Kiev decided not to stand aside in the issue of discrediting the BelNPP

The acting head of the energy department of Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, spoke about the separation of the energy system of Ukraine from the energy systems of Belarus and Russia in 2022. At the same time, it is planned to open the second power unit of the Belarusian NPP.

The ministry was also supported by the parliamentary group “For a Democratic Belarus”, whose head Aleksey Goncharenko wrote in his telegram channel about the appeal regarding the Belarusian nuclear power plant to the IAEA. In their appeal, Ukrainian parliamentarians ask international experts to check possible leaks of radioactive substances, as well as to draw a conclusion about the technical condition of the BelNPP.

In 2020, the IAEA has already checked the nuclear power plant in Belarus in 19 directions, noting the safety of its operation. It was also positively assessed by the European Nuclear Safety Regulatory Group (ENSERG).

Thus, Kiev decided not to stand aside from attempts to discredit the BelNPP, joining the chorus of critics of the Belarusian plant from Vilnius. But if the Lithuanians do it for reasons economics, then the position of Kiev is illogical, since Ukraine is interested in the supply of Belarusian electricity.

At the beginning of last month, the Ukrainian side turned to the Belarusians with a request for additional volumes of electricity due to emergencies at the Ukrainian thermal power plants. According to analysts, Ukraine's need for energy from the BelNPP will only increase over the years, and in a dozen years most of the nuclear power facilities in Ukraine will practically reach their deadlines.
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    Valentine (Valentin) 8 March 2021 14: 45
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