US media: Sputnik V is good, but there is another problem

Although Russia boasted that it was the first to make the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19, experts are in doubt whether Moscow will be able to cope with all orders from foreign countries, writes the American newspaper The North State Journal.

Slovakia has already received 1 doses on March 200, although the European Medicines Agency, only on Thursday, began to expedite its consideration of the prospects for their use.

The president of the hard-hitting Czech Republic said he had written directly to Vladimir Putin, asking for an appropriate supply. Millions of doses are expected by countries in Latin America, Africa, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East in the wake of Russia's success in vaccine diplomacy.

Early criticism of Sputnik V was refuted by a publication in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet, which stated that large-scale trials showed that the agent was safe and effective at 91%.

This could help raise Russia's prestige as a scientific, high-tech and philanthropic power, especially when other countries face shortages of COVID-19 vaccines because wealthier nations are buying Western drugs and manufacturing capacity is limited.

The fact that Russia is one of the five countries that were able to quickly develop a vaccine [...] allows Moscow to show itself as a high-tech power, and not a gas station in decline

- quotes the publication of the words of Vladimir Frolov, an expert in the field of international policy.

Some experts say that Russia wants to gain geopolitical points.

Putin uses [the vaccine] to maintain the tarnished reputation of Russian science

- says professor at Georgetown University Lawrence Gostin.

Another question, the article argues, is whether Russia will be able to do this. China has already managed to ship millions of doses to other countries, but the production volume of Sputnik V is currently much lower than the demand for it.

They have surpassed the wildest expectations in the sense that this vaccine has really become a product in demand on the market. They made all kinds of promises to people both inside and outside Russia about access to this product, the demand for which has become unexpectedly high. And now they're stuck trying to figure out how to keep all these promises

- says the professor of political science Judy Twigg.

Russia should also think about itself. The authorities announced plans to vaccinate 60% of the adult population, or approximately 68 million people, by the end of June. But the process is hampered by Russians' distrust of the procedure, the newspaper notes.
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  1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
    Alexndr p (Alexander) 10 March 2021 13: 49
    And now they're stuck trying to figure out how to keep all these promises

    Russia is stuck with the best vaccine. Manamirok of these animals is disgusting.
    While practicing the ration in a frenzy of propaganda, so scoff at the text and logic ... Sur)

    The coronavirus eventually showed all Western medicine - as in a showcase)

    Now the clowns inside the country, as it were, stutter about the decline in medicine is not comme il faut - they will immediately receive a portion of phallic symbols in the panama hat, like Sergei after his miracle articles about how non-humans from the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already become warriors and a formidable force (no, as they were meat in fact boilers, so they remained)
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 March 2021 13: 51
    Brakes. It seems that they announced that the Russian roofing felts would help build factories for production, or would lease out technology, or a simplified one ...
    1. Pivander Offline Pivander
      Pivander (Alex) 10 March 2021 19: 29
      The Russian Federation sells very little of the vaccine itself. Basically, we are talking about the sale of a production license within each country separately, if there is an infrastructure for this. Well, these initial small batches are just like a promotional brochure to test for safety.
  3. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 10 March 2021 14: 01
    The only surprising thing is that the State Department has not yet imposed sanctions against the Lancet, and the Svidomo have not included it in the list of prohibited literature with the editorial board being included in the list of the "peacemaker." request
  4. Victor Ar Offline Victor Ar
    Victor Ar (Victor Ar) 10 March 2021 14: 37
    Tomorrow is my vaccination day. All perfectly!
  5. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
    kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 10 March 2021 14: 47
    whether Moscow will be able to cope with all orders received from foreign countries,

    And the question is not idle! States do not export their vaccine and focus on use in their country. Unfortunately, the number of doses produced in Russia leaves much to be desired.
    Manturov's report to Putin in December, about the production of 30 million doses, turned out to be fiction or nonsense, whatever.

    Statistics of vaccination against coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia for today:

    6 695 014 (3.51% of the population) - vaccinated vaccines
    1 people - fully vaccinated against coronavirus

    The number of applications for vaccinations, especially in the regions, exceeds the supply.
    EpiVakKorona from Novosibirsk, while the beautiful is far away. Only an initial batch of 43000 doses has been released, hoping for a boom in the second half of March.
    In terms of the number of vaccinations given, Russia is in 12th place in the world and the gap from the Western countries and Israel is very significant.
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) 10 March 2021 15: 15
      you need to be vaccinated forcibly, just like in Israel. To tighten indicators
      next. but you will not cite him as an example, sighing dreamily

      PS If we have more than 6 million vaccinated, this is almost Israel. Very important, yeah
      1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
        kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 10 March 2021 15: 27
        Quote: Alexander P
        you need to be vaccinated forcibly, just like in Israel.

        Are we already on "you"?

        Quote: Alexander P
        PS If we have more than 6 million vaccinated, this is almost Israel. Very important, yeah

        More than 6 million received the 1st vaccination, 1,5 million were fully vaccinated. Have forgotten how to read?
        Can you calculate in relative numbers? Although what am I talking about?
  6. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 10 March 2021 15: 17
    but the production volume of Sputnik V is currently much lower than the demand for it.

    The demand for American jeans in the USSR was also higher than their availability!
  7. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 10 March 2021 17: 00
    Russia's need for up to 100 million double doses.
    Up to 30 million (single?) Doses have been produced.
    Made about 7 million single doses.
    Russia can already start exporting vaccines due to the lack of domestic demand. True, in insignificant volumes, an order of magnitude lower than the Chinese and Indians.
    Russia starts either producing a vaccine abroad, supplying raw materials for a screwdriver assembly (Venezuela), or transferring production technology (Kazakhstan). Today these are very modest volumes, the largest so far in Kazakhstan with the planned 0,6 million per month. The Italians are on the way.
    It seems that Sputnik will participate modestly in the first vaccination, while Russia is clearly losing the war for the market, but if vaccination becomes seasonal, then the prospects are very good.
    Russia plans to produce 80 million by the end of the year, BP and Modern for a billion each, Astra will give something, Johnson and Johnson are pulling up. Well, the Indians and the Chinese will give out hundreds of millions of vaccines for the poor.
  8. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 11 March 2021 21: 36
    As of March 10, 2.2 million people were vaccinated in Russia, which is 1.5% of the population. With such a prolonged vaccination process in time and space, there is a possibility that a completely "unkillable" variation of the virus will appear, not susceptible to any vaccines.
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