The planned economy works: proven in the USSR

Capitalist proponents often argue that planned economy does not work. In their opinion, it is impossible to take into account everything and there is no alternative to the flexibility of the market. They cite the economic recession and total deficit in the late USSR as their arguments.

In addition, the development of production in the Soviet Union is often compared with that in Nazi Germany, which also had a planned economy. However, in this case, the opponents of the USSR are deliberately keeping silent about the colossal difference in approaches.

In the Third Reich, all industry worked for a certain group of people, not taking into account the needs of the majority of the country's population. In the Soviet Union, on the contrary, in the course of drawing up the plan, the main emphasis in the development of industry was placed on the needs of the whole society.

So, on the basis of the general state plan, which determines the direction of development throughout the country, plans were drawn up for each of the republics, and then adjustments were made at the regional level. At the same time, not only the directives of the leadership were taken into account, but also the proposals coming from the workers themselves. For example, in 1965 more than 30 million workers took part in the conferences throughout the USSR and more than 1,5 million proposals were accepted.

The compilation of each five-year plan was based on three questions: “What is there now? What do you need in the future? How to efficiently go from the present to the future? It was thanks to a clear development plan that the Soviet Union was able to turn from a weak agrarian state into an industrial monster, which in many sectors overtook the capitalist countries.

As for the deficit in the late USSR, it was caused not by the planned economy, but by such a phenomenon as syndicalism. According to this concept, workers, industrial sectors and organizations should be systematized into confederations or syndicates, and this is already a step towards a market economy.

The final blow to the state plan was the law "On cooperation in the USSR", adopted in 1988.

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  1. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) 5 March 2021 10: 32
    As a result of the application, the patient died ((((
  2. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 5 March 2021 10: 42
    In the Third Reich, all industry worked for a certain group of people, not taking into account the needs of the majority of the country's population. In the Soviet Union, on the contrary, in the course of drawing up the plan, the main emphasis in the development of industry was placed on the needs of the whole society.

    The statement is absolutely false. In the Third Reich, before the war, there was a very developed social policy. Compared to the USSR of those years, this policy was much deeper and more elaborate, because it was based on the practice of the Bismarck times.

    The planned economy works: proven in the USSR

    laughing laughing It is difficult to think of a "better" advertisement for the State Planning Commission than from the USSR that did not exist for a century.
  3. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 5 March 2021 11: 32
    The article is too optimistic. Now, I am also in favor of intelligent planning on a national scale. The same bourgeois needs to set certain goals, in some cases even help. The return of PROFI to the pinnacle of power is badly needed. The market hasn't done EVERYTHING!
    But the plan itself is not a panacea. The blockage of clothes and shoes is not a sign of prosperity ... decent, good things had to be obtained somehow. Everything must always be approached rationally ... otherwise, as they say ... make the fool pray to God, he will break his forehead.
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 5 March 2021 13: 01
    Planned Economy Works: Proven in the PRC!
    Lenin wrote about the Soviet planned economy - our economic policy at its top turned out to be torn off from the bottom and that is why he proposed a New Economic Policy, which after the death of Lenin was forced to be abandoned.
    Due to the impending war, the XIV Congress of the AUCPB adopted the so-called. the program of "industrialization" - the creation of heavy industry, the production of means of production, the construction of power facilities, the development of agriculture, etc.
    After the death of J.V. Stalin, the so-called. The “Stalinist economy”, without changing its essence, actually existed until the collapse of the USSR and eventually became its main reason.
    Lenin warned that the economic defeat is more serious and dangerous than anything else, more serious and dangerous, and he was right.
    This suggests that the leadership of the CPSU and the USSR had party-state careerists and formalists who preached Marxism from high tribunes but did not understand anything about it themselves. As Vladimir Putin said, they did not know what to do.
    The return to Lenin's New Economic Policy took place after the Yeltsin coup d'etat and the coming to power of V.V. Putin, who did not completely destroy the Yeltsin legacy, but subordinated big capital to state interests and therefore did not become Above the state, as in all so-called. “Democratic” states of the “west”, but built large industries that determine the economy on a personal interest in the success of their leaders, created a system of state regulation of money circulation, lending, taxation, entrepreneurship, trade, social protection, etc., etc. - exactly what was envisaged by the Leninist New Economic Policy, with the only difference that the Leninist program and the Chinese economic policy relied and are based on a political party, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and V.V. Putin and his economic policy do not have such support, which is early or later predetermines the transition of RF capitalism to the "western" rails and the only question is how it will turn out for the state and its population.
    1. Cyril Offline Cyril
      Cyril (Kirill) 5 March 2021 13: 23
      Planned Economy Works: Proven in the PRC!

