The death of "Struma": how they want to cover up the British meanness with "Russian atrocities"

On February 24, 1942, a tragedy occurred, which became only a small part of the Great War, which was going on in the world at that time. On this day, the ship "Struma" was lost in the Black Sea, on board of which there were Jewish refugees from Europe trying to find salvation from Nazi persecution in Palestine, which belonged to Britain at that time.

The death of "Struma" is one of the first examples of how our former "allies" in the Anti-Hitler coalition began to "shift" onto the Soviet Union responsibility for their own crimes, betrayals and the victims to which they led. It is for this reason that on the anniversary of those terrible events it is necessary to remember them once again. And also to pay tribute to both the dead and the true, and not fictitious, perpetrators of their death.

Ship of the doomed

So much has been written about the terrible fate that awaited practically all Jews without exception on the territory of the Third Reich that I think there is no need to repeat myself. At the same time, they did not have the best prospects in the countries that voluntarily became allies of Nazi Germany, in particular - in Romania, where the bloody regime of "conductor" Antonescu ruled the ball. The choice, in fact, was not great - concentration camps or immediate physical destruction. At the same time, the Jewish community on the Romanian territory numbered over 750 thousand people. In 1941, with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Jews who lived in Bessarabia and Bukovina, occupied by the Romanians, were also added to them. The only bright moment in this situation was that the local government officials had absolutely boundless greed far exceeded their loyalty to the ideas of "racial purity." Jews from Romania were released - though, as they say, naked and barefoot. They were obliged to transfer all their movable and immovable property to the state, of course, without forgetting how to "thank" the "merciful officials" for their salvation.

However, on this, the process of making money on the unfortunate was just beginning. In "civilized Europe" then they did not try to declare "universal values", and simple and eternal human feelings like mercy and compassion were alien to most of its inhabitants ... The only real way out of the war, Nazi psychosis and extermination of the "racially inferior" Old World for the Romanian Jews there was the port of Constanta, from which they had to sail through the entire Black Sea to reach the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, and then try to get to Palestine by the Mediterranean Sea.

It was in this port that the company with the enticing name “Travel Bureau“ Turismus Mondial ”settled down. Its founder, a Greek by nationality and an adventurer by vocation, Jean Pandelis, was actually educated as a dentist. technique... Nevertheless, in the case of the most ruthless and shameless rip-off of doomed people, ready for literally anything, he reached the heights of the American millionaires. To begin with, it should be mentioned that for its flights Mondial chartered troughs that were absolutely impossible to call either ships or ships. The fact that they did not fall apart immediately, as soon as they rolled away from the quay wall, was truly a miracle. As an example, I will cite that very floating misfortune, which we, in fact, will be talking about further. The Struma was launched in 1867 - that is, at the time of the events described, she was already 75 years old!

Moreover, this sloop, originally intended for the coastal transport of cattle, was a wooden sailing ship. In 1937, it was somehow sheathed with sheet metal and a diesel engine of 80 horsepower was installed. For comparison, the Zhiguli - "kopeck" of the standard model had an engine of 60 "horses" ... Letting IT out of the port with passengers was a crime. Sailing on such a tub across two seas in which the fighting was fought is a suicide. However, the people in front of whom loomed more than a real prospect of the gas chambers and crematoria of Auschwitz or Buchenwald really had no choice.

British sirs - white-gloved assassins

It must be said that the reception of passengers on board the "Struma" lasted for an unimaginably long time. It was a real auction for suicide bombers - initially, a ticket for a ship, which could theoretically take on board a hundred passengers, cost 30 thousand Romanian lei (about $ 100 - a mind-boggling amount at that time). However, by the time the sloop left Constanta, this amount had increased to 750 thousand lei! In those days, only a transatlantic cruise on the most luxurious liner in a top-class cabin could cost so much. A hold awaited passengers on the Struma, divided into sections by slit partitions, in which there were bunks knocked together "on a living thread". There were two lifeboats. On board on November 25, 1941, 768 passengers left Romania, 103 of whom were children. The oldest was a 70-year old man, the youngest was not even a year old ... A crew of 10 Bulgarian sailors managed the floating misunderstanding, under the leadership of a captain with a completely non-Bulgarian surname - Grigory Gorbatenko.

