Why Norway firmly decided to become a target for the Russian Strategic Missile Forces

The Russian Defense Ministry has a new headache. Until quite recently, the main direction for a possible NATO strike was our Kaliningrad region, which had to be thought about how to protect and, if anything, to break through to it through Suwalkia. For this, the military infrastructure was being prepared, large-scale maneuvers were carried out jointly with the Belarusian army. But now everything is changing because of Norway, which has decided to abandon its status as a de facto neutral country.

Yes, Norway has been a member of the North Atlantic Alliance since its inception. However, the official Oslo has always tried to take the most independent position, refusing to deploy nuclear weapons (NW) and medium-range missiles on its territory. Also, the Kingdom was extremely cool about the idea of ​​the appearance of foreign military bases on its land. Why is not difficult to guess. Unlike some of the Young Europeans, the Norwegians did not consider NATO membership a guarantee of security, but on the contrary, understood that by deploying American nuclear weapons in their country, they were turning into a primary target for the destruction of Soviet and Russian Strategic Missile Forces. In 2019, they refused to join the unit's unified anti-missile shield. Moscow and Oslo had a certain understanding, and the Kremlin quite rightly considered Norway to be a kind of conditionally neutral buffer between themselves and the North Atlantic Alliance.

But after the events of 2014 in Ukraine, something has changed. The US Air Force has deployed a squadron of Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft at the Norwegian Anneia Air Base. In 2017, not far from our border, construction began on an American military-purpose radar station Globus III, which will monitor military activities in Russia in the interests of the US strategic command responsible for nuclear and space operations. Work is underway to expand the capabilities of the Norwegian port terminal Grotsund to receive US Navy nuclear submarines. Another port for American nuclear submarines is being prepared in Tromsø beyond the Arctic Circle. The United States Marine Corps contingent has doubled in the Kingdom. Several military airfields are being modernized to meet the needs of the US Air Force.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was particularly concerned about the transfer of four American strategic supersonic bombers B-1 B Lancer to Norway. Each of them can carry up to 24 AGM-158 JASSM air-launched cruise missiles with a range of 360 kilometers or JASSM-ER, which are capable of striking targets at a distance of up to 980 kilometers. These "strategists" recently took part in military exercises together with the fifth generation F-35 fighters of the Norwegian Air Force and NATO ships, among which were Norwegian, German, and even Canadian.

Against whom all this is directed, it is not difficult to guess. The kingdom has a common border with the Russian Federation, but it is hardly worth expecting an invasion by land to us. Just in case, a motorized rifle brigade and a marine brigade are stationed there on a permanent basis. Norway is of particular interest to the NATO bloc and, above all, to the United States as an extremely conveniently located foothold in the Arctic.

At first, the Pentagon now has the opportunity to deploy its submarine forces, as well as strategic aviation, on Norwegian territory. Thus, the United States is targeting the western gateway to the Northern Sea Route (NSR), as well as the entire Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation, which is designed to protect this strategically important waterway. Even four supersonic B-1 B Lancer bombers and several American multipurpose nuclear submarines are capable of delivering huge problems to our North Sea people in the event of a conflict.

Secondly, the emergence of such a new threat simply forces the RF Ministry of Defense to rebuild the entire military infrastructure of the Arctic. The business is necessary, but it requires significant financial costs, which will no longer be spent on something else. In other words, having strengthened its position in Norway, the United States is provoking Russia into additional military spending in a difficult economic the situation in the country, acting within the framework of the strategy of "strangling" through an imposed arms race.

ThirdlyWhile building up its grouping in Europe, the Pentagon is constantly testing the response capabilities of the Russian army. This is rightly pointed out, for example, by Forbes, which unexpectedly got into the "military" edition, which is more associated with stories from the lives of billionaires:

The B-1 redeployment is a kind of continuation of the grand deployment begun last fall, when a large number of US Air Force B-52s were redeployed to the United Kingdom. These bombers flew across Europe, training with Allied fighters and luring Russian troops into elaborate intelligence-gathering traps.

We will not say how intricate these traps were, but it is simply impossible not to react to the transfer of such formidable planes strategically. Thus, we can conclude that the Kingdom of Norway has really begun to turn into the northernmost bastion of the United States in the Arctic. Perhaps the change in Oslo's position from neutral to active anti-Russian will ultimately prove to be a big mistake of the Norwegian authorities.
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  1. Tektor Offline Tektor
    Tektor (Tektor) 9 March 2021 17: 55
    We ought to launch Peony as soon as possible.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 9 March 2021 20: 11
    Our liberals, as much as foam emanate when Stalin is accused that he allowed the war. I overlooked it, I allowed it, I didn’t listen to it, I didn’t take action. Putin closes the Mausoleum with plywood every May 9, it’s probably a shame that we won the war. Well, now what to state the facts, and what does he do? NATO, like Hitler, throws troops, missiles, and we have one statement of facts and trade goes off scale with future aggressors. And Stalin is accused that he traded with Germany to the last. And Stalin did not have a "vigorous" bomb. So what, mediocrity and fans are silent? And there is nothing to say!
  3. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 9 March 2021 23: 22
    Thus, we can conclude that the Kingdom of Norway has really begun to turn into the northernmost bastion of the United States in the Arctic. Perhaps the change in Oslo's position from neutral to active anti-Russian will ultimately prove to be a big mistake of the Norwegian authorities.

    Norway has always been NATO's northern outpost on the Soviet-Russian border, including the Arctic.
    There has never been a scent of neutrality from Norway since the country's entry into NATO.
    "Good neighborly relations" were declared, nothing more.
    LenVO was imprisoned primarily for Norway, which was well known to all the officers who served in it in the 80s.