      It is mixed there, not planned. While the economy in the PRC was purely planned - the country melted low-quality steel in self-made furnaces in the gardens
      1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
        Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 5 March 2021 15: 47
        It is mixed there, not planned

        Did you understand what you wrote?
        They are not half pregnant.
        The five-year development plans are approved by the Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and the government is guided by the planning targets.
        The 13th five-year plan completed the creation of the Foundations of Socialism, and in the current 14th five-year plan, the emphasis has been shifted from volumetric to quality indicators - education, science, health care, ecology, the level and quality of life, etc., etc., with a general the goal of building a powerful socialist economy designed for more than one five-year period.
        1. Cyril Offline Cyril
          Cyril (Kirill) 5 March 2021 15: 54
          Did you understand what you wrote?
          They are not half pregnant.

          Generally, from a medical point of view, there are - for example, with a frozen pregnancy.

          Secondly, pregnancy and the economy are somewhat different phenomena.

          In China, planning is combined with market controls. Exactly the same system was in the United States during the Second World War, and in South Korea until the 90s.
  5. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
    Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 5 March 2021 15: 37
    Type it is necessary to work for the slogan, but for free but for the capitalist. Save 3 years for a refrigerator, for a car all your life. No, really. If capitalism - then pay as you should, so that there is enough. If socialism - then there is a perspective. good jobs, wealth grew. And then they save on the health of workers. Working conditions are terrible, wages are scanty
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 5 March 2021 16: 00
      The state is the political organization of the ruling class, the capitalists.
      The goal of the capitalists is profit, personal enrichment, which is due to the appropriation of a part of the surplus value created by the slaves bought on the markets. It follows from this that it is impossible to pay slaves “as it should”, because if they pay “as it should”, then there will be nothing to appropriate and enrich. Therefore, they pay exactly as much as the slaves are enough "to maintain their pants", so that they do not riot and do not pester with stupid things - pay "as it should"
  6. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
    Alexander Ra (Alexander) 5 March 2021 15: 54
    Capitalist proponents often argue that a planned economy does not work

    Supporters assert so, realizing that they have no place in the "planned economy", in which, in particular, there was an article for parasitism. The fundamental difference between the USSR and the cap. countries are not described by the words "plan" and "market". A strange opposition of the plan to the market (capitalism). Is there at least one capitalist businessman acting without a plan?
  7. Drinevsky A. Offline Drinevsky A.
    Drinevsky A. (Andrei) 5 March 2021 16: 09
    Hey, author .... The USSR bent down after living a life less than that of a person. What "achievements" did he bring? Hunger, poverty, total scarcity, fear for the future and a sense of disgust for work! That is all the successes of communism. How glad I am that there is no more this unfinished !!!!
    1. Georgij Offline Georgij
      Georgij (Yuri) 12 March 2021 21: 04
      Drinevsky A., and besides the slogans of the liberals, what do you personally know about the USSR? Personally, you experienced the hard way, and not a parrot? Here's a simple situation - a police officer detained a robber. From the victim's point of view, the policeman is good, and from the point of view of the robber, the policeman is bad. Whose side are you on? Or are you waiting for a hint? Or did you not understand anything?
      1. Drinevsky A. Offline Drinevsky A.
        Drinevsky A. (Andrei) 16 March 2021 06: 36
        I am born in 1971 and remember the time of the USSR very well. I am on the side of the conservatives. And I wait and with my personal labor I am preparing the decommunization of Russia. The sooner we cleanse ourselves of the Soviet mud, the sooner we will recover as a great country.
        1. Georgij Offline Georgij
          Georgij (Yuri) 16 March 2021 08: 40
          I really feel it. By the way, why not take a ride to Ukraine? Its central part. There already, well, ochchchchchen cleared of what you call dirt. I look forward to objective stories about the great life of the great ukrov. That's just about the conservatives, I'm sorry, probably stupid, I didn't understand anything.
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 5 March 2021 21: 06
    All ingenious is simple! A planned economy, a genius could have come up with! And to realize it GOD! Take an ordinary person or an ordinary family. That they live in a market economy? Here you have a bite! Sold - bought, and then the grass does not grow? Show me such a moron? There is always a stash and everything is planned for years. Who here confesses that he lives in one day? But in order to implement all this at the state level, what kind of brain do you need to have? In order to provide millions of people with jobs, then the sale of products and so that people do not run around the country. And while everything is fair. “Cadres decide everything!” - it was not by us that it was said, but we are to blame that mediocrity has ruled us for 30 years !!!
  9. Anton Sibiryak Offline Anton Sibiryak
    Anton Sibiryak (Anton Sibiryak) April 11 2021 10: 01
    The planned economy works:

    but not effectively and not for long under the bourgeois state system, autocracy.
    The planned economy needs de-mo-kra-tiya!