In the government of Ukraine: Taxes will have to be doubled to pay pensions

The provision of Ukrainian pensioners is getting worse every year. Currently, most of them receive about 28,7% of their last official earnings. However, after a few decades, this figure will decrease to 18%, writes the Internet edition "Observer" (Ukraine).

For example, from today's salary of 10 thousand UAH per month, you can receive a pension in the amount of 2,87 thousand UAH, but in 2055, with the same earnings, the pension will be only 1,8 thousand UAH. And this is still a very positive forecast, as they say in the Cabinet.

Head of the Ministry of Social policy Ukraine Marina Lazebnaya explained that now 13,2 million working people make contributions, and 11,2 million people receive pensions.

According to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, the situation will soon worsen significantly and if nothing is done, then in 15 years Ukrainians will stop receiving pensions altogether. The reason is simple and complex at the same time - demographics.

There will be few able-bodied people and many pensioners. The ratio will be 1 to 2. Taxes will have to be doubled to support pensioners. But companies don't want to pay more taxes. Double magnification is not possible. We will not be able to pay pensions to future pensioners in 15 years. It's simple math

- said the head of government confidently.

Today, few people doubt that pensions will decline. The country has really bad demographics and a high level of shadow economics... But what is the main reason for this?

After Euromaidan in 2016-2017, a "pension reform" was carried out. As a result, the unified social contribution (ERU) from the salary, which filled the budget of the Pension Fund, was halved and the “cost” of each year of service was reduced, which led to a decrease in payments by 26%. Before that, the requirements for the length of service itself were tightened, in which the training period and the time when the employee was “registered” but did not receive a salary were no longer counted, the Ukrainian media summed up.

We remind you that the former head of the government of Ukraine Mykola Azarov рассказалhow things were with pensions in the country when he was prime minister.
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  1. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 14 March 2021 13: 24
    They fed Russia with the republics, they stopped. Have you started to live better? Then, they found out that Donbass was overfed, now they started talking about pensioners, then they will probably sing about the disabled. Truncated for the sake of Europeanness.
    But what is interesting is that those who usually feed others - "noodles" are yelling about this concern the loudest ...
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 14 March 2021 15: 17
    Ov-va, how far, as many as "decades ahead", "are guessing" the head-handed "Maidan authorities" ?! fool
    Personally, with the current "state of affairs" and the destructive "tendencies" in the "derzhavi" of the victorious Maydaunism, I have big doubts about the existence of "Ukraine" even after 5 years, not that after 10, these "w / Bandera's" her and us , Ukrainian residents, will be taken to the grave much earlier ?! winked
    And as "Ukraine-2055" is from the field of utopian fiction, although I will hardly live up to this year, but I know that at that time this name will remain only in history textbooks and archives, and old men and women, for the most part , having heard, they will only spit (although, I admit that a purulent bunch of "nevyrobleny" parasites; thieves and thieves' servants, will dreamily "roll their eyes" and, sweetly nagging, call these gangster-Deriban "nezalezhnisti" rocks "saints" ... ). request

    P.S. And, yes, about the amount of Ukrainian pensions, I think so that, "under plausible pretexts", not to double taxes and even more rob the impoverished working population of the amerokolony "Ukraine", "respectable Maidan authorities" should;

    1) Introduce progressive income tax and strictly, regardless of person, prosecuted for tax evasion- and the difference in the size of our pensions should not be so gigantic, i.e. to do everything like "Evropi and Amerytsi", "to meet the standards" which they allegedly "strive" declaratively!

    2) Achieve in "Ukraine" unswerving observance of labor legislation in terms of the timely payment of salaries to workers and payment by employers of the required contributions to the Pension Fund, for example, at "my" plant, the owner (I will not call this destructive redneck the owner even under firing squad, because the real owner's factory roofs do not leak, production areas do not walk, profits go into business, and are not stupidly confiscated by the brainless owner "for the purse" and "for the casino", and the workers do not beggarly in the "black body", humiliatingly begging from the "white sahib "to pay at least something of what they have already earned a long time ago, in order to somehow survive in the unkind (to the workers, but by no means to the militant parasites!)" Ukrainian life "- by the way, even those who won a lawsuit over" wage arrears "for years later waiting for the recovery of their convicted person, because the "roof" in Kiev provides such fraudsters with impunity in relation to the robbed workers, even periodically charged rather big fines for "violations in wages "cannot force the Ukrainian" worker-owners "to abandon the" interest-bearing "benefits of stupid robbery by months of" wage arrears "!) over the years owes wages to workers and does not pay contributions to the Pension Fund, which "automatically" makes it impossible to receive pension supplements and subsidies (already made inaccessible to most needy Ukrainian residents!) for housing and communal services!

    3) it follows from the first two and the hyper-incompetence and mega-corruption of the "ukrovlasts", incapable and lacking political will, as well as the appropriate knowledge and experience to debug "shadow-free" tax legislation that is clear and understandable for effective use and control, in the interests of the development of the state and welfare all citizens!

    4) And finally the most basic (also from the field of utopian fantasies winked ) - it is necessary to pursue a state, external and internal, peace-loving policy in the interests of one's own country and its population (and NOT, to the detriment of them, ameromarionically politicizing, destroying everything and everyone!), inspiring, fair and positive, goals and a reasonable humanitarian ideology to consolidate society, strengthen law and order, develop science and education, publicly available advanced health care and opportunities for the all-round development of every citizen, encouraging active creative activity and ensuring the availability of "social lifts", as well as constant social protection, to develop and raise the economy in a balanced manner, thereby stimulating the growth of the population and its well-being, creating for this new, timely and fully paid, jobs and acceptable conditions for "shadowless" running a successful business at all levels, .... and many more things need to be done hourly and every minute by "ukrovlastam" and " perennial "Ukrainian residents, Thu Obey "Ukraine" and be able to get out of the clawed (evil bald eagle) murderous "embrace" of the neo-Nazi amerocolony "Ukraine" and, without dying in the stinking "bandera cave chambers" of the current "filthy history", I would live to be in 2055 ...
  3. In the government of Ukraine: Taxes will have to be doubled to pay pensions

    or ... to steal half as much
  4. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
    Piramidon (Stepan) 14 March 2021 19: 47
    And does the PF of Ukraine receive deductions from washing Polish toilets?