By some unknown luck, the Struma, which wisely raised the Panamanian flag, managed to limp to Istanbul. At the same time, as expected, it was not without troubles - in the Bosphorus region the sloop almost ran into a floating mine. The helmsman who orientated himself in time managed to give "full back", but this maneuver was the last, for which the decrepit engine's life force was enough. It was not possible to reanimate it later, and the team, raising a distress signal on the mast, waited for the patrol ship of the Turkish coast guard, which towed the Struma to Istanbul. In this city, the penultimate and most important act of the tragedy was destined to play out.

The representative of Turismus Mondial (another Greek - Georgios Lithopoulos), who was in the Turkish capital, said that he would not allocate even a broken penny for the repair of the undercarriage, and even more so for the change of the ship. He simply advised the crew to get out on all four sides, abandoning both the sloop and the passengers, while handing over all the salaries promised for the voyage. After some thoughts and conversations in a close circle, the sailors decided to stay, so that they would not wait for them further. No, I am firmly convinced that at least many of them were not Bulgarians ... Meanwhile, while the Struma, quarantined on December 20, 1941, was hanging out in the Istanbul port, the Turkish authorities started a lively correspondence with the British Embassy. The reason was quite understandable - the passengers of the "strayed" parody of the ship, as it follows from his documents, followed within the limits of British possessions. One cannot but pay tribute to the descendants of the Janissaries - they showed extraordinary kindness. In their letter addressed to the British ambassador Hugh Nachbull-Hughessen, they bluntly stated: "Struma" is in a completely appalling state and must not be released into the sea. If it is London's will, the Turkish government is ready to ensure the further route of all its passengers to Palestine by sea or by land.

Tellingly, they didn't even ask for money. It should be noted that the British diplomat behaved with dignity - he sent a dispatch to the Foreign Office in which he recommended “not to shift responsibility” to the Turks and to allow the refugees to get to Palestine, where they could be accepted at least in the role of illegal immigrants. It was not so. The sirs from London scolded the ambassador like a boy and said bluntly: "We don't need these people in Palestine!" The decision was not taken by ordinary clerks - in fact, British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and Sir Harold McMichael, High Commissioner for Palestine, signed the death sentence on the passengers of the Struma.

Get them all in Russian!

The latter deigned to speak in the sense that the refugees "will be an unproductive element of the population" and, in addition, "moved down" to the fact that "there will certainly be Nazi agents among them." In fact, the truth was in completely different words of the same Eden: most of all he feared that “a positive decision regarding Struma would push many thousands of other Jews from Europe to emigrate to Palestine,” which London categorically did not want. How after that the sirs from the Foreign Office differ from the cannibals from the department of Heinrich Himmler, who raved about the "final solution of the Jewish question", I resolutely refuse to understand ... The negotiations between Istanbul, which daily risked getting big problems from the Germans, and London lasted 10 weeks, during which life on the "Strum" turned into hell - there, in conditions of crowded and unsanitary conditions, diseases began, there was not enough food, no medicine, no fuel ...

In the end, the British refused, despite their earlier consent, to accept even children under the age of 16. On February 23, 1942, the Turks lost their nerves. Tugs approached "Struma" under the cover of coast guard ships. The ship was literally taken by storm, despite the desperate resistance of unarmed refugees. After that, he was simply dragged to the Black Sea, where he was thrown into the wild. Despite the titanic efforts of the crew, it was not possible to start the engine, the sloop simply drifted towards its terrible fate. The denouement came literally the next day. According to the recollections of the only surviving passenger of the "Struma" - David Stolyar, the explosion thundered at dawn on February 24, 1942. The unfortunate boat, it is not known how it had been afloat before, sank almost instantly. Several dozen passengers, who did not go under the water with him, held out for a few minutes. Help didn't come from anywhere ...

