fence.
  7. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 15 March 2021 05: 35
    Gudkov, a political prostitute, no longer needed by anyone.