American military commander named the number of Bayraktars destroyed by the Russian Shell in Libya

In the spring-summer of 2020, Turkish media enthusiastically described the destruction of "dozens" of Pantsir-C1 air defense missile systems in Libya. However, the American military commander Jeff Jaworski found out the true state of affairs and named both the number of irretrievably lost air defense missile systems and the number of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance drones destroyed by a Russian-made air defense system.

According to a journalist from the United States, he conducted a thorough investigation, including using information from the Pentagon. As a result, he found that Ankara greatly exaggerated its successes and spoke extremely modestly, and even sparingly, about its losses. But an impartial journalist calculated that the Turks destroyed 9 units of these air defense missile systems, which were under the control of Arab operators.

In Libya, Pantsir-C1 personnel acted more efficiently than in Syria, they already knew the tactics of Bayraktar attacks

- the meticulous journalist drew attention.

According to him, 47 units of Bayraktar TB2 were shot down in Libya by "Shells", and now these UAVs no longer seem so invincible. The American also studied the financial side of the issue. 9 ZRPK cost $ 118 million, and 47 UAVs - $ 245 million.

We remind you that another civil war in Libya began in the spring of 2014. On the one side of the confrontation is the country's official parliament (sits in the east in Benghazi) and its Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, and on the other, the Libyan National Accord Government (sits in the west in Tripoli), consisting of Islamists and supported by the UN and Turkey ...
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  1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
    Alexndr p (Alexander) 11 March 2021 13: 23
    good math. х2 at cost
    1. arciteltor Offline arciteltor
      arciteltor (architector) 28 May 2021 17: 11
      The confrontation is financed by the United States, they spend 750 billion on military spending, they borrow 1 trillion from the world every year, that is, all the wars in the world are paid for by the countries themselves, only the United States is in profit, and they do not care what and how much it costs, Libya lives in debt one half owes the us the other half to russia
  2. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 11 March 2021 13: 23
    We solemnly declare Jeff Jaworski an honorary anti-Semite. I broke off all the raspberries laughing it turns out that the "shell" is not bad and the Arabs are not stupid.
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) 11 March 2021 13: 38
      I like to read his posts full of bili and insults
      I would like to say to this Semite from Ukraine: "Do not be discouraged, Ukraine is on the way!"
      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 11 March 2021 13: 41
        when the ass (outskirts) is on top (bottom), the pose is called "Cancer". let them stand further in it.
        1. Pete mitchell Offline Pete mitchell
          Pete mitchell (Pete Mitchell) 11 March 2021 21: 20
          In any modern military conflict, the result is knocked out by the accountant ..., but they know better
  3. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 11 March 2021 16: 50
    and some here squealed in a good voice - there is a guard, there is no antidote against the terrible bairaktars, this still does not have the ability to fix the effectiveness of Russian electronic warfare, there will be a big surprise
  4. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 11 March 2021 22: 54
    Good gentlemen, who here express serious joy and even remembered me who had sinned, you have completely lost your last mind, they are getting a fake for you, and you are happy! There has never been a war correspondent from the United States named Jeff Jaworski, the author of this primitive fake could not even think of a name. Took the name of the supporting actor, Jeff Yaworski, who starred in a number of Hollywood films (Pearl Harbor 2001, etc.) and bungled such a fat journalist duck. I immediately cut through the chip, the links are in English. the original is not, "infa" only in the Russian segment began to spin, well, I went to a couple of professional American sites - not mentioned anywhere in the last 20 years, journalist, war correspondent Jeff Yaworski, you were stupidly deceived.
    1. Stanislav Bykov Offline Stanislav Bykov
      Stanislav Bykov (Stanislav) 12 March 2021 00: 14
      Do not embarrass yourself:
      There the original article dated January 11 in English
      1. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 12 March 2021 05: 38
        Jeff Jaworski's latest publication "How can we compare between the US and Russian Air Forces?" is dated Tue and there is not a single word about Turkish UAVs shot down by "Shells" in Libya. I congratulate you, citizen, lied! (C)
        1. Andrew , Offline Andrew ,
          Andrew , (Andrew ,) April 20 2021 10: 47
          you probably don't know how to read)))

          written: The results were 9 Pantsir-S1s destroyed in Libya and 47 TB2s
          (As a result, 9 "Pantsirey-S1" were destroyed in Libya, and 47 "TB2")
          SO WHAT'S WRONG HERE 47 TB 2
    2. Chernomorr Offline Chernomorr
      Chernomorr (Roman Petrov) 14 March 2021 07: 36
      Knowledgeable people write from the Internet. Syria.

      ... I knocked it down, of course. This is quite obvious from the description of the battle. The armor not only shot down almost all Bayraktars, but the missiles they launched also shot down almost everything.

      20 drones per shell - why?

      How else do you propose to overwhelm the Pantsir-C1?

      Suppose that Pantsir-S1M was used there, this is an export modification of the Pantsir-SM with AFAR. As far as I understand, it can fire at 8 targets at once - unfortunately, not 360 degrees at the same time, but it covers the sector of 120 degrees for sure. There are 12 rockets and cannons on the car.

      Bayraktar TB2 carries laser-guided UMTAS anti-tank missiles, or Roketsan MAM-C, MAM-L corrected high-precision gliding bombs, capable of striking stationary and moving objects at a distance of no more than 8 km.

      The Pantsir rocket provides destruction of targets with an EPR of 0,1-0,3 sq. meters at a distance of 20 km, and it is perfectly aimed even at small birds. That is, the Bayraktars, in order to launch their weapons, must go 12 km deeper into the Carapace's affected area.