One of the first to tell about the tragic incident was the newspaper Pravda, on February 26, 1942, which published the message "A new act of Hitler's atrocity", in which it was said that "a ship with refugees was sunk by a German or Romanian submarine." British newspapers blamed the Germans for the tragedy, in the Third Reich they blamed everything on an "unknown ship." And only the radio of fascist Italy from all the irons shouted that "it was done by the Russians." The question of the direct perpetrators of the death of "Struma" was raised only in the 60s of the twentieth century. Moreover, the German Jurgen Robber took the initiative, categorically declaring that he had "made a discovery": the sloop was sunk by the Soviet submarine Shch-213 under the command of Lieutenant Commander Dmitry Denezhko. Do you know on what grounds this "researcher" made his conclusion? According to him, "there is no mention of an attack on this ship in the Kriegsmarine archives." On "no" and there is no judgment ... Impeccable "logic"! Not caught, not a thief. But Denezhko, according to Robber and Claude Laine, who was the same terry anti-Soviet adviser from France, who supported him, just made an entry in the ship's log about the torpedo attack carried out on that day. Who torpedoed? Yes, the stump is clear, Strumu! In the event that we agree with this wretched version, we will have to recognize our drop as either a blind man, or a liar, or a complete idiot. The entry made by Denezhko refers to an attack on a ship flying the Bulgarian flag (not Panamanian at all!).

It also says in black and white that the target was moving and had a speed of about 3 knots. A torpedo launched with considerable anticipation on a drifting sloop would simply have gone into the depths of the sea without harming it. Also, the data on the dimensions of the attacked Shch-213 ship and the Struma are categorically inconsistent. Denezhko claimed that he had launched a torpedo into a ship with a displacement of 7 British tons, and the sloop had one of over 600. Yes, there were certain "postscripts" during the war, but the most severe control mechanisms existed in the Red Army and the Navy. For such shameless nonsense, one could easily and under the tribunal please. Moreover, not a single Soviet captain would simply waste a torpedo on such a fragile ship as the Struma. In 1942, there was a strain with ammunition. Almost 100% can be asserted - "Struma" died after running into a floating mine, with which the Black Sea was literally packed in those days.

The final point in the "Soviet version" of the sinking of the sloop should have been put by an expedition organized already in 2000 by Greg Buxton, the grandson of a married couple who died on the "Strum". Guided by the coordinates indicated in the writings of Rob, Lan and their followers from the USA Douglas Franz and Catherine Collins, who concocted a whole book about the "Russian atrocity in the Black Sea", he searched for a long time and with all diligence at the bottom of the sea debris, at least some traces the sunken "Struma". And I didn't find anything. From the word "absolutely" ... Nevertheless, the version that the deaths of almost eight hundred people on February 24, 1942 were not guilty of British officials who threw them to certain death, but Soviet sailors who fought the Nazis, is regularly voiced in the West by this day. What can you do - "highley like", as you can see, did not start yesterday and will not end tomorrow.
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  1. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 13 March 2021 14: 35
    The Anglo-Saxons have always hated Russia, even tsarist, even Soviet, even the present, and even if the Martians come to power in the Russian Federation tomorrow, this will not add love for Russia to the Anglo-Saxons
  2. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 13 March 2021 16: 57
    The story of the sinking of the "Struma", the death of its many passengers and crew members, apparently, will remain a mystery forever - who can now clarify the cause of the explosion and the subsequent rapid sinking of the vessel? Whose submarine torpedoed the Struma is not so important, anything can happen during the war, and the real culprits of the tragedy were undoubtedly British officials who pursued a policy preventing Jewish refugees from Europe from settling in the territory of the British Mandate.
  3. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 13 March 2021 20: 00
    Almost 100% can be asserted - "Struma" died after running into a floating mine,

    You can not.
    In Israel, they tend to the version with Shch-213 as the most likely. At the same time, the Soviet side was never accused in Israel, and the blame was unequivocally laid on the British military administration of Palestine.

