New Audi A8: the smartest car in the world

With the release of the new Audi A8, experts began talking about a kind of revolution in the executive car class. Some of them even stated that the Germans created the smartest sedan in the world. Is it so?

The salon of the new GXNUMX has already been compared with a miniature room in a luxury hotel. It has everything to “live”: from wireless charging and super-comfortable chairs, to a movie projector and a foot massager. The interior is literally stuffed with various "chips" that simplify the stay in the car.

Ingolstadt engineers are positioning their new product as a "robot car". Built-in artificial intelligence is capable of self-learning. It allows the A8 to move independently, maneuver in the traffic stream and park. At the same time, the car remembers the roads, which allows it to better navigate when driving through them again.

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