      That is why Bayraktarov more than 12 - 12 missiles will demolish the first 12 UAVs almost guaranteed even before reaching the launch range, and only those for which there are not enough missiles have a chance to fire.

      The effective firing range of the 2A38M cannons is 4 km, but the reach against slow targets like large UAVs such as Bayraktar is greater. That is, even from the cannons, the Carapace can overwhelm Bayraktars from about the moment their weapons are launched or a little later, when they deploy, but they cannot be deployed, because the UMTAS requires a laser beam control.

      This is how the Israelis destroyed the Carapace - they waited until it used up all the missiles, and then hit the car in the process of reloading, when, for the safety of the calculation, the system was turned off.

      Otherwise, there is no way, brother. It is only clowns like the "expert" Murakhovsky who can think that Armor is bullshit, and Bayraktar is a miracle weapon. Bayraktar was a miracle weapon when it was opposed by systems like the Osa-AKM and Strela, that is, the systems of the 70s. But not the Shells, especially the new ones.

      By the way, according to the results of the defense of Khmeimim, Pantsir-C2 was launched into series, in which the target detection range was increased to 70 km,
      1. Chernomorr Offline Chernomorr
        Chernomorr (Roman Petrov) 14 March 2021 07: 44
        And where to go, then? The alternative is to launch planes, and they are not worth $ 7 million.

        You see - Carapace, in principle, knocks down even mortar mines in flight, and Grad missiles. That is, in order to counter it reliably and without risk, long-range missiles with good supersonic sound are needed, at least swing three.

        For example, AARGM (AGM-88E) with its Mach 2+ does not provide reliable defeat of the Carapace.

        Here you need X-31 with its M = 3.3
        1. Chernomorr Offline Chernomorr
          Chernomorr (Roman Petrov) 14 March 2021 07: 48
          As far as I remember, the Turks managed to knock out the functioning Armor exactly once, in Libya. But this was the Shell from the first series, which was made for the UAE.

          There were screams about the fact that the shells were destroyed either by 9 or 10 - but these are cars that were stupidly destroyed by artillery shelling or abandoned by the crews (the Americans took one such damaged car to the Ramstein airbase).

          But even these annihilations seem to be not quite confirmed.

          The Turks, for example, showed a murky video of the destruction of the shell - but after analysis it turned out that the video shows the Franco-German Roland, which is also mounted on MAN with an 8x8 wheel arrangement, like the shells from the order for the UAE.

          1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 17 March 2021 04: 51
        Quote: Chernomorr
        By the way, according to the results of the defense of Khmeimim

        Khmeimim has never been attacked by Bayraktar TB2 drones, or any other modern effective weapons. Numerous photos showed only some funny handicrafts. One gets the impression that the attacks of the Russian base were of an exclusively demonstrative nature. Therefore, air defense actions in this case cannot serve as an example of the successful use of the Pantsir air defense missile system.
    3. SergeySer Offline SergeySer
      SergeySer 17 March 2021 03: 15
      You are a very stupid bot, what are you only getting paid for? with your stupidity, lies and fakes only confirm what was said in the article, or is this your job? then I take the words back, fine work however ...
  5. Vladimir Daetoya (Vladimir Daetoya) 12 March 2021 02: 11
    And what kind of anatom do people think? War losses are primarily manpower. How many operators of military equipment were killed in the air defense missile system and how many in Bayraktar?
  6. Mish Offline Mish
    Mish (Misha) 12 March 2021 07: 21
    Quote: Alexander P
    good math. х2 at cost

    and the cost of human life is taken into account here? or the Arabs can be ignored?
  7. Andrey_Mart Offline Andrey_Mart
    Andrey_Mart ((Owl)) 12 March 2021 08: 16
    ... but the major was great in mathematics
    he folded something there,
    then multiplied by summing up ...
  8. margo Offline margo
    margo (margo) 12 March 2021 13: 16
    According to a journalist from the United States

    - and it is possible the name of the magazine, the number or the date - this is from the series "one grandmother said." Never in such articles there are no references to the source, i.e. just gossip!
  9. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 March 2021 17: 54
    9 shells, the loss is also not small. But the score is still good ...
  10. Armen Offline Armen
    Armen (Armen) 12 March 2021 18: 46
    well, besides everything written below, one must understand that not only the "shells" were knocked out, there were enough other goals and the proportion will be completely different)))
  11. alex5450 Offline alex5450
    alex5450 (Alex L) 12 March 2021 23: 03
    From this Jeff Jaworski, a kilometer away, carries the analogue of The National Interests, Militari Watch.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 March 2021 09: 59
      Don't you worry so
      1. alex5450 Offline alex5450
        alex5450 (Alex L) 13 March 2021 10: 49
        It’s not me who was alarmed and dragging all kinds of "ekshperts" to the site. )
  12. riwas Offline riwas
    riwas (riwas) 14 March 2021 04: 29
    As a last chance defense, grenade launchers with smoke grenades should be placed on the Pantsir-C1.
  13. Pavel Floridov Offline Pavel Floridov
    Pavel Floridov (Pavel Floridov) 3 May 2021 16: 43
    In general, it was understandable without this journalist. But why, no one asks the question:
    "How are the Western world or Turkey, for example, going to defend against the rapidly developing direction of drones?"
  14. Denis radish Offline Denis radish
    Denis radish (Denis Moroz) 13 May 2021 18: 32
    Araps are simply crooked. camel and saber - their martial art does not rise above this. therefore they were regularly weighed out everything: the crusaders, the Israelites, the Americans, and now the Turks.
  15. Fuat kuliev Offline Fuat kuliev
    Fuat kuliev (Fuat Kuliev) 20 May 2021 23: 35
    What's so little? Armenians wrote about 300. Write more laughing