    However, the people before whom loomed more than a real prospect of the gas chambers and crematoria of Auschwitz or Buchenwald

    There was no chance of getting to Buchenwald, but the message was correct.
  4. Tourist Offline Tourist
    Tourist (tourist) 14 March 2021 00: 20
    As for the tonnage - here is more about Shch-213:

    The day before Struma on February 23, a torpedo and several dozen shells were fired from a Turkish schooner with a displacement of, according to various sources, from 164 to 216 brt Shch-213.

    In the same place about the flag:
    It is known that, while on the roadstead of Istanbul, the captain of the Struma learned that Panama, under whose flag the ship was sailing, was formally at war with Bulgaria. Grigor Gorbatenko ordered the removal of the Panamanian flag, and during its stay in quarantine "Struma" did not carry any flags, except signal ones. This is confirmed by the only available photograph of her during this period.
    At the same time, from about the fall of 1941, an unspoken order was in force for the Black Sea sailors, according to some reports, emanating from Stalin himself, according to which neutral shipping was actually declared enemy. Due to the fact that the German command actively chartered Turkish and Bulgarian ships for the delivery of strategic cargoes across the Black Sea (first of all, the vital industry of the Third Reich of chrome ore), the Soviet “submarine” was given an order, the essence of which is best expressed by the line from sailor's song of the Second World War: "Sink them all!"
    Following the spirit of this instruction, late in the evening of February 23, 1942, Shch-213 launched an attack and won its first victory. Finding the Turkish motor-sailing schooner Chankaya (displacement, according to various sources, from 164 to 216 brt) to the south of Cape Kara-Burnu, Senior Lieutenant Denezhko ordered a torpedo attack from the surface position, and when the torpedo deviated from the course, he gave the order use artillery. In 29 minutes, two 45-mm Shch-213 guns from a distance of 2-4 cables fired 55 shells at the schooner and achieved a large number of hits, as a result of which the schooner sank. Most of the crew managed to escape in a boat with the beginning of the shelling. It should be noted that "Cankaya" was a "legitimate target": like many other small ships, she was on a German freight and went from Istanbul to Varna with a cargo of chrome ore. But on February 23, she, most likely, performed a return flight and went from Burgas with a load of building materials ...
  5. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 14 March 2021 02: 09
    The tragedy of "Struma" once again for everything
  6. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 14 March 2021 20: 31
    After a difficult (for about five hours, at least), but very informative, search and study of electronic and paper sources, I reread the author's text and a few comments - the raised "historical topic" did not cause any noticeable resonance even among our Israeli readers? !
    Although it is directly related to the most curious, very rich in various vicissitudes and military events, the prehistory of creation, on poor resources, the swampy "mandated" territory of the impoverished British colony of Palestine, a real, very capable and developing state of Israel (and not a sad many decades " "construction") "dying out, with already ~ 20-25 million inhabitants, impoverished amero-banderonazi colony -" understate ("failed state Ukraine") "from the rich, fertile lands and excellent climate, comprehensively developed former Soviet republic - the Ukrainian SSR with 52 million educated working population! request ) yes

    Well, with the author's "free retelling of primary sources", emotionally tinged too much (I really don't have to "throw a stone" for this, because I myself am the same "emotional decorator of scriptures"! wink ), even yesterday I understood almost everything, like the fact that the Struma was a dark matter, and our naughty Western “partners” hung their own “dead cats” on Soviet submariners, blaming Jewish refugees for torpedo execution!

    Now I can clearly see where the "author's links" of the "history" and "inconsistencies" are (by the way, the crew was all Bulgarian, although the Bulgarian captain Grigor Gorbatenko seemed to have a Little Russian ancestor in the family, and, as I learned "from Kozhemyakin", 750 thousand lei was paid for two places in this plank "liner", but it is also not fundamental to illustrate that mega "ripped off" unfortunate Jewish refugees by corrupt local authorities and clever "benefactors", in solidarity with the Hitlerite executioners, without shame and without conscience "built" their redneck "business" on human grief) ".

