Poles called nuclear weapons the only way to contain Russians in Kaliningrad

Polish users enthusiastically responded to the fresh news on the Russian Armed Forces posted on the Wirtualna Polska portal. The news report said that Russian troops in the Kaliningrad region, which borders Poland, will be replenished with a new reconnaissance company, which will become part of the 18th mechanized division that is being formed in the region.

Poles comments:

Why scout then? Poland, despite joining NATO, has never been so weak, and the militarytechnological the leap that took place in the world has not reached us and, unfortunately, history loves to repeat itself

- Adams was surprised.

Let the Russians think about how to protect Siberia, because China is already drooling over the natural resources they have. And even if they had at least a million of such brave scouts, it would not be easy with the Chinese

- reminded Rado.

Well, if anyone had doubts about Russia's intentions, now everything is clear. For many years, I have believed that you need to move forward without looking back. Forget about the past. I can see that I was wrong. As long as we have Russia as a neighbor, we must always keep our finger on the pulse. So dear policy [...] Russia only respects strength. Stop arguing, at least about external security issues, and take us into the XNUMXst century. [...] What we have can help in the event of a conflict with Belarus, but not with Russia [...]

- calls on the user Grzegorz.

The Bolsheviks are just assembling this unit, and then there is panic, and, secondly, the satellites will find everything anyway, which means that it does not make sense

- VIP taunts.

Nobody knows how many Ukrainian workers are actually Putin's sleeping fighters. It seems to us that if he is a Ukrainian, then immediately an enemy of Putin ... It is not a problem for Russians to make several thousand passports with a trident and distribute them to an army regiment in Moscow. We may one day wake up in a country where there is no electricity and communication, because some Sasha turned off something there

- worries the reader Polak.

Why spy? Half of our personnel are their people, so the Americans are afraid to give us new weapons, because this is tantamount to transferring their schemes to the Russian Federation

- certain Kpr is convinced.

Both Ukrainians and Georgians have already understood this. It's time to wake up and realize that we will never have more people, planes and tanks than Russians. It's just math. The only effective deterrent is nuclear weapons, which counterbalance the possibilities. And if North Korea coped with it, then why not us ?! It's time for the people to wake up!

- asks the reader with the nickname Jaro.

Thanks to our politicians, there is nothing to break here. Our poverty will protect us

- noticed E tam.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of Russia
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 12 March 2021 08: 54
    I am pleased to read such news and such comments to them. It means that at least we have competent specialists left in the army. But we will never read this about our economy as long as Putin "rules". For 2020, the population of Russia is minus 600 thousand people. , and during Putin's rule minus 8 million people. For some reason, only the number of voters in our country is always 105 million people. They are not at all friendly with mathematics. I say - Mediocrity !!!
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 12 March 2021 09: 05
    I was wrong, I confess. I went to the website of the election commission, already 108 million people. And honest mediocrity does not exist. No shame, no conscience! "

    What is pop, such is parish.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 12 March 2021 10: 22
    There is one small problem. North Korea has created nuclear weapons on its own, Poland is not capable of this. The European Union champion in receiving subsidies will not master the project, and Brussels will not pay. They overestimate the country's capabilities too much. The pans imagined that the "steroid financial needle" had nothing to do with it, and they themselves were developing the economy and were accustomed to a comfortable life. Ready to live on a bowl of rice a day?
    Where will they test? At the Lviv training ground? laughing If you have already decided, you need to do yes since the only way to stop the evil Russians is to turn Poland into a radioactive desert, so be it. In the process, we will sometimes throw humanitarian aid over the barbed wire and increase the production of concrete. After the war, he was sent from Leningrad to rebuild Warsaw, now much more will be needed. The sarcophagus will be larger than the Chernobyl one.
  4. Oder Offline Oder
    Oder (Wojciech) 12 March 2021 16: 40
    Why do you think we cannot cope with the creation of the atomic bomb?

    The Maria reactor (stylized notation: "MARIA") is the only nuclear reactor operating in Poland with a thermal capacity of 30 MW. The reactor is named after Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Its construction began in June 1970 and began in December 1974 at the Institute for Nuclear Research (IBJ) in Otwock Sverk near Warsaw.
  5. First, we will bald your pshekiyu completely!
  6. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 13 March 2021 22: 17
    If you read the selected comments, fierce delirium, mixed with strong traquilizers and multiplied by the spring exacerbation of schizophrenia.

    However, it should be borne in mind that this is the Internet with all its side effects. repeat

    Our Kalininradskie are not much concerned:

    Polish users enthusiastically responded to the latest news about the Russian armed forces posted on the Wirtualna Polska portal.

    We don't give a damn, but an extra unit still does not hurt.
    So, for profit smile