    In my opinion, most likely the culprit of the death of the immobilized, anchored, "Struma" was one of the sea mines floating on the waves (and, especially, then at the Bosphorus) sea mines, torn from the minrepes by autumn-winter storms. Moreover, the old engine of the barge broke down during the previous encounter with a mine, a collision with which was avoided only because of the keen eyes of the lookout and the possibility of maneuvering in motion!
    About the allegedly "seen torpedo trail" is the same from the senile "story" of the non-eyewitness David Stolyar (the only survivor of the catastrophe and was sleeping in the hold at the time of the explosion), to whom, when both were already in twilight consciousness from mortal hypothermia, he allegedly "whispered" before by his death, the captain's mate Lazar Dikov (although the entire crew of the barge moored in view of the coast, led by the captain, was constantly in the engine room, trying to repair the broken engine, and in the predawn time on the winter Black Sea the visibility was "not very good" and to notice the trail of a torpedo, if you do not know where to look, is very, very "problematic"!).
    M. b. the first mate only "built his assumptions", and the 19-year-old, never a sailor, and even in his "altered mind" David Carpenter took everything at face value, and even when he "told" he was a British or American citizen, "an interested person "(how in Poland the leaders of the Jewish diaspora were unprincipled, just not to get into trouble for the local authorities," fit "for the Polish anti-Semites, it was also on the Reporter in the news?!) - why would he, and even the period of the Cold War, "fit in" for the honor of indiscriminately defamed Soviet submariners ?!
    And then the German-British Goebbelsuch turns out that the Soviet combat commander of the submarine, 27-year-old senior lieutenant Dmitry Denezhko, who additionally graduated from submarine command courses and still has pre-war experience in commanding a ship, is allegedly grossly mistaken in determining the time and place of the attack, tonnage (exaggerates as much by ~ 6800 tons, probably completely blind, huh ??!), like (this in broad daylight, in the recorded logbook 10,45 in Moscow, the difference with the local Turkish is one hour, and according to local time, the beginning of dawn, when the "Struma" exploded, was at 24 on February 6,47, from a distance of only 6 cables, i.e. 6x185,2m ~ 1111 meters, a little more than 1 kilometer, looking into the optics of the commander's periscope with a magnification of 1,5 or 6 times and the device "fixed line in space" to determine the speed of the target !!!) and the speed of the attacked ship, deliberately deceives his command and their crew, seeking to "justify the loss of a missed torpedo" and to evade responsibility for the "incorrectly sunk ship" allegedly blown up by this "lost torpedo",
    and here is not a sniff of gunpowder, an inexperienced boy, does not "lie as an eyewitness" and after decades "speaks the truth and only the truth", well, isn't it a "paradox" ?!

    If you build conspiracy theories and, simply, "dig deeper" based on "cui prodest?", Recalling the British "White Paper" of 1939 and the then "alignments" in Palestine and Turkey, then interesting "questions" arise ...
    1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
      Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 14 March 2021 21: 55
      It is written floridly. Talk to the end. Who do you think is guilty of sinking the ship with "unfortunate Jewish refugees"
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 15 March 2021 02: 46
        Yes, there, in a nutshell, without "eyeliners", you can't tell (you can "dig" for a couple of "conspiracy" opuses of similar volume, even if you go through open sources of everything "half a bayonet", not really digging in ...) - not everything it was just in the inter-Jewish and Jewish-British relations in and around the Mandatory Palestinian Territory!
        The Turks in the "Struma" case played a non-free-of-charge role of "extras" - "both ours and yours", although, as elsewhere, there were real, compassionate people among them!
        Towing "to the will of the waves" into the winter, a priori stormy, naval sea of ​​an immobilized fragile barge with almost 800 "pickled" (70 !!! days of half-starved existence without a shore, all in a crowd, and, most of the day, locked up in a smelly and chilly from cold dampness, hold, this is not counting the time of a restless voyage to Turkey!) ", exhausted, refugees are already actually an execution (as before, in tribal communities," extra eaters "were taken to the forest either to the local" narayama ", or to a fragile raft was floated into the sea irrevocably ....)!
        And the failure to provide assistance after the explosion, visible from the shore, ... a crime, because the people who survived for a long time held on to the wreckage in the cold water, desperately hoping and waiting for help from the shore - the first officer Lazar Dikov died at night, and David Stolyar probably did not survive would be on February 25, if his deck was not carried closer to the Turkish lighthouse ...
        For brevity and activation of the independent "work of thought" - the key theses of the "synopsis": "White Book", the quota for the repatriation of Jews and unspent certificates for 1941, the refusal of the British to credit the repatriation of Struma passengers against the opening quota of 1942, British functionaries and activists - "red tape" (by the way, some of them the fighting guys from "Irgun Tzvey Leumi" were still able to avenge those who died on "Strum" and "for all that", albeit at the cost of their lives), as well as "hellish cars" , "overly" blown up by the "Haganah" fighters the "Patria" liner (and also with "restless" Jewish immigrants).
        On November 25, 1940, the port of Haifa and how the British authorities dealt with the surviving passengers - the motives of the "Haganah" and the fulfilled hopes for "humanitarian grounds" for the refugees who escaped from drowning to stay in Palestine - possible "parallels" with the "Struma" (and also "parallels" with Kiev, at the call of the rabbis, "disciplined exodus to Babi Yar" accompanied by local Jewish self-defense detachments, caring Jewish historians should someday "pull this thread", it is a pity that there are no living witnesses left, and in the 1970s the people of Kiev were still alive, those who scrambled out of the execution pit at night and managed to overcome the police cordons ... and the Russian-Ukrainian friends of the executed Jewish children, the boys who saw off their comrades in the Kiev streets almost to the Yar and barely released by the Ukrainian policemen who seized them, were still alive in memory, although reluctantly told how everything was in reality, after all, and then among the Jews there were those who collaborated with the executioners "w / Bandera", so that, even with that "ba By the bijarsk (and not only) "knowledge, now I was not too surprised by the" svidomoskurvlennye "kleptoiuds ... the respected Simon Wiesenthal should not only work on Hitler's" Eichmans ", but also among his carefully and thoughtfully" Judeo-Hitlerites "to look, not everything was like that just, as they write to us later in the "semi-official history").
        Ask yourself why the leaders of Jewish organizations, even at the cost of the lives of a part of the Jewish population, without stopping before provocations, persistently advocated the immigration of Jews only to Palestine (even if it was "Eretz Yisrael", but at that time it was a hotbed of murderous Arab anti-Semitism! !!), and not to the more peaceful islands of Mauritius and Trinidad ?!
        And what were the "British immigration fears" based on ...?!
        And this is just a thesis, just a few "questions" offhand (as well as associatively generated thoughts in the course of writing), without detailed answers to them! winked

        The British and Turks were most interested in the speedy, radical and irrevocable "solution of the problem" of "unwanted passengers" of the "Struma"!
        The performers are most likely Turks, their parish is in the same place ?!
        The means of "solving the problem" - a "hellish machine" on board a barge, hidden inside or outside, or, indeed, a torpedo of a Turkish submarine, which later, when history acquired an unwanted international resonance, was drowned with the entire crew, attributed to the explosion of mines, and any winter stormy weather did not leave this dead vessel any chance to survive, well, maybe. an accidental floating mine, although, on reflection on all the information received, I am more inclined to the version of the "infernal machine" - this is very much even in the traditions of that time (remember the British and our sabotage mines, disguised as pieces of coal for the furnaces of steam locomotives and steamers, if the ship exploded in the sea, then guaranteed "ends in the water" and even if someone is saved, you can always "write off" the explosion for a floating mine or "torpedo of an enemy submarine"!) - "proven technology", reliable, leaving no place for randomness, yes and the time of the explosion was chosen in a very sabotage way - in the morning, when all the "targets" were asleep ?!

        British ears in this unsightly "story", with the mass death of unfortunate refugees and the post-war spread of anti-Soviet slander, stick out above everyone else and they scream louder than everyone else, as in our Russian proverb, about a thief who screams louder than everyone else, "Stop a thief (earlier in Russia, in Russian, "thief" is also "thief" - an enemy and a bastard, a base little man!)! " yes
        But the Naglo-Saxons always try to "appoint" an outside "scapegoat" to deflect suspicion from themselves!
        It's like in Hollywood-uncritically-minded philistines-ruminant "people" ("the world community"), Washington "re-show history" in a favorable way for themselves - Hitler's "Dr. Goebbels" in the next world chokes with black envy, in his "universal lies ", had to" operate "with much more modest possibilities of influencing the" mass consciousness "than there are now!
        1. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
          Alexzn (Alexander) 15 March 2021 09: 19
          To you, as a lover of conspiracy theories and superficially ridiculous conclusions, I will throw in little-known information. On Struma there were two dozen Polish officers who sailed to Palestine to get the opportunity to get into the army of Anders. The Poles bought the documents of the dead Jews in Romania, where, although they were not persecuted, their status was slippery.
          1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
            Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 15 March 2021 11: 51
            What does a couple of dozen extra Poles mean when thousands, tens of thousands die every day
          2. beeper Offline beeper
            beeper 15 March 2021 13: 43
            Quote: AlexZN
            To you, as a lover of conspiracy theories and superficially ridiculous conclusions, I will throw in little-known information. On Struma there were two dozen Polish officers who sailed to Palestine to get the opportunity to get into the army of Anders. The Poles bought the documents of the dead Jews in Romania, where, although they were not persecuted, their status was slippery.

            hi Honestly, AlexZN, did not understand your "conspiracy toss" in my direction (or is it NOT in mine ?!) ?! what
            About two dozen fugitive Polish officers was there for what ?! winked
            After all, they then ran around-the Nazis, out, caught such rushing Polish warriors and policemen, and even staged an anti-Soviet provocation with them - fully equipped and equipped with the Soviet Union (in the most difficult years of the war, when we needed every rifle and cartridge at the front! ) The Polish army of Anders, taking advantage of this, refused to go to the front and fight the Nazis-in full force, well-fed, dressed and shod with a needle, scrambled away-to the British, and still there they sat in the rear idle, according to the recollections of the British themselves, the Polish "Anders' warriors" were not very eager to fight .... request
            These, "your" two dozen Polish "knights", posing as ... (this Polish name of the Jews will not be missed by the censor) rushed far away, right up to Palestine, to their idle friends for full board, or to be hired by the British colonial police to for money to spread rot there Arabs and Jews ??!

            How did these two dozen fugitives, all this "epic" who sat like mice under a broom (there are only fighting Jewish guys from "Beitar" -David Stolyar of them, and the Bulgarian crew, maintained order and discipline, and defended when the Turks seized Struma "!), Polish officers (after all, according to their documents, for the Turkish authorities and British diplomatic representatives, they remained the same" unwanted "Jewish refugees, like all the other 800 ?!) influenced or could have influenced the explosion of" Struma ", you can only answer You, AlexZN, our ridiculous "lover of conspiracy theories" (how can I care about your "such mysteriousness" - I don't have enough brains to comprehend your "twist of the flight of thought" ?! wink ) ?!
            Was “Struma” really the only one ?!
            British colonialists and racists (the first concentration camps and the first racist "theories" that "inspired" young Adolf Hitler are their fruit!), Who now pretend to be such "Jewophiles", during WWII deprived of salvation and turned back tens of thousands of Jewish refugees, knowing full well that by doing so they doom them to certain death!
        2. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
          Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 15 March 2021 11: 48
          The Germans were interested in the emigration of Jews to Palestine. The British were strained, although they had happily pledged to give Palestine to the Zionists a couple of decades earlier. I agree with you in many ways. Not all victims are white and fluffy. The Zionists were also interested in drowning.
          1. beeper Offline beeper
            beeper 15 March 2021 11: 51
            hi In, you understood me correctly, Comrade! yes good
        3. Bakht Offline Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 15 March 2021 14: 55
          Most likely a floating mine. But with tonnage I can give a bunch of references when submariners incorrectly determined tonnage. The pilots also sinned the same way. Just recently I read a study about the actions of Soviet torpedo bombers during the war. There is not only tonnage, there are mythical sinkings of a wagon and a small cart.
          And on the topic. Of course, those who blocked transportation to Palestine are to blame. Moreover, the Turkish side offered to organize transportation by land (since the sea does not work). The British replied that they were not interested in such transportation of Jews to Palestine.
  7. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) 15 March 2021 01: 51
    Translated into normal language, "great war" is World War II?
    The Great was called the First World War.
  8. George Davydov Offline George Davydov
    George Davydov (Georgy Davydov) 16 March 2021 23: 32
    This publication can carry a different ideological load, since the focus is on the Jews, their plight, grief and, ultimately, death. At the same time, this is blamed on the British, and Turks, and fascists, and Soviet soldiers who fought against the Nazis to save the world from the brown plague, including the Jews from the Holocaust. And since the current situation, as well as on the eve of the Second World War, is to appoint an enemy, show him in the most ugly and bloodthirsty form, etc., and then unite everyone against him in the name of saving the civilized world. If we recall the eve of WWII, then communism was designated as such an enemy, and Hitler was the savior of civilized and democratic Europe. What this led to is known. What will the current defense of a civilized and democratic Europe lead to from the same enemy, but under a different name? And if at that time Goebbel's propaganda incited anti-communist hysteria, now it is Russophobic. On the other hand, the Holocaust and everything connected with it in Germany was promoted by the fact that it was the Jews who received the greatest gain after WWI, while the working German people found themselves in poverty and powerlessness, which allowed Hitler and Goebbels to solve the problem of finding an enemy and uniting the nation to fight with him. True, the communists were also added to them.

    Now let's turn to our time. If in the West, as it should be, in the name of saving capitalism, Russia is designated as an enemy of Western civilization, but not on the basis of ideological and propaganda cliches, but on the basis of Russophobia, then how to understand the cliche that has become a slogan for the media - the Russian cross - impoverishment, degradation and extinction of the people , what corresponded to the fascist plans to reduce the biological strength of the Slavic peoples, as well as the implementation of other fascist plans? If the Russian cross is poverty and the extinction of Russians, then this policy could not have been created by the Russian people, for we have democracy, glasnost, etc. Consequently, the policy that led to the Russian cross was carried out by another people. And if the Russian cross led to poverty, etc., then, as you know, if it is taken away from some, then it is added to others. And since against the background of poverty and lawlessness in Russia there are successful, privileged and rich, their ethnic composition indicates that they are Jews.

    And, it would seem, there is a contradiction: democracy, and in power, etc., the Jews, who led by their politics, economic reforms, etc., to the Russian cross. And everything is explained simply: according to the Jewish ideas, recorded in the sacred books, the Jews are God's chosen people, but all the other goyim who are closer to the cattle. Therefore, if we talk about the USSR, then the working people, who saved the world from the brown plague, and the Jews from the final solution of the Jewish question, who built a superpower and finally began to live like a human being, fell into the power of a greedy parasitic entity, which, in the name of preserving the loot, ready to throw the world into another world carnage. And this leads us to the fact that we, as representatives of the species of intelligent people, must analyze the past and the present and draw conclusions about how to prevent this world massacre, which, in the presence of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, will definitely lead to the death of all living things. And let's decide: how to act